Lenovo has just unveiled its new X1 Hybrid laptop, which runs Windows with a twist – namely, it can boot into "Instant Media Mode," which allows the laptop to run off of a Snapdragon processor, utilizing custom software based on the Android 2.3 kernel. Ostensibly, this mode is meant for users who want to get through a long flight, or simply zone out with a variety of media, with double the battery life they'd have running Windows.

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Interestingly, Lenovo won't explicitly state that the hybrid is running Android, likely because, as Gizmodo astutely points out, it isn't running actual Android. This means no Android Market or Google apps, but I'm sure it won't take long for the Android community to fix that little problem.

Little information is available about this strange device, other than the fact that it will start with an astonishing $1,600 price point and become available sometime in Q2 2012. For Gizmodo's take on the X1 Hybrid, and a hands-on video, hit the link below.

via Gizmodo

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  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    So basically, it's just like all of the Ubuntu-based versions of the same thing, except it's less customizable and won't really run anything that wasn't included. In return, you're probably getting about 10% more battery life. I love Android, but there are just some times that it doesn't make a lot of sense.

  • Aaron

    1600? At that price, might as well get a prime AND an ultrabook....

  • Ron

    It's not that awful. Thinkpads historically have been in that price range. My Thinkpad t410s w/ an i5 and SSD was around $1600. It's basically an almost free feature. Also remember Lenovo historically has been more business oriented especially with the Thinkpad line but they also have some lower end stuff as well. Plus look how much ppl pay for a macbook pro...

  • Tyler C

    Ive never seen a thinkpad that wasnt ugly. and their performance is ultimately not that impressive at all either compared to much cheaper laptops with almost identical hardware, they're a joke and this one looks like no exception

    • Ron

      I love my Lenovo. It's fast, light and with the SSD I really don't have to worry about data loss due to being too rough with it. They may not be pretty but they are thin. The top has carbon fiber in it and the bottom has a metal frame. If you spill liquid on the keyboard there are passages to route the liquid around the motherboard and other important parts. All that being said the design is dated for sure but I'd take a Thinkpad over a Macbook any day. However I work at a computer repair shop and I got the Thinkpad for a steal. I would never pay $1600 for a laptop. I have about $350 into this one :-D