If you happen to own an HP TouchPad and have been waiting patiently for a proper Android port, you'll be overjoyed to see a sneak peek of what CM9 brings to the table. If you recall our announcements for the CM7 Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 builds, you probably remember an overwhelming indication that neither build was all too stable, and running them was not for the faint of heart. Alpha 3 is a bit better, but still has a laundry list of issues. A lot of things don't work, or only work intermittently, which makes it very difficult to use for the average consumer.

That being said, CM9 is on the horizon, and it looks like Android for the TouchPad has come a long way since the CM7 alphas. Check out the sneak preview video:

Yes, you heard that correctly - everything except the camera and video playback works. The CM team is "well on their way in terms of progress, and hope to give you something to play with soon." Man, now I really wish I grabbed a TouchPad when I had the chance. Do you own one, and are you planning on flashing CM9 when it becomes available?

Brandon Lancaster
Brandon says he likes to live life on the edge. By that he means eating ice cream for breakfast and wearing house slippers to class. Aside from all of the ballsy action he partakes in, he's a mass communications student that spends much of his time studying or tinkering with his phone.

  • Maxime

    I own a TP and I plan on flashing CM9 on my tablet as soon as it's quiet stable. I have already have a phone running ICS, and I believe ICS on TP may provide even better performances.

    • Brandon Lancaster

      I'm certain ICS on the TouchPad will provide even better performance. Its going to be incredible.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/ Kendal Gergis

    Yeah I remember when they cam out with that second fire sale. I had my whole family lined up on their internet ready devices on ebay. Yet exactly when the fire sale was supposed to begin, ebay and paypal both took a network nosedive. Crazy that only now it's beginning to see woking ports.

    • dalingrin

      We've had CM7 for a long time.

    • Brandon Lancaster

      Yeah, the CM7 alpha builds have been out for a while now. While they have been a bit unstable, they're still pretty awesome. CM9 is going to be ever more brilliant, though.

      • Nychtos

        Eep! You just told the most awesome developer that his CM7 build is unstable.

        Don't listen! It's awesome. We love it, and we support your decision to leave it in an alpha state to move onto CM9.

        • Brandon Lancaster

          They know that its unstable, that's why they label it as "alpha." I doubt I insulted anyone with that statement, seeing as they'll be the first to tell you how incomplete it truly is.

    • Simon Belmont

      I tried grabbing a second HP TouchPad during the second fire sale as well, for a Christmas gift for my wife. The whole eBay crapping out thing stopped that dream cold.

      Luckily, I still have my fire sale round one, HP TouchPad. I am looking forward to CM9 and haven't had any issues with CM7.

  • jdm4u

    well good thing I have a Touchpad here. Will definitely flash this once stable. But so far seems good.

  • Patricia (whovianbrat)

    Believe me...this old lady is going to port CM9 as soon as it is available. The only reason I got the TP was for this very reason. ICS on the TP will be fun. The CM guys are my heros.

  • Larry

    WebOS is completely functional, as far as I'm concerned... but I won't be able to resist flashing Android, once it's stable. I don't have any desire to be on the bleeding edge... but once it's ready for prime time, it'll be interesting to see which I use most often on my TouchPad!

    • Brandon Lancaster

      Well, what's awesome about CM on the TouchPad is that the team plans to keep some of the WebOS functionality, because much of it works pretty nicely. So when you flash CM9, you'll most likely recognize some aspects.

    • Brendan

      What's even nicer is that they've set it all up to dual-boot so installing CM7/9 does not wipe WebOS. WebOS is still available to boot from their custom boot menu.

      • Brandon Lancaster

        There's that too!

  • Dalton

    I have cm7 on my touchpad right now but I usually just use web os hopefully a more stable cm9 will change that.

  • Abhinav

    I am soooo going to flash my Hp touchpad :D
    CM the way to go :)

  • Lamdroid

    everything but camera and video?
    sounds like I'll be flashing it.

    camera i just dont use. what exactly do they mean by video is the question. will something like netflix not work? is that dependant on some video drivers?

    • Brandon Lancaster

      From what I understand, HD video playback does not work. That could mean recorded video, or things like YouTube or Netflix.

  • Daniel

    Definitely YES!
    I will flash as soon as I find something flashable with the name CM9 :D

  • Spigaw

    Seriously, why do you even ask? Even CM alphas are better than some final ROMs I saw here and there. Dalingrin gave us Gingerbread on our TPs and now ICS, and remember that the TouchPad wasn't even running Android before... CM devs are the best, it is that simple, period. And don't bother with crappy MIUI spin-off.

    • RHurst

      Couldn't agree more! CM7 ALPHA is super stable for me (compared to some full released roms I've seen in the past). Alpha = beta when it comes to CMs.

  • Blade_Beam

    Absolutely, l had mine flashed with each new alpha starting with 1. And with each new CM7 alpha, I've gotten a little more impatient for ICS.

  • USNinja

    For experiment purposes, I would install it, but I develop WebOS apps, so I wouldn't depend on it. The video does look a bit 'fishy' (no pun intended) with the entire video having a wave effect early in the presentation.

    • Brandon Lancaster

      That wave effect was most likely the CM team adding in something silly. There isn't anything fishy about the video, as its directly from the CM TouchPad team.

    • kruglovus

      The wave effect is, obviously, in place of extra 20-30 seconds of boot time, to shorten the video.

  • AntPman

    Yes, thanks guys for all of your awesome work. First experience with Android and it will definitely be my next mobile OS choice.

  • Nave

    I've put the CM9 alpha on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it's at least 5 times faster than Honeycomb (minus the camera and HD video), so it should be quite stable for the Touchpad folks.

    I also have a Galaxy 7 Plus which has better specs than the 10.1 (running HoneyComb) but the 10.1 was almost twice as fast because of ICS. Can't wait for the final release!

  • JR

    It's most definitely going on my TouchPad. I've wanted to flash CM7, but life has gotten in the way, and I just haven't had the time. ICS/CM9 makes it much more attractive.

    WebOS is a stinking pile of garbage, and I feel is the reason that I barely use my TouchPad. Getting rid of it (or augmenting it) will be the best thing that could happen to that tablet!

  • tehsnarf

    There's absolutely no way I'm waiting for stable to install CM9 on my TouchPad. Just got mine back from HP because of a hardware failure -- still no idea what it was, they won't give me any information (was getting a battery with a question mark, no powering on) -- and now it has to go back in to get the USB connector fixed, but once it's back in my possession, CM7 is going right back on there. Had very few issues with it, and CM9 can only be even better.

  • GoPadge

    Yes. Definitely! While I really appreciate WebOS, the lack of apps has been it's single biggest weakness. ICS on a TouchPad, especially with the option of booting to WebOS as needed, is an application dream come true.

  • Jaz

    This is great. I was about to make the jump and install cm7 on my touchpad. But I guess I will wait for cm9. I really like using webos anyway so it will keep me going till then. As long as i can dual boot. Can't wait!

  • AlternNocturn

    YES! I had almost begun to think they gave up on us TouchPad users. I'm sorry I doubted you CM guys. :P

  • jbonics

    Look at all the cheap TP owners. Good job CM.

  • Carbon

    Rather have AOSP port than all the bloat and garbarge the CM guys put in these days.

  • BajingoLingo

    Really looking forward to CM9, flashed CM7 on my touchpad the day I got it; have only booted into webos 3 times since.
    I've had a fairly stable experience with 3.5 and everything i've wanted it to do it has done exceptionally well, it feels like the touchpad was made for android.

  • CM_rocks

    CM7 has been great. I once was attracted by MIUI version of gingerbread, but it was't as good as CM7. So flashed my 2 touchpads, reported CM7, and have been using CM7 since. Now I look forward to CM9 soon. Thank you, CM team; you guys rock!

  • Bob

    Grabbed one the sat they went on sale. Been rocking CM since it was made available and can't wait from CM9.

  • sgtguthrie

    I have had CM7 on my Touchpad from the day it was released, and I think it's been quite stable from Alpha 3 on! I'm kind of sick of people complaining that there are "bugs" in the firmware the cm team is providing at NO COST to anyone! Half the time, these bugs are caused by by installing without wiping the data, cache, dalvik cache, and /system in recovery prior to flashing.

    I'm not pointing at anyone specific here. I have however seen it a lot since cm7 has been released. Please, if this applies to you, take it as constructive criticism and just remember this is a hobby for these devs. I don't think anyone can complain unless you can do better, and doing so can become a deterrent for developers to continue their work.

    Again, not pointing fingers, just voicing my observation...

  • Larry94

    Posting this from dolphin browser with SwiftKey tablet X on my HP Touchpad :) i have over 200 apps (90% of them being games. I have almost all AAA games such as Shadowgun, Modern Combat 3, GTA III, Asphalt 6, Backstab, Minecraft PE, Real Racing 2, and 9MM working flawlessly. Its funny that my 99$ Tablet can run games almost better than officially supported Android Tablets.... Thanks Daligrin and the gang :)

  • MadBob

    What a day, CM9 and also webOS 3.05, result....

  • Simon Belmont

    I plan on flashing CM9 as soon as it's relatively stable. It looks like it's basically there now.

    Having the camera working and hardware video decoding would be nice though. I can't wait.

  • RaptorOO7

    This looks great, maybe CM team will add support for the HTC Flyer/Evo View 4G I hope.

  • Tome Taster

    I have been using CM7 on my Touchpad ever since it was released (alpha 1) and have NEVER faced any stability issues.

    I have always considered the potential unstabilities like stautory warnings. The builds have been quite stable right from the beginning and the installation was a breeze.

    The only issue that was there initially was battery usage, which improved greatly by alpha 3.

    Dalingrin and others have done an awesome job and I can't wait to get my hands on ICS now.

  • fishingFreak

    I have been running alpha 2,3,3.5 and have had minor issues at best. Once again I will donate to the cause, these guys keep on making our devices better and then pushing them beyond there original design. Can't wait to play.

    Thanks!!! CM Team

  • Aldayer

    To the poster that said "look at all the cheap TouchPad owners"....lol...hater....either a loyal Ipad hater, lover of apple, someone who loves to spend money, someone who is in debt.....don't hate.....just get over the fact the TouchPad owners are smarter than you! Go spend your money on Apple garbage.....good job....HATER

  • David Bowerman

    There is nothing wrong with comparing to the IPad... it is, after, all the reason we all have touchpads now. And why it is so hard to build a device that can compete. Well... not build... anyone can put together the hardware. Apple, as always, doesn't settle for "okay" software. Just look at the REAL crapers out there like Blackberrys dismal attempt. The HP (hardware wise) is a great tablet. As is the WebOS... which sadly, even with CM standing behind it,telling all of you how good it actually is, will never use.
    That said, this team success is because of their same commitment to quality and ease of use, that most geeks and programmers out there forget along the way.

  • michael

    I have cm7.1 right now will it be simple upgrade to cm9 or did I f up putting cm7.1 on first? I also wanted to keep webOS do you know if I update my webOS to 3.0.5 if that will complicated anything on my cm7.1 or for the later cm9 . Thanks

  • phoenix

    nice work dude. does this tab support 3g dongle with cm9?