Following the collapse of T-Mobile's planned $39 billion deal with AT&T, the magenta carrier has turned its attention to network quality and performance to draw new customers. Chief Executive Philipp Humm provided comment on the situation Wednesday:

We have a very clear spike on value compared to everyone else. Now it's about bringing the quality phase alive. That's something that during the transition phase kind of suffered.

Magenta lost more than 467,000 contract customers over the 10 months it worked with AT&T on the ill-fated takeover, focusing not on network enhancements, but instead on completing the deal.  Humm noted that T-Mobile will have a more clear business plan later this month, but said that the company may consider asset sales.

It's worth noting that T-Mobile is (soon to be) the only carrier without a 4G LTE network, though magenta's HSPA+ network is only marginally slower than the LTE networks of other carriers. "LTE is very relevant to the capital markets and the press, but it is something that is irrelevant to most consumers right now," Humm noted, adding "over time, we will migrate to LTE."

On the topic of the failed AT&T deal, Humm said there was no way to predict the resistance T-Mobile met with from regulators – "We wouldn't have gone for it if we knew," he explained.

Via Morningstar

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  • William

    On the topic of the failed AT&T deal, Humm said there was no way to predict the resistance T-Mobile met with from regulators – "We wouldn't have gone for it if we knew," he explained.
    Ha... really? Even I could of seen this a billion miles away that this was going to be a failed deal from the very beginning.

  • B

    I was one of the 467k who left. I love TMo, but they clearly forgot about everything else. In my area, TMo is fine, IMHO, but there were no compelling phones coming (I'm not a fan of Sense), etc. Everything just felt "stale". I may go back, but we'll see.

  • Carlos

    Word. I bailed in that time and I have no plans to go back.

  • Lady Di (@2LadyDi)

    I'm like the Titanic with T-Mo. I'll be 'Rose' until the very end as I'm a happy camper with the phone payment options and the bill paying options as well. So far, pretty good service for over 2 years. Ups and downs withstanding... I'm waiting to see what they bring next. Love my MyTouch4G!!

    • Dave G

      I'm with you.. the pricing and customer service have get me around for almost 10 years now. I did have to laugh about his comments about getting resistance.. maybe they should have asked their customers what they thought of the merger as well.. Nobody wanted to be a part of AT&T.

  • FireTheMofo

    Obviously att and tmo didn't slip enough cash to the admin/justice.

    Even tho I think it's a benefit to some having these 2nd rate carriers. You know if you fall on hard times tmo might be all you can afford. Or maybe after retirement, all you would need is occasional service that tmo provides.

  • Some dude

    Tmo is doomed without the iPhone.

  • Mark

    So NOW they're focused on quality, whereas they weren't before? They basically admitted they let their network go to hell over the last 10 months and they've lost customers because of it.

  • Trevor

    Well, it may seem strange or completely coincidental, but since about a week after the deal fell through, the service quality in my area increased dramatically; as in, I barely had GRPS in many places, now I have HSPA+ in most of those areas with a high signal level.

    Then again, in the weeks leading up to that, I made several angry calls to T-Mob support about the complete lack of HSPA+ in the area despite being well within the coverage zone. (5-7miles within the zone) Up until about a week and a half ago, I couldn't even get push email notifications, now I can stream netflix like a boss.

  • cooperaaaron

    Well, I dropped my Tmobile plan with 2GB, unlimited phone and text for $80.00 and unlocked my phone ( that I paid full price for, so I own it outright ) and went with Simple Mobile with unlimited everything for $40.00...

    It was the best deal for me ( and I still use TMobile's system as you all know that Simple Mobile is a MNVO and uses TMobile to serve customers )

  • Gordon

    IMO Sprint is a far better value than TMob.

  • ChiDan

    "On the topic of the failed AT&T deal, Humm said there was no way to predict the resistance T-Mobile met with from regulators – "We wouldn't have gone for it if we knew," he explained."

    Riiight.. Uh huh.. This is the germans where talking about. They knew full well this would happen, and played it out anyway. When they made those breakup conditions, they played at&t.. You know at&t.. I bet they said "Oh sure. no biggie, I can send over a cashiers check, consider it done. We own the govt!!" hahahaha.

  • Andi

    How about going back to the basics and try CUSTOMER SERVICE? I dropped all ATT services because they treated me like s--t. They lost $300 a month of business with me. TMo only need to treat me better than ATT, I will stick around. Yes, they need better phone selection for sure. But I get my GSM phone from eBay.

  • Freak4Dell

    I'm a fairly new T-Mobile customer, and while I haven't noticed any problems with the network yet, improvements are always a good thing.

  • Kris

    Ive had Att, Sprint.. now im on T-Mobile.. gonna say T-mobile has been way better in customer service area... Sprint has the crappiest support (Atleast what i got, im sure different per customer) I'll never leave T-mobile unless they stop getting good phones :x

    Good thing Galaxy Nexus works on T-Mobile!

  • Waazzupppp

    For those knocking T-Mo for device selection, weren't they first with the GS2? Weren't they first with the HTC Amaze? They pretty much screwed themselves with the "AT&T Buyout" to manufacturers because they weren't going to make devices with the AWS frequencies for a dying company...

    They'll have some new choice sooner than later...