For those unwilling to sacrifice the latest hardware (and software) for the rather dated Sony Xperia Play's convenient physical game controls, Gametel has introduced a Bluetooth controller with a familiar button layout that will accommodate just about any Android-powered phone. Even better, the Bluetooth controller has its own battery, charged via micro USB.


Gametel says that the controller is already compatible with over 200 games, and phones powered by Ice Cream Sandwich can make effective use of built-in controller APIs. There's no word yet regarding pricing or availability, but this nifty accessory can definitely be added to the "coming soon" category, and sounds like a promising alternative to unforgiving on-screen controls.

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Liam Spradlin
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  • Tkun

    It's a very good idea, but I don't like the button layout. Plus, since it's not a part of the phone, there isn't as much of a need for it to be super small, so they should've added an analog stick and shoulder buttons (hard to tell from that picture whether or not it has shoulder buttons, but it doesn't seem like it does).

    • Circs

      If you go to their website and look at the videos you can see that it does. They're placed a little oddly but they're present.

  • crazifyngers

    Yep you could wait to get this or you could get an icontrolpad which is out now and has analog sticks. works great with my galaxy nexus:)

    • James Jun

      The clamps fit?

      • crazifyngers

        yep. it fits the gs2 which is a mm or 2 larger as well. I don't know if it would fit with a case as i don't have one on mine.

  • PointZeroOne

    I've hooked up my ps3 controller to my phone and with the ability to emulate touch screen controls it works really well.

    • sk102704

      Do you have to be rooted to do that? If not How did you do it? Thankso

  • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

    So many games need dual analog sticks (e.g. FPS games), yet so many portable controllers/consoles fail to include them.

    It's quite odd. To be fair, Nintendo and Sony made similar mistakes with the DS and PSP, but each time the mistake is made again it boggles my mind.

    Do people not look at what the full-sized consoles use for input, and not play enough games on them to realise that virtually every game uses and requires both analog sticks (or analog stick + analog wiimote in the Wii's case)?

  • http://www.droid-den.com rachid
  • edd

    Yay! Great timing - I was Googling around for something like this yesterday!

  • Rob

    "For those unwilling to sacrifice the latest hardware (and software) for the rather dated Sony Xperia Play's convenient physical game controls"

    ....What? =/

    What software do you have to sacrifice for the Xperia Play?
    And there's nothing wrong with it's hardware!

    • http://www.droid-den.com Rachid

      Rob, you have to sacrifice ICS and the hardware isn't great. It wasn't even great when it was released.

      Sub-par screen and only 1 core, not to mention lack of internal app storage space and minimal RAM.

      Don't get me wrong, I love the Play, but I would much rather play a game on my beautiful Nexus screen.

      • Rob

        Since when? Everywhere keeps saying we're getting ICS. Anyway, have a you seen ICS? I'd gladly sacrifice it.

        The screen is the best screen I've seen in my life, and 1 core works fine. If you run out of space, just root and force everything to SD. Simples.

        • http://www.droid-den.com Rachid

          Since now? It's not a huge deal as the majority of phones won't be getting it any time soon, I just think thats what the author of the post meant.

          I have seen ICS, I have it on my Nexus. I'm using it over my Xperia Play (yes I own one), over my SGSII and my Galaxy Note. Mainly because it has ICS (which is brilliant).

          Are you seriously telling me the Xperia Play screen is the best screen you've seen in your life? I'm not wanting to start an argument, but anyone would tell it its very poor compared to the likes of the Galaxy Nexus or SGSII.

          I know because I use these phones side by side.

          Yes, I root every one of my phones. But listen, thats not an option for the average consumer, so it's still a negative for the phone ok.

          Simples for me and you, not the majority of people out there.

          Oh, and 1 core works fine for the majortiy of games available right now. 2 words are key there, majority, and right now. some games do benefit from additional RAM and CPU power, not to mention games that we'll see come out this year.

  • Justin

    Can you please advice which area of Cametel in CES due to I can't find it?

    Much appreciated!

  • GraveUypo

    eh not like this is breaking news. theres a bunch of other similar (and better, with thumbsticks) controllers out there.