Lenovo is already kicking it into high gear - not only did it announce its new 10-inch IdeaTab S2 10, but has another 10-inch tablet in the works. This one, named the Lenovo IdeaTab K2, is the successor to the IdeaPad K1, and looks to be a powerful contender. Take a look at the specifications we know so far:

  • NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core Processor
  • 1,920 x 1,200 IPS Display
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Supposed 8-Megapixel Camera
  • 4-Speaker SRS Sound
  • Wi-Fi And 3G Connectivity


It even has a fingerprint scanner on the back that can be used as a mouse. Its a little unclear how the mouse functionality will be useful, but its still pretty cool nonetheless. There isn't any word on an actual release date yet, but it looks like a pretty solid tablet, and we're definitely looking forward to what the finish product has to offer.

Via Engadget

Brandon Lancaster
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  • aNYthing24

    More excited about the other one. Superior processor.

    • Brandon Lancaster

      I am too, but I assume this one will be a bit cheaper. I think that Lenovo is attempting to guide the two into two different markets, making one that has mass-appeal, and the other that is more business oriented.

  • Tkun

    Sounds like my kinda tablet. My only complaint is the big Lenovo logo on the front. Looks really distracting.

    • Brandon Lancaster

      Lenovo tends to blatantly band their products, and I agree that its a little distracting.

  • doug

    color it in with a black felt tip pen or a paint stick pen.

  • ATom

    Only stylus missing. It is great for kids ;-)

  • Golightly

    Fingerprint reader! Yay! I am sold. The other specs are nice too, but it will be the fingerprint reader that puts this above similarly spec'd tabs. I'm saving starting tomorrow.

    • nocturnhabeo

      those have problems being somewhat unreliable...

  • Eric

    Why is this tablet not the one with the dock? That would be an instant sell for me I think. At least, at this point of the conference.

  • toshistation

    "Supposed" 8 Megapixel camera?

    I've never seen "Supposed" as a prefix on a specification before...

    Does that mean you don't actually think it's 8 Megapixels?

    • Brandon Lancaster

      No, it just means its a little unclear at the moment. Sources say its an 8-Megapixel, but there is some speculation around it.

  • unknown-poster

    Surprisingly no more mention of the 2GB of Ram that early reports had last year.