We have been pushed around for too long! The time has come to rebel against the iron fist of the carriers! Root users unite!

The Cyanogenmod Team is thinking about building an app store. "Ugh, another app store?" you say? Hold on a minute, there's some serious merit to this one. This is an app store for rooted apps. Rooted apps that the carriers hate and frequently remove from the Android Market.

Koush (CM dev, and creator of Rom Manager and other fun apps) lays out his list of grievances thusly: "Apps removed from the Market includes, one click root apps, emulators, tether apps, Visual Voicemail apps, and more. These are all completely legal (Nintendo emulators are fine, ROMs are NOT, there is a distinction)."

He's got an excellent point. When carriers (and Google) abuse their removal power to just arbitrarily remove things they don't like, it's time to do something about it.

Koush initially approached Amazon with the idea, and they turned him down, so currently the plan is to do it themselves. (Amazon stands to lose a lot from people rooting Kindles.)

The store wouldn't be CM exclusive or anything, any ROM would be free to include it. And chances are it'll be open source (It is CyanogenMod, after all). CyanogenMod would take a cut of the proceeds, the same way Google does, to fund their rapidly growing server farm, and store upkeep.

The CM Crew would like to know what you think of this idea on their Google+ page. Have at it.

Ron Amadeo
Ron loves everything related to technology, design, and Google. He always wants to talk about "the big picture" and what's next for Android, and he's not afraid to get knee-deep in an APK for some details. Expect a good eye for detail, lots of research, and some lamenting about how something isn't designed well enough.
  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Hell yeah.

    • George C

      Hell yeah.*

      *as long as since it's Root access apps, there's a overview committee for root apps to ensure they don't buy something that then proceeds to steal their information. =)

      • Jon Garrett


        and keep out crapware, only allow well designed apps, not necessarily popular, but well designed.

  • Jer

    really?!? Bring it!

  • http://justreboot.wordpress.com Dei

    As long as non-CM ROMs can use it, I'm all for it! If it's just for their builds... eh... that's alright, thanks anyways. =)

    • Tee

      I second. As long it's not CM-bound, good idea.

  • Aux

    um, yes. It would come in handy.

  • dougman

    Agreed sounds useful to me!

  • droidRocker

    When this is up call my home phone to alert me im so there

  • Tucker

    I'm all for this, but how well will it be monitored? Root apps can do some harm under the wrong developers. My fear is this seems like a gold mine for possibly malicious unregulated apps with root access. I know many CM users are not stupid and can spot a bad app, but this is my only worry. Even with this fear, I would love to see what apps without restrictions are going to be available.

    • Dexter M.

      I agree with Tucker, there is a concern for security.

      I would definitely use a "Cyan Market"

    • David Lee

      I would definitely use a root market, though I too would have to agree that due to the potential harm, a rather thorough security review of submitted apps should be implemented.

      A good idea would also be a qualifying test before a user could gain access to the store. Perhaps a couple of questions about what rooting is, how to create a recovery image, etc. I have had to help a lot of people out over the last couple years.

      • sgtguthrie

        I see what you guys are saying about security, but as the developers of the largest and most widely used custom rom, I think the cm team has likely already thought of that. Hell, they've got to be better at google than policing their market, as there are some shady apps that somehow make it to their market too :-)

      • Zomby

        I think a group of users who knows what they're doing could check out apps and flag them if malicious. The community is probably the best group to keep things clean and would do this faster than the CM team. Any flagged app could later be reviewed by the team to be either reinstated or deleted.

    • jacob

      your fears are unfounded. this could happen in the market as it is right now. i don't think it could get any worse.

  • jjrudey

    No. I'd never use it.

  • BRad

    Hey how about CM9 instead... and no I didn't ask for an ETA.

    • tony

      Get over yourself, it's coming.

  • L boogie

    A root market would be awesome for any/ all things root and I'm ready to enter the market with one concern that was pointed out by Tucker & Dexter which involves security of said market from harmful parasites who would exploit the market for their interest.

  • Bas

    Would be really nice.

  • Hans-Erik

    wonder what it would take for them to use my domain name. :)

  • nolmt60243

    I'm In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oliver

    That would be awesome!! :D

  • James Jun

    IMO, this would be a great way to really show Google how to improve their market UI and how it handles purchases and installs. Go for it!

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Sure why not..... I would absolutely love it. :-)

  • John Jones

    This gets all my upvotes.. wait, is this Reddit?

  • Dick Middleton

    I think this is an excellent idea. the idea that only corporates can do an app store needs to be challenged.

  • O’poel

    well, Cyanogenmod Team should see how Cydia (for iDevice app only) do what they want to do. Cydia is a good reference coz they also concern about security.

  • Elrando

    And we edge closer and closer to an officially distributed Cyanogenphone.

  • http://androidforum.dk simonbove

    Hell YEAH... Would be great :D

  • LunA Eternity

    Sounds awesome, so why not :)

  • Ziggy

    Do I want a CM Store? Is the Pope a Catholic! 2ndly, they deserve another source of revenue

  • Saurav

    Who cares?
    I certainly don't...

  • Franco

    Its a yes from me.The way i see it the bigger company's take away things they see will be successful and being successful meaning useful.
    If i buy a phone its mine,no one else"s i paid for it so ill do what i want with it and if that means i can get some great select apps then that works out just fine by me.

  • Wam31

    To quote Artem, hell yeah !

    So, if I understand correctly, this would mean that, when buying a rooted app, I will actually have the choice of giving the 30% cut either to Google (if buying it on the Market), or CM (if buying it on the CM store) ?

    That would be a nice way to donate to CM team on a regular basis.

  • Reeve

    I've been contemplating whether to root my device since quite a few days and this post was like a hidden message: Go for it!

    So as a response, hell yes we want a Root Marketplace!

    Heck, I'd even go so far as to call it the "RocketPlace" :D

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      Just do. You'll be glad you did.

  • Shawn

    Sure, why not...

  • Mark

    Ummm...no thanks. But who knows where the apps are coming from and who signed it. There is a big security issue overall.

  • B3N

    If anyone can do it better
    CyanogenMod can.
    CM9 root store.
    Yes. ('.')

  • dundas

    Bring it on....! Love the idea..

  • thisismalhotra

    without a doubt yes .... "Bazaar Cyanogen"

  • This is Skyrim!

    I would def support it. Been rooting since Eris to Galaxy Nexus

  • derek p

    can they focus on roms plz.

  • jbonics

    Yes yes yes. It's a dream come true

  • jbonics

    Ok the day I installed cm7 on my weak droid 2, overclocked it to 1.46 ghz and hit 3500 in quadrant I knew thew were the real deal.

  • ahmed

    Yes!!!!....but first concentrate on CM9

  • http://www.axsne.com DB

    I love the CM project.
    I have 7.1 on my DINC.
    To be honest it took away some of the wow factor from my prime ICS upgrade.
    Would love to see if we could partner up some how to make this happen.

  • George Candelaria

    Yes!! We need one. Just make it organized and to accept Paypal.

  • RaptorOO7

    Simply put. YES, YES, YES. I would even go so far as to say charge $.99 for these apps, it will help offset the cost of maintaining the site.
    Yes, free is always better but it takes time and money. But I really like the idea of an app that I could d/l (sor of like ROM Manager) that would all me to d/l and install the root apps I need.

    PayPal would be a great benefit, why use the Google Market Place if they are bending to the carriers will.

    • http://alt-fractals.blogspot.com/ Eric Baird

      Be careful with PayPal. They have a habit of freezing accounts that they feel are a bit "counterculture" (Wikileaks, Diaspora).
      If a carrier pointedly suggested to PP that CM was selling "unauthorised" software though its shop, I can quite imagine PayPal cutting off access to funds.

  • Nick Chiacchere

    That is a great idea. I'm in.

  • Elijah Ullman

    Awesome idea guys! Looking forward to the development of it.

  • http://ericcamil.com Eric

    Help out the CM team and continue to support rooted apps - YES.

  • Jon

    Long time reader, first time poster...

    I vote YES!

    I'd call it CyMart, has a nice ring to it

  • Ace

    Well......UM......Hell Yea

  • nctrnl

    I'm in. How would we pay for apps? Google wallet?

  • Miguel Marques

    I would love to have the app store. Free apps please. :-)

  • mjf4life


  • Bill Chase

    Can we get CM9?? I think I would rather have that up and running correctly 1st. Lets work on 1 thing at a time.

  • sriracha

    root store? yesplease!

  • http://www.mibapps.com/ Avi

    What's the point. SlideME.org doesn't remove these types of apps so there basically already is a root app store. This sounds amazing in theory but once the cheerleaders stop cheering this will just be another place for me to have to post my apps. Between the Market, Amazon, and SlideME.org I can sell any app I want. There are others too. I'd prefer a CM app store over slideme.org for example, but many of us already need to up it so CM would just be another place to update.

  • Josh

    would actually be handy, being able to see all that's available in 1 place and if you are a beginner it would be a good way to say "here, install all of these!"

  • Jeffe

    YES YES & YES!!!!

  • Adam

    I most certainly would love a CM App Store. Sometimes I flash on the go (perhaps need to switch from an experimental build to stable away from home) and after a full wipe it'd be VERY handy to have all my most important (root) apps in one place to DL from.

    Though, I hope the CM team keeps it well monitored so we don't have malicious apps floating around (as someone before me mentioned).

    • http://alt-fractals.blogspot.com/ Eric Baird

      It also might be a good idea before thinking of starting a shop, to sort out whatever it is on the site that's currently making AVG flag every page on the website as potentially virused ("Phoenix Exploit").

  • Genisis

    HELLZ YEAH!!!!!!

  • smith

    Yes and if possible pls add many paid apps that i can download for free like from getjar :P

  • crucian4

    YES!! This is one of the things missing with Android. As a webOS user I love getting all homebrew patches and apps from one of two available repositories. Apple has it for jailbroken phones. Where is Androids version? It won't have everything from the different teams but it's a first step in the right direction of a crucial missing piece.

  • Yasumy

    Hell yeah! Everyone hates searching for rooted apps, be it on google or the market.

  • Randy W

    We could really use a store for Root Users Only. I would be all over it.

  • Sooperstar

    Definitely I would love to have access to a store promoting root apps!!! What are you guys waiting on?

  • https://teamblueridge.org/ insink71

    I'd like to see this become a fdroid [app store] branch. That store needs help, but already has the ability to categorize.. so root-apps then add all you want.. and help those guys out in the process. They are not adverse to root apps and are pro open source. Seems like a perfect fit for CyanogenMod; seen you guys' apps there in their repositories already. :) If enough people can rally behind a different app store, this is a worthwhile idea. An app that gives users a choice of just root-apps.. not worth the coding time imo because they'll be a general lack of choice and that would tend to make users lose interest. Again just my opinion. ;)