Owners of the original ASUS Transformer (TF101) were ecstatic last week when ASUS promised the Ice Cream Sandwich update to roll out shortly after the one for the Prime, meaning any day after January 12th was fair game. Considering ICS for the Prime went out early, and shortly after ASUS Singapore posted this

ASUS Singapore Hi Gabriele Gab, are you referring to TF101? If so, it will be getting the update as well tomorrow. Thanks.

and then retracted it, we reached out to our ASUS U.S. rep to get everyone's stories straight.

[Correction] Dear all members, please kindly note that we have just received information from HQ that for TF101 update to ICS, as all has to be approved by Google, thus estimated availability to update to ICS will be around end of this month. Apologies for the error earlier. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Here's the current timeline relayed to us directly by ASUS: the ICS update for the original Transformer TF101 will be released by early February (and not late January, as ASUS SG is suggesting, although the difference is so small that either one of these projections could end up being correct). The update will occur in North America and Taiwan first.

One thing is for sure - ICS is not coming today, tomorrow, or next week, so sit tight, prepare to be a little bit patient, and relax - chances are you'll still be getting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich ahead of 99% of Android tablets out there.

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Denbo

    The way things are going with Asus lately maybe I will wait until all of you upgrade first.

  • fonix232

    Asus Italy said just after this that Asus Singapore is wrong again, and corrected the date to "next month" (end of February 2012), then they got corrected again, to "end of this month", but an official word would be nice. Are they still at CES? Someone should really ask the guys in charge...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Oh, I wish I could show you ASUS' booth at CES. It's literally 5x5ft and has a motherboard and a fake tablet behind glass. That's it. No people, nobody from ASUS, nada.

      • fonix232

        Ehh, I see. It's a pity we can't get them on this. Although the community-made version is kinda getting together, it's not the best yet.

  • http://www.cassetrop.com CasseTrop

    Can't wait for it!!

  • dannyX

    Damn.... what's going on with Asus? First the prime was delayed, and now they delayed the upgrade for the TF101... this is disappointing :-(

  • Larry Vandemeer

    Asus should be congratulated. Who cares if its going to be 3 weeks or 4 weeks. The fact is that in 3-4 weeks we will have the first generation tablet with ICS. Not Xoom, not Galaxy Tab, not Acer Iconia, not Lenovo, not toshiba, not sony.... only ASUS. Asus should be congratulated by us for supporting their customers better than any other Android tablet company in the world.

    • George C

      I can't stress this enough, Asus is pushing ICS updates to their Tablets before even "ICS ready" smartphones have them. Seriously, I have a Rezound that came out in November and a tablet that came out six months before it will get ICS first?

      Bravo Asus, now please update your soundcard drivers.

      • jookyone

        Wrong, I received the ICS update today on Motorola Xoom Wifi.

        Feels exactly like Honeycomb on a tablet, if not just a little more polished and less "blue diamond-y" so we will see if battery life is the same. Other than that, nothing really life changing.

    • Edge

      Bravo, well said! This comment needs to be longer so I am now just going to ramble...rabble rabble.

  • Michael

    I agree! Asus is doing an awesome job. The problem with the Prime was addressed quickly and hopefully solved with the next iteration. I've seen so many updates come through my TF101 that has improved usability.

    Feb for ICS. Awesome I say! That's better than every other company.

    • Dom

      Umm.... say what now? The prime was brushed under the carpet and they aren't even in the wild yet.

      Under manufacture and give false hope at Christmas- check. Remove GPS function from website- check. Make a new tablet that blatantly says our previous tablet is broken - check. Throw out garbage ICS update without testing and brick a few hundred devices - check.
      Yes indeed. Awesome

  • Marc

    I have been an OG transformer owner since the beginning, and Asus has been very impressive regarding updates. Also, skip the prime, this new $250 eee pad memo is where the real action's at :)

    • Tony Hickham

      i agree with your first comment but only 1/2 with your 2nd... skip the original prime and go for the redesigned version.. but not everyone (including me) thinks a 7" tablet is where it's at... i've passed on smaller tabs since the beginning... a 10" screen is perfect! and i hear there's a 13" version coming soon too!!! awesome! i guess it really comes down to what you want it for right? a 7" is very portable and productive, but a 10 or 13" is perfect for the house and entertainment... which is what we bought ours for.

  • jbonics

    When stapels was running the $100 off any tablet they only sold the TF online, it quickly sold and no other tablet could compare for the price. I still went out and bought one for my wife paid full price at office depot. To this day I'm glad I didn't settle for the cheaper brick

  • Chris O

    February would be awesome for ICS on the TF-101. Even March is likely going to be well before most if not all other Tablets (March is probably before the other OEMs start thinking about wether or not they will even release ICS for their device.)

    2012 is really going to be the year of Android and ICS is going to lead the way. Watch a billion new tablets come out, ICS will be everywhere and you'll see the pie chart hit with ICS in a big way.

  • tomfer

    I was one of the lucky ones to actually get the $100 off a TF101 from Staples, but I had to be very diligent and persistent to do so , but yes well worth it , I absolutely love my Transformer and so does everyone else who has seen it. Really looking forward to the ICS update , though my son-in-law who got the prime has made me aware of some kind of problem regarding the update on his machine , something to do with a lack of serial number or something like that ?

  • Ben

    I got a TF101 this Christmas and am extremely pleased with it.
    Super easily rooted and a great device altogether.
    I can't think of any other manufacturer that pushes updates as fast as Asus does either, so rooted or not this is a fine tablet :)

  • Tim

    It's a little disappointing after seeing the 12th date but hey, it's still damn quick. I'm extremely impressed with how quickly ASUS is rolling out these updates.

  • JRP!

    It's only a three week wait, so it's not that bad. ASUS has been great in terms of updating the OG Transformer. I wish other companies — Samsung — would follow their lead. You'll never hear them commit to a date, or even a rage, in terms of their updates.

  • Josh

    I still haven't gotten it on my prime :(

  • kugmo

    Asus as a company is doing a good job pushing ics out first. They should fire the idiots who released the wrong info and gave us the wrong expectations.

    • ben

      You're an asshole.

  • SiliconAddict

    That's all well and fine. The real question is will developers shrug and simply start building custom ROMs for the Prime leaving the original to rot or will developers who will have access to the source tweak the crap out of the 101.

    I couldn't give less of a crap about ICS and its features. Its the development community that I'm interested in and if the 101 gets sidestepped I will sell this POS and never touch another Android Tablet ever again....other then my touchpad that has been working wonderful on CM and has seen more use in the last month then my 101 has seen in the last 6.

    • Casey

      You are a retard.

      • Michael

        Now, now. Let's not be a troll, but i do agree. The TF101 is not going to side stepped.

    • DaEmph

      So you rather work with a Touchpad that is obsolete to any kind of updates? WebOS could of been something, but definitely not for the tablet.
      You sir are an idiot!

    • Likigiveifuck

      You sir are a dickhead:)

  • Anthony

    ASUS is doing a great job with the updates.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Doug

    I agree with the thoughts about Asus doing a GREAT job with updates! I have the 101 and will wait for the update to come rolling down when its ready. Frankly... I dont really want it till its ready and I trust Asus to send me a "Tested, Tried, and Ready" update! Roll on Asus!

  • ben

    I am viewing this site on a TF101, and it's abysmal; not because of the TF101, but because of the bloated dynamic page design. If you're going to make a site dedicated to mobile platforms, at least design it to run well on them.

    For the more impatient among you, i suggest you look at the world outside, and become a part of it. ICS is just a toy, you do not need it.

  • Dinger

    I agree that Asus have been doing a great job with updates up-to-now but I'm also a little disappointed that ICS is not on the TF101 yet. With regards to us getting ICS before the other manufacturers, I just read that the Motorola Xoom is receiving an OTA update to ICS this weekend!!

  • Lubee

    Andriod sucks big time, it feels as scary as windows os trying to show off advanced tech in complication rather than simplicity.

    iOS isn't perfect, but there is really no magic in andriod tablet, tell a kids and granny to test compare them.

    • TJM

      How does Flash work on that iOS?

      • Luke

        Flash is dead, HTML 5 has all but replaced it

        • Steve

          What is the "all" in this statement? What else is there from the point of view of the end user? HTML 5 has NOT replaced Flash... just try browsing the web with an iPad! That is, if you can stand the frustration.

        • Reala

          All but dead? Since when? I know I have an Ipod touch and I go to sites that still have the lego block pop up and I can't view the site. I go on the TF101 and I can view the dynamic content.

          Kinda like the IOS home screen. Static icons that can either shift left right up and down or have a dynamic widget. Not the best thing for granny either way. My granny cant grasp either, but her church services are streamed in flash and she digs that :)

  • Millsey

    LMAO HTML5... im gonna leave this comment at that...

  • http://isfullofshit.co.uk Arghh

    BULLSH1T just like all of ASUS's updates timescales

    • ANGRY AT Arghh

      Ummm....The didn't say exactly Feb 12 they said mid-February correcting themselves immediately AND!!! the update for the transformer prime was 2 days early so SHUT UP, STOP COMPLAINING and appreciate the fact that you are getting it at all. AND IF YOU'RE NOT SATISFIED DON'T GET ASUS PRODUCTS

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        For the record, nobody said Feb 12. The title says Feb '12, as in 2012. And yeah, clearly ASUS is late (and has adjusted its estimates more times than I can count).

  • Larry

    Guess this ain't gonna happen......

  • MORE ANGRY AT Arghh: against YOU!

    Asus customers have rights of complain. Asus customers have rights of after support. There is no tech reason for late updates. Then, stop your stupidity!

  • http://you.com Me

    It's Feb 22, and this article is STILL the #1 result for searching TF101 ICS on Google.

    I really wish they'd get this out. I've been holding off rooting my Transformer, because I wanted to get a custom ROM based on ICS, when one becomes available.

    Blackberry finally put out a crucial update for the Playbook which adds email (which shoulda been there from the start), and a native Android player which can run 'ported' Android apps on the Blackberry.

    So I'm just waiting on this one. Asus' comments about false release dates only hurts their credibility.

  • coolface

    I have it already, it is very smooth and it looks better. only downside is panorama camera not working properly and no face lock.

  • p3h

    i have ics on my transformer, some nice things, but battery ran out fast as hell, like 2 hours, even if device is locked, ddefault browser lost flash compatibility, (soo bad), some apps, have certain problems, overall looks great but still needs some work, or i need to go back to honeycomb 3.2. . which is great on my asus.

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