It has become obvious, thanks to some displays on the CES floor, that the Galaxy Note is indeed headed for AT&T, with a few tweaks. Namely, an AT&T logo prominently emblazoned near the top of the device, and four-button controls replacing the original note's layout. It may be worth noting that these posters (as pointed out by Engadget) appear to feature mock-ups of AT&T's Note variant, as there is no sign of a 4G indicator.

image 2012-01-08-dsc02654

For now, there are absolutely no other details available, but with Samsung's press conference coming up tomorrow, it shouldn't be long before we hear more.

via Engadget

Liam Spradlin
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  • Jesse

    fukc it! I'm going to sprint..... I am tired of att's bullshti.

    • Mohmoh

      Was about to say the same. Shame that such a powerful phone went to such a bad network.

  • J Rush

    About time AT&T got some decent phones. I would hate to see this awesome device on such a horrible network...(Sprint). Because honestly, Sprint isn't much better than AT&T. At least I get 4G...

  • Joshua Morgan

    lol. Oh c'mon. If AT&T having the 4 buttons at the bottom is that big of a deal, then get teh GSM European model.

    I think if you're tired of AT&T's whatever then switch.

  • CRJ Phone Repair

    I will be rather upset if the Note is not 4G LTE equipped I love AT&T and love what I have researched about this phone and really want it to be my next device but it wont make the cut if it is not an LTE device.

  • Stephen

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I would rather have the four buttons on a note. Hopefully this comes out by the time I can upgrade. AT&T is finally doing something right.

  • Patrick Conner

    I have had the Samsung Galaxy Note (International Version) for about a month now and LOVE IT.. The more I use it the more I learn about it and love it. In my Area ATT is great.. Yes it isnt LTE but I dont really care that much I get Great Speeds.. I also have the Samsung Galaxy SII (International Version) and I love the shape and look of the 1 button International ones better.. But that is just me.