Those following HTC's efforts to liberate bootloaders everywhere have a bit more to talk about tonight, as the Taiwanese manufacturer added support for a handful of devices.

For those not in the loop, HTC pledged to enable unlocking the bootloaders of all devices released after September 2011, but is doing the community one better by extending support to older models as well. HTC allows users to unlock their bootloaders using a quick, (relatively) easy online tool.


Among the newly unlockable devices are the original Desire, the Desire HD, Wildfire, and Wildfire S. To get started, just head over to HTC's Bootloader Unlock page.

Of course, HTC warns users that unlocking a device's bootloader is not for the faint of heart, so only experienced users should proceed, keeping in mind that unlocking your bootloader may lead to issues not covered under a typical warranty.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Braden

    Ugh... that would have been nice 9 months ago. I've been running CM on it for as long as I've had it, though. (Desire HD/Inspire 4g)

  • Mesmorino

    Since there isn't a forum, i'll just leave this here: Will unlocking my bootloader allow me to remove stock apps (like the stocks app) or would I still have to root?

    That's the only reason I want to root really

    • Mgamerz

      Technically yes, but you'd need to flash something like preinstall to do so. Dunno, I use moto, not htc (i deal with encrypted bootloaders, no son/soff

      • Ahmad Nadeem

        Yes you will need to root your phone after unlocking the bootloader to remove stock apps.....

        • Nick Ryan

          Not entirely true, you could just put a stock image on, instead of your carrier branded one.

          The stock one is just the basic HTC setup with no added rubbish.

  • Zack

    I just dont understand why they do this just keep bootloaders unlocked HTC!!!

    • http://www.mrblur.net mrblur

      They just started doing so, it's not that easy to prepare easy and safe todos for all possible devices. They'd propably different encryption keys between software versions not only models.

    • MartiUK

      and also, some carriers don't want the devices they're selling to be 'hackable' so they force manufacturers like HTC to keep them locked.

  • jan

    Wth HTC!! Original desire, desire HD but no desire z??? You are got to be kidding me :/ there forgetting that phone if f..ing everything

    • lord jazz

      yeah... what about the desire z? come on HTC!

  • http://lavadip.com HRJ

    I would love to install Stock ICS on my Desire. Will check XDA, but do any of you have an idea if it works?

    • Jamie

      Beatmod have a beta out (v6.2 at the moment) with ICS but camera does not work and there may be other bugs - have tried it on my DHD and looks ok bar the camera...but went back to smartdroid 3.1 with sense 3.5 & so far haven't regretted this decision! :-)

  • Diego

    AWESOME! I’m curious, does this mean that if I unlock my Desire, that I’m able to create a partition on my SD-card and hereby extend my internal storage with the help of A2SD+ (the app, not the Froyo feature)? Just like I would if I rooted my device?
    I don't want to use a custom ROM, would just love some more internal storage! :-)

  • mozaball

    Does not seem to work with HTC desire 2.3.3.
    Can anyone confirm this?

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    Ok. Why do HTC not tell us what RUU is on their site?

    • Diego

      RUU is the ROM you had on your phone when you bought it; the original ROM.

  • Johnspence185

    unlocking bootloader does nothing, its still s on and user has no more freedom what so ever, only difference is it says unlocked when booting to bootloader

  • davies

    hey guys I own an HTC bravo and I wud love some to give guidance about upgrading to 4.1 android