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It's been a rather wild ride for Samsung Galaxy S users regarding a possible update to Android 4.0. First, Samsung, issued a statement saying that they could not update their former flagship phone. After a community outcry, however, they responded with a different possibility - a "Value Pack" update, one that would include some key features from Ice Cream Sandwich (such as Face Unlock) but which would still be based on Gingerbread. Samsung later decided to not go through with the Value Pack update.

The plot has thickened once again, however: a version of the update has been leaked, and while it may not be as good as Ice Cream Sandwich itself, it does bring a host of improvements:

  • Face Unlock
  • Updated Camera
  • Photo Editor from Galaxy SII
  • Unlock screen from Galaxy Note
  • General improved performance

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The firmware, which is based on Android 2.3.6, is available for download from the links below, but it at this time it's unclear if or when Samsung will officially release the final version of the update to the general public.

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Source: SamMobile, XDA

  • [deXter]

    Hmm, still 2.3.6? Why not 2.3.7? Even though ICS is out they still insist on shipping old versions of Gingerbread? What's wrong with these people... >_>

    • Mgamerz

      Theres nothing better in 2.3.7 than 2.3.6. There isnonly like one difference.

    • Shannah

      I still cant revieve the 2.3.6 update any idea how I can get that?

  • aNYthing24

    Lol, do they really think this is enough? I guess it's better than nothing though.

  • James Jun

    ....wouldn't it be just easier to port Android 4.0?

    • Robert

      Editing an existing ROM is far cheaper than building a new one from scratch.

  • Ed

    I'm currently running ICS on my Captivate. It is so smooth. It is currently in beta but it still works great. I guess the reason they can't release an official ICS update is because of their custom UI.

    • Letroy

      Isn't it ironic that ICS alpha/beta builds run so much smoother than the original 2.1 TouchWiz ROMs they sold the phone with? :)

    • Jeff

      Which ROM are you running?

  • http://www.xda-developers.com/ ICS Lover

    Hey Samsung, Full blown ICS works on the Vibrant. I have it running on my phone and its has the best GPS and I get 10+ battery life everyday. We don't want your BS Value Pack.

    • joe

      who cares ...stop gloating

      • Moi Poi

        Joe, go eat your breakfest. You are being grumpy. Again...

  • Ziggy

    I'm running this value pack. It's great. Novelty of face unlock wears out fast though :)

  • chris

    Face unlock will work great with no ffc....

  • BvC

    T-Mobile Galaxy S 4g? yes? No? Maybe?

    ThX. Gonna be my last Samsung product if they don't stop promising updates then not following through because their "new and Best" product is out.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

      Then you probably would become a non-Android user soon. Except for the Nexus line, and may be the T-mobile G line, you will have a hard time finding an OEM not adding a custom skin onto their phones.

  • Woodrube

    The "Value Pack" is nothing more than a few tweaks to the camera,face-lock for the FFC, a photo editor, auto-rotate and a new lock screen. Hardly a replacement for a full flavor ROM.

    We have all decided to purchase a phone running on the Android operating system. It is in this choice that we are now linked. Our device manufacture has left us behind. Recently they (Samsung) has let it be known that they will be willing to reconsider updating all Galaxy S devices to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Most of our devices never received the Gingerbread update and while our development community is packed with talented individuals and teams, they lack the necessary code for some such basic functions as 911/e911 (the CyanogenMod team has dropped the Samsung Vibrant from its list of supported devices, indefinitely due to the potentially fatal 911/e911 issue).

    Below is a link to a petition that we are asking Android users to sign. This petition to get Samsung to reconsider giving all top end Galaxy S devices the ICS update. Please help us with our goal and sign the petition. As Android users we all are, we are asking you to unite with us in our journey and goal.

    Thank you for reading this and please see this link (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1427969) for more details.

    • Letroy

      "Most of our devices never received the Gingerbread update"

      Blame your carriers for that one, not Samsung.

  • William

    I'm still running Froyo on my Captivate.

  • Joseph Licavoli

    Samsung needs to give us all the updates just like SgsII !

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    In a way, I respect that Samsung is at least giving some effort, but it bugs the crap out of me that they are missing the big picture. I'm sure they see this as "Users just want the cool features" and I believe that's fairly true for most of them...but the really big problem here is that this will leave an enormous number of people stuck on an old version of the API. I would much rather toss all of the additional features granted by ICS in favor of being able to run the apps that will be coming out when more developers start requiring API level 14 and above.

    • Letroy

      It will be at least another 6 months before being stuck on 2.3 will be a problem. By that time the SGS will be more than 2 years old, and even 2-year-contract people will start to replace it. I don't see the huge problem here.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

        That is a phenomenally great point...for the people who bought the SGS when it first came out. It's a terribly blind perspective when you consider the several million of these that have sold just in the last year. I don't own an SGS, but a friend of mine just bought one on Sprint (the Epic 4g) a few months back around August (against my advice, btw).

        I am more optimistic than you about how long it'll take before a measurable count of quality apps move to ICS-only (I figure it'll be 9 months to a year). The issue is that there are still going to be at least a few million people after that point. Non-developers don't understand this but it becomes more expensive to support a larger range of OS versions. Certainly the SGS line aren't the only devices being left on older versions, but with it's popularity and how long passed it's initial release, it's too large to ignore for the next 18 months...Does that make a little more sense now?

  • Justin Q

    (This gonna be long. Haha)
    I feel so irritated whenever people whining about Samsung and updates and stuff. So I'm gonna troll today.
    First of all, from what I understand, these whiners are mostly Americans (Yes, I'm an American too).
    So, take a look at your phone, don't you see your carrier branding on it along with Samsung?
    That means the phones are products of the carrier and Samsung.
    So it is not only Samsung fault for not updating.
    In fact, these leaks are Samsung part of the update.
    Then, your carriers do their part (the radio stuff).
    Also, consider the international version and visit the forum.
    This is what you get for supporting carrier feature subsidized phone, which is what I dislike about our mobile system.
    Plus, you've asked for an update and here is the update. Now you're unsatisfied. What!?!?
    Also, why you feel ICS for SGS is mandatory and needed?
    Not all phones, even this almost-2-yo phone, should be running the latest version. Instead, I think OEMs should be work on the bugs rather than the latest OS.
    ICS is made and based on dual-core. Thus, it's predictable that SGS will not be supported.
    Yes, it can run fine as you've said. But that is vanilla AOSP and CM. Plus, no matter what the experience will not be as good as it should be.
    In other words, SGS will not get ICS b/c of TW and Samsung will never put vanilla AOSP, the end.
    So, you should really whine about TW and influence them use AOSP rather than Samsung not updating your subsidized phone which probably they only own half and have no control on whatsoever, hence all US variants look different.
    This happens to all phones and OEMs. Hardware gets outdated, thus abandoned.
    Even the "best-of-all" Apple does that to iPhone and iPod Touch.

    • Letroy

      "ICS is made and based on dual-core"

      Nonsense, ICS is the software, it's not "based on" any hardware. It _supports_ it, but dual core is not required. Besides, the nearly identical Nexus S will get the update.

      "no matter what the experience will not be as good as it should be"

      Another nonsense. Why wouldn't it be? If Samsung really wanted it to work, they could make it work. Hey, they could even omit TW and make this an optional update for hardcore Android nerds. It would probably take them much less effort than it takes for teamhacksung. Also, the CM9 alpha builds are MUCH smoother than the original 2.1 TW builds our phones came with... talk about good experience.

      I'm not saying that Samsung owes us an SGS ICS update for some reason, and as an I9000 CM user, frankly I don't care. But please don't spread false information.

  • Vinod

    Is this for T Mobile T 959?

  • Corey

    How do you install this? I have the Fascinate and its NOT rooted, but I do want to add this to my phone can someone give me directions or a link to directions? thanks and I'm currently on 2.3.5

  • Letroy

    I'm already running ICS on my SGS. So... yeah. Don't care.

    • D

      how did you get it for your sgs?

  • gretchen

    How do I get this update?

  • Brandon

    Can someone please tell me whether or not the Epic 4G Touch will be getting ICS? Thx

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      It's an SGS II phone that came out in the last few months, it was confirmed practically from day 1 that it would be getting an ICS update. It's basically a certainty it'll also get the Jellybean update when that comes out. Above and beyond that is less clear.

  • franco

    Iv always had issues with my camera on the sgs,ill be looking forward too any update for it.

    I dont get why ppl want too sign petitions for ics since they will also be signing complaint forms when it dont work well since it was built for multi core devices from what i understand.

    be happy with what you got sgs is a very good phone.

    • Brandon

      Franco, get fast burst camera! You'll love it.

  • joe

    Next time i will stick to HTC...great customer relations samsung. Rip away the dreams of at least va value pack..Jeeze...why not just keep us running 2.2....oh wait ...duhhhh we are still running 2.2

  • SiliconAddict

    Jebus Christ. *facepalms* Really Samsung!??! Really? the point of getting ICS is only partially to get the features. If you are still using Gingerbread you are still using its older API lvl that down the road isn't going to be compatible with some apps.
    God damn stop it. This isn't brain surgery.
    Setup about 15-25 servers distributed across multiple backbone points on the internet for load balancing, and is available to send an app like market.android.com. You are going to need that many servers for only about 3-6 months. Then you can scale it back to 3-5 as those who want this update hit critical mass.

    Put up a webpage that has a downloadable app that you run from your desktop. Run the exe, and it spells out exactly what you are getting, that you will loose the UI that currently comes with your phone, that you will be getting a vanilla copy of Android, and that your data WILL be erased. Sorry but IMHO if you want this, you should be ready to do a full on restore of your data yourself. As long as Samsung is warning you its your responsibility. If they do a full hard reset prior to install it decreases the likelihood of a failure.
    There is a check mark option to accept, and click next.
    It then recommends connecting to a WIFI source now for better performance and to be sure to have a fully charged phone. hit NEXT. The app then asks you for your phone number...NEXT. The app send your number to one of the servers on the net, if full, moves to the second, third, fourth, etc. If it reaches the last server there is a queue server that places you in a line waiting for a spot to open up. the server then sends a response back to the app on your desktop that you are x in line and you wait. It would continue to refresh the app every 5-10 minutes randomly so not everyone's desktop is pinging the server all at once.

    Once ready it first verifies that a typical Samsung ROM is on your phone before install. If there it downloads the update like any other OTA update, verifies the integrity with an MD5 hash, resets OS, scrubs the caches, and begins the update process.
    If it isn't there it spits back an error to the phone and the desktop app to please restore this phone to the factory default ROM and lists the ROM that was found on the device, because we aren't updating your dang phone when its hacked.

    Sorry but even though my phone is rooted and is using a custom ROM I fully get that OEM's can test with only what ships on their devices. The likelihood of breaking something increases when you have custom ROMs on a device. As such they are perfectly justified to be dicks about what is on this device before they update. Because if it breaks guess who you will be contacting for support?

  • SiliconAddict

    Oh yah and this BS that ICS was made for dual core. Who is spreading this FUD? Yes ICS supports multicore. It wasn't DESIGNED for it.

  • Mamata

    Samsung is a big failure in making mobiles. Its just android that has driven samsung till date. Then how does samsung promote its simple mobile phones as smartphones when they are themselves not smart enough to design a good smartphone and provide updates for better feeding by the users.
    Over 10 million samsung users have reportedly started complaints against the samsung devices.

  • Werner Nothuman

    I think to sum it up
    (from own experience as well)
    Samsung manufactures feauture rich products
    But quality and support on all their products are bad
    They ride the Android train because less money spent than doing something like the BADA
    I buy Samsung like my GalaxyS because I got it brand new at nearly half price
    But pay full price for a Samsung product?
    No way!

  • Hanry Veen

    Im just happy that I can even get those cool things to my galaxy s. You all haters should think twice. Be happy that you can even get those things to your phones.

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    Portugal 1:0