More than a year after Android 2.3 Gingerbread made its debut, the Samsung Captivate (AT&T's Galaxy S clone) is finally getting its share of the goodness.


Users will need to install the update manually, using Kies Mini. Luckily, Samsung has provided a helpful set of instructions here.

While the update may be a little overdue, it's definitely good news for stock users who want to be one step closer to the latest and greatest iteration of Android.

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Liam Spradlin
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  • William Aleman


    Finally I have my update. I didn't know how to get it and I'm rooted. Well, beginning 2012 with good news. Hope to get ICS!

  • Andrew Lam

    YIPPEE. Except I already have ICS on mine.

    • Eric

      I know. I've been running 4.0 for over a month and a half on my captivate...

  • Rob Zinke

    Nice. I've been rocking ICS for over a month.

  • Telanis

    Need this for the Vibrant.

  • Tony

    The Captivate is a Galaxy S clone?!?

    • Ribbys

      Yes, aside from there being an extra button they are pretty much the same. You can run Galaxy S i9000 ROMs on it and vice versa with minor tweaks.

      • Matt Devo

        right, but the word 'clone' is highly misleading. 'Variant' would be a much better choice.

  • Ribbys

    If you want ICS, this port that will become CM9 already works well as a daily driver. I find it more stable than the AT&T GB!


  • Phreqd

    Did you guys do Oneclick to root your Captivates? Seems the less-scary way for me to root. I've been waiting for the official update, but it sounds so tempting to go ICS.

  • CeeJay

    I wonder now when will the Infuse 4G get GB? I recently got one and have not rooted it yet (but I will).

  • Martin Tohill

    So, realizing that you have to erase and restart the phone what do you get for your trouble? A newer version of android, yes, but when I went Froyo to GB on my EVO the difference was minimal. In fact I eventually rooted the EVO due to GB slowing the Evo down.

  • Jonathan

    I got so motivated when i read this i install Ice cream sandwich rom on my phone and let me tell you its F***ing amazing Super stable and fast.

  • Vinnie

    Six weeks ago I would have jumped on this, but I was so tired of waiting for AT&T to upgrade my Captivate that I went ahead and rooted and installed Cyanogenmod 7.1, then ICS build 13 came along and it's even more stable than CM so I installed that rom. It's a fantastic rom and can only get better. Very stable, no force closes and all functions work. Adios AT&T bloatware, you're just too darn late for the party!

  • Mark

    Do I need to unroot my phone in order to receive this update?

  • pac0naut

    I concur with the ICS ROM. My Cappy has never run as smoothly before I flashed it!

    Had I had that ICS ROM option before black Friday, I may not have gotten the SGS 2.....

  • Rune

    Lol...nice job Samsung...after they have ICS you give them GB....well done on the updates again! lol....

  • Jrp

    Is anyone getting a Tethering process failure when turning 3G on and off after upgrading to Gingerbread?

    • 22

      Yea, I am getting that bug as well as the camera not working. Kind of annoying...


    Tried EVERYTHING to get my phone to update, and connect to my computer.
    If ANYBODY can help me please let me know!

  • Marty

    Updated but simply don't see much difference. Initially it appears a bit sluggish compared to 2.2 but that might simply be all the initializing after the upgrade. I'll see how it is after a while. Big surprise was that it saved *ALL* my installed apps. Everything is running as before. All previous apps are already installed and all widgets are as well.

  • Marty

    There's a new "books" app as far I can see. Also, I believe it "unrooted" me. I was rooted but hadn't loaded any ROMs.



  • Mario

    I followed the update instructions exactly and now my phone barely works. The touchscreen sometimes works and when it does it has a delayed reaction time of a couple of minutes. This update really screwed up my phone. Now AT&T tells me I'll just have to get a new phone. Thanks a lot.

  • bethany s.

    Glad its not just me having issues :'(
    Tetheringmanager constantly force closing...camera works but no longer can change to night setting etc...button is there but not useable...half my apps wont work...and the program from last update to show active apps has been deleted....HATE how it tells you to swipe glass or the puzzle piece...annoyingggggggg

  • Geri

    Hmmmm. I'm researching the Captivate..thought it was what I wanted...Now I'm not so sure after reading all these stories.

    • bethany s.

      i have had my captivate for almost 2 years....it has been the greatest phone so far until i performed this update =/

  • Eric

    This update is shit! It freezes my phone so much. It forecloses tethering a billion times in a day. & makes my phone reboot 2 times in a day usually. I hate hate hate hate it! my phone worked fine until this stupid update.

  • Abid

    I too observing frequent Tethering/force close issues post updated to Gingerbread 2.3.5

    Also phone hang many time when I use my client email & charge/unplug phone.. very very frustrating.. My froyo was much better.. please let me know who should I contact or how can I resolve this..

  • yugenotaht

    Along with the Tethering/force close issues, my battery life has gone down the drain. Even after closing down non-essential background processes, the battery is dead within 8 hours of standby.

    Not going to work.

  • avisap

    And of course, AT&T and Samsung couldn't be bothered to issue an update to this that fixes the Force Close, super-sluggishness and other issues !
    I think they are of the opinion that what they gave - GB, I mean - is more than what they had bargained for, so for us to hope for fixes (and that too, in quick order) is us being Oliver Twist !

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  • DBG

    Samsung Captivate for Sale!


  • Karbrewster

    Wish I had looked at this page before I updated mine and my husbands phones!  Having the same issues as most here...

  • Melody

    I'm not liking this new update, and I'm hoping I can undo it.
    It looks nice, but I'm having a lot of problems. One being the tethering force close everyone has been talking about. But the worst thing is: when I have a text message open and I lock my phone, I get a text message from someone else, slide the puzzle piece, read the message, then go to reply. When I reply, it stays in the message I'm trying to reply to, but when I hit send, it sends my message to the thread I had opened when I locked it. This is probably the most annoying thing I've encountered in my life.
    My advice, don't get this update. I absolutely hate it. Just wait until you're able to update it from your phone..

    • http://twitter.com/hartlintime Andrew Ratz

      it's never getting another update. might as well put a rom on it if you are willing to take the risk