Yesterday, Nvidia's CEO announced that the Ice Cream Sandwich (that's Android 4.0 for those of you new to the game) update for the quad-core Asus Transformer Prime would begin rolling out immediately. Sure enough, users started receiving the update, and we managed to snag and host the OTA ourselves (as well as help you prevent it from breaking root). For most, the update brought everything you'd expect from the hot new version of Android: even smoother, snappier performance, sleeker transitions, and various other perks. But for some, it appears that the update has seriously screwed up their device.

According to a six-page thread over at XDA, there are a number of users (though likely a very, very small percentage) who are having some pretty serious issues after updating, regardless of whether or not they were rooted beforehand. Namely, they're experiencing lock ups and reboots. In some cases it's so bad that the tablet is unusable - it locks up as soon as it reboots. In others, it occurs every few minutes or so.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a fix yet (not even doing a full wipe has any effect), and Asus support isn't really aware of the issue, with two owners reporting that their customer service reps were stumped and hadn't heard of any similar problems. With a bug as bad as this, though, we would expect some attention to be directed towards it in short order.

Having a similar issue or think you can help? Sound off in the XDA thread or in the comments below.

For those of you who have a Prime and have updated to ICS, are you experiencing any problems? Sound off in the poll below to give us an idea of how wide-spread the problem is.

Prime Owners Who Have Updated To ICS: Are You Experiencing Any Issues?

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[Source: XDA-Developers, thanks to Andrew Flores for the tip!]

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  • Wahl

    Not updating until this issue is addressed.

  • Gary Jones

    Post should be updated. The problem doesn't allow users to get the ICS update. The update stalls and reboots back into Honeycomb.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Maybe in some cases, but unless I'm misunderstanding what's being said in the source thread, it's happening after the update during normal usage.

      • xvsacme

        Really there are two separate issues with the ICS update - the thread in this article involves those of us who are having freeze-reboots every few minutes or so - but it's definitely running ICS.

        There is another thread of folks having trouble with the download itself, and actually receiving an "update failed" message - I believe those are the folks stuck in Honeycomb. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1437285

  • Deltaechoe

    I am not having any issues at all since the update, in fact my tablet is much smoother than it was before

  • Rastor

    No problems here either, the update is fantastic.

  • cody

    I can't even pull the update to begin with. My check update button is grayed out.

  • Wahl

    Question for you guys. I have gotten the prompt to upgrade once, and I postponed. But it appears that I can only do this three times. Is this the case? Will the update be forced after 3 days?

    • http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1420990&highlight=dmclient gls9

      Yes, except if you do:
      Settings>Applications>Manage application>All>DMClient>Clear data

      See http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1420990&highlight=dmclient

      You don't see the update anymore.

      Or freeze DMclient with titanium backup pro.

      • Wahl

        Thank you! I did not know that. I deleted the data and it worked as stated.

        Still waiting this one out.

  • UGAJ311

    I've got the constant reboot issue. Worked fine before the ICS update. Did factory reset w/o letting Google Apps install automatically and it seemed to help for a while but crashed again.

  • Spydie

    I rooted, then used OTA Rootkeeper to temporarily disable root, then took the Asus download/update, installed, released the root and I'm ICS rooted with no problems. ONly thing is, I don't see much difference. The camera took a separate update and it's got panoramic now. but as far as ICS is concerned, I don't see much difference. What was the big deal? No major changes? The unlock screen changed to let you unlock directly to camera. The app drawer rotates differently now, and you can no longer individually delete notifications (crap... I hate that update). But what did it really change? Honeycomb was a big difference from gingerbread, but ICS was a minor honeycomb update? Tell me what I'm missing.

    • scott

      You have not spent enough time with ICS as you are incorrect on many things you said. To close notifications you swipe them away and not tap on an x like with many of the features of ICS. The camera does have panoramic mode and does a great job of stitching together the pictures. The apps now swipe into Widgets. You can resize Widgets and put apps into folders. Voice input lets you pause and continue and automatic spell check as you type. Do your homework before you post things that are not true.

    • Adriaaaaan
  • Spydie

    Oh, and take the vote away from people that don't have a prime. This was supposed to be for prime owners. It's skewing the vote. Also, how can you tell if it's a problem if you owners vote that haven't updated? I'd take both of those off.

  • Eric

    I just updated, and was skeptical after reading some of the problems as mentioned above. Thankfully everything is working great on my prime! I actually think it'working much better!

  • rudejamaican

    I did the update lastnight, whenever my tablet goes to sleep, It does not come back on when i press the power button, I have to hold the power to do a restart, I did a reset, but problem still happens

  • rudejamaican

    cannot seem to add Widget to the homescreen by just pressing the screen. in ICS

    • JD

      Go to the applications page, at the top left of the screen you can choose either apps or widgets.

  • Hoon

    After the install last night my Transformer Prime started freezing and rebooting. Prior to this I have used the the tablet for almost 3 weeks without any problems. So its definitely the update.

  • JD

    I'm having the same rebooting issue with mine as well. Everything was fine before the update. After the ICS install, the Prime rebooted itself but hung on the Eee Pad screen for over an hour. I finally restarted it and it all went down hill from there. Sometimes it boots up, sometimes it hangs on boot. Once up, I can only get a few minutes of use at best before the screen freezes and the thing reboots. If I try to go the recovery kernel route, I get the android laid out with the red triangle over him.

  • odis

    My problem after update is with the screen . There are some black stripes - you can't really use tablet. Before the update It;s been working great. Is there any way I can fix it?

  • Mike

    My problems aren't nearly as serious. Gmail crashes on me almost every other time i open it and i get the horizontal lines. Requires reboot or force stop and delete cache but it reoccurs almost immediately. My WiFi seems to be acting strange too although I have not restarted my prime since i restarted the router so maybe i should try that, but it seems to work intermittently. It takes forever to make initial contact with the server. Makes the browser basically unusable, at the moment my phones wireless network loads slightly faster than my FiOS wifi >.<
    The wifi issue requires more testing and troubleshooting before I can pinpoint it as the ICS update. I also still get browser crashes here and there.

    • Darmal

      I had a similar issue with the wifi when i used my cell phone as a hotspot. when i got home that wifi wouldn't connect connected my cell again and then selected my home network worked after that. I'm also having issues with the launcher distorting the screen. Have to go into applications under settings kill the launcher then it works for awhile.

  • Ian

    After ICS update, reboots every 10 min or less...

    Hope they fix this FAST

  • Shah Mays

    my tablet reboots every 5 minutes now after the update whether in sleep mode or not

  • Sarge

    My tablet is also rebooting. I am in the UK. It was fine before I updated my prime this morning to ICS. Ever since, it has been rebooting all day to the point of being unusable.

  • rudejamaican

    Can we revert back to honeycomb until this is resolved.

    • Xvsacme

      Unfortunately, no one with the freeze-reboot issue (that we know of) has yet been successful in downgrading to Honeycomb using the .33 zip available from Asus.

      They (Asus) have requested logs from at least one user with this issue, so I believe they are working on it, but for now we'll just have to wait and see.

      The current standard response from support is to factory reset/data wipe (which won't work), followed by RMA. As usual, some techs are aware of the issue and some aren't.

  • crpeck

    Can't update, my Prime had an unknown serial number, and, well, it's not my Prime anymore because I sent it back (since ASUS was absolutely unhelpful in this matter).

  • Drewskeetz

    The only problem I had with the update is that majority of my games stop working. Glowball, Seigecraft were 2 i noticed immediately and a few others...also was getting lines running across my screen when opening certain apps so I just decided to factory reset and reinstall everything again since im using the primes internal memory instead of an SD card. Fortunately that resolved majority issues the only game SO FAR that still doesnt work right is SoulCraft beta..it jsut black screens on me...other than that ICS is working the way it shouldand all other apps and games are working fine again since HC.

  • Jesse

    Yeah- this needs to be updated to reflect the unknown serial number bug that prevents many of us from getting any updates on our machines. Of course- I don't have one anymore. ASUS was so ridiculously unhelpful that I finally just broke down and returned my unit for a refund.

  • Michael

    I updated just fine. The only issue I am seeing thus far is that my scrolling is very jerky. Everything used to be very smooth, but now when scrolling, mostly on webpages, it is very jerky. Most people are talking about how smooth their Primes are now, but I saw just the opposite. Ugh...

    • LiqMat

      I second this. The OS does seem smoother, but a few people in other forums are also saying they are finding the browser less responsive when trying to scroll webpages. I am also finding this on many webpages since the ICS update. Very jerky scrolling at times and the browser will constantly come up with the wait/close dialog box during webpage views/loads because of the unresposive scrolling. I just hit wait and it resolves itself until the next time a few minutes later. Very annoying ASUS is being so unresponsive about the Prime's obvious issues.

  • Sarge

    I have just rang asus. They have told me to return.it for a refund. Since thats the only option I have, that is what i will have to do. However, with this experience, i shall not be buying another asus tablet, due to a lack.of faith.

  • laura

    Ever since the update my tablet has become unstable it will reboot every minute or so. It is really annoying considering the fact my keyboard arrived yesterday and now I cant use it!!

  • Sarge

    Here is a video of my Prime crashing then rebooting. Hopefully it will make Asus aware that its actually happening.


    I rang asus this morning. Long story short, they told me to take it back and get a refund.

  • LiqMat

    I was reading news threads in the app Taptu (my fav news feed reader app) and my TF201 went black and rebooted. Battery was at 80% charge and I am running ICS 4.0.3. This has only happened once since the ICS update so for now it is rare on my TF201, but it is happening.

  • Meerkat

    I had a firmware update on Friday, it showed the android figure updating and all was good. The screen then went black and now it will not turn on. The battery was only 1/2 when I was updating, so it did not run out of juice. I am taking it back to Asus today.

    • Meerkat

      Main board was replaced, so far so good with upgrades. Fingers crossed.