Adreno Graphics, a division within Qualcomm, has just released Snapdragon GameCommand, a new game management and discovery app. Originally, GameCommand was supposed to be released on January 10th at CES, but it looks like someone pulled the trigger early.

Update by Artem: This app is much like NVIDIA's Tegra Zone, and while the content it features isn't exclusive to Snapdragons, it looks like it does require a device with one. I tried to install the app on an Exynos-powered SGSII, and it kicked me out shortly after I started it.

I would like to point out that GameCommand seems to have serious compatibility issues with operating system versions, countries, and even devices that do have Snapdragons. We'll see if this requirement eases up when the 10th comes, but so far quite a lot of folks are disappointed.

You'll be able to browse a library of Snapdragon featured and exclusive games, buy those you're interested in, and organize these games all from the application. It even features a news center that will keep users up-to-date on the latest news from major gaming websites. On top of that, if you happen to own a device powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (and chances are you do), then you may receive exclusive features in select games.

Looking past all the marketing mumbo-jumbo, there is really one main reason to get GameCommand - to discover new games, so if you're in the market for some fresh titles, give GameCommand a try and see if you can find a new favorite. You may even get some exclusive content, too.

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Brandon Lancaster
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  • Scores87

    Can someone post the APK I want to download it on my tegra device please

    • Ian

      It won't work.

  • lincthra

    "and isn't exclusive to devices that contain a Snapdragon processor."

    Hmmmm not compat with my Nexus One, my Evo 4g, OR my Photon 4g, (or my Logitech Revue, obviously)....

    • Brandon Lancaster

      Not sure if it doesn't work with Tegra phones, but it doesn't require a Snapdragon processor. Its very likely that more phones will see support in the near future.

  • Andrew

    Don't feel bad, it doesn't support the Rezound.

  • d3vkit

    Doesn't support Galaxy Nexus. Suweet. Maybe the support will be included when it gets it's official release?

  • jan

    Apk please my country is not supported

  • glenn

    No good on ZTE Blade. Adreno 200 inside :-\

  • Abhi

    someone please post the apk. can't install in my country.

  • Barton

    Does it even work in Europe? I get "This item cannot be installed in your device's country."

  • kev

    How can u not support the rezound??!

  • dennis

    Doesn't support Razr either!

  • irishgreen

    Works great on my HTC EVO 3D!! :)

  • Tratious

    Does not install on Moto Atrix 4G.

  • claydos66

    No go for the htc Rezound.

  • crackness

    Interesting. Works on my touchpad with LG-P930 in the build.prop, but "not compatible" with the original snapdragon device, the nexus one...

  • Lincoln

    Won't let me install on my LG Nitro HD (LG-P930).

  • Pachi

    More Fragmentation...wow...1st tegra zone now this...next will be Powergamer for PowerVR SOC then Malicious Graphics for Mali SOC...

  • Joe

    Here is a link to the apk


    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Looks like it indeed doesn't run on non-Snapdragons and kicks you out if you try.

  • Hal Motley

    What about Chainfire3D, Brandon? Would that work on your Galaxy S II?

    • Brandon Lancaster

      Not sure if this comment is directed towards me, but I don't own a Galaxy S II. However, if the compatibility issues this app has are truly related to processor type, and not a result of poor planning and testing, then Chainfire3D should make it work.