Last Updated: January 7th, 2012

There have been rumors of the Sony Ericsson "Nozomi" for the past few weeks, but today IT Pro Portal landed some exclusive snapshots of the device. The phone is said to have a 1280x720 HD display, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, a massive 12MP camera, and is running Android 2.3.7.

Warning: Pic orgy!

itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__1_1_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__2_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__3_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__4_4_overlaywm2

itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__5_2_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__6_1_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__7_2_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__8_overlaywm2

itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__9_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__10_1_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__11_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__12_overlaywm2

The leaker also took the time to grab some screenshots of Quadrant's System Information screen, along with a quite impressive benchmark.

To avoid confusion: Quadrant is not optimized for dual-core CPUs. Therefore, it doesn't recognize that a second core even exits, which is why is shows "Cores: 1" in the system information.

itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__14_1_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__15_overlaywm2 itproportal-itpp-sony-ericsson-nozomi-xperia-hd__16_overlaywm2

SE is expected to make the Nozomi official at next week's CES conference, so we'll have to wait until then for official carrier status, pricing, and release date.

[IT Pro Portal]

Cameron Summerson
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  • mastermind26

    Sim means it should be AT&T/Tmo, no?

    • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      It was a MicroSIM, so it could be Verizon 4G LTE.

      • Ken Chiu

        pls... we GSM users have been using SIM since day 1... and MicroSIM is nothing new to us either...

  • Arben

    That's a very impressive Quadrant score, considering it was being benchmarked at its native 720p resolution...

  • Duncan

    Why does the picture say "Cores: 1" under CPU? Or is it like "Cores: 0" as single core chip?

    • Cameron Summerson

      Because Quadrant is only optimized for single-core chips and can't even see the second core. I've updated the wording to better reflect that this the system information as provided by Quadrant.

      • Mgamerz

        If it cant detect or use multiple cores why does it even bother listing it ... its always going to be one, yes?

      • slurms mckenzie

        on my gs2 it says cores: 2
        it does recognize the 2 cores not sure why it says one on this one but just checked the system info on mine and it says 2 cores

        • nocturnhabeo

          probably however he said "not optimized" which doesn't mean that it never works just that it has problems with dual core CPUs

  • Mark

    I hope this gets released with ICS - a 720p display deserves nothing less...

    ...ow, wait, a proprietary UX. Uh, guess Android 4.x is several months away...

    • Danny

      Sony Ericsson are actually *very* good at releasing updates for their phones. Their UX overlay is very minimal, isn't rooted deeply into the Android OS, allowing faster updates.

      They have already said their entire 2011 line will be getting ICS, this phone is pretty much a guarantee.

  • Nick Coad

    Quadrant score doesn't list Samsung Galaxy S II. Would have liked to see how they compare, but then I think Quadrant only lists phone that perform under the one your testing, so maybe it didn't perform as well as the Galaxy S II?

    • Kevin

      yeah galaxy s 2's are usually in the 3000's range

    • Eric

      The numbers can't be compared directly because of the HUGE difference in resolutions..
      SGII's joking 800x480 and 1280x720.. there're more than double of pixels there!!

  • darth_suicune

    It shows a clear "Cores: 1" on the system information screen. I don't know if it's accurate because never used that app (and anyway my phone is still a N1) but... shouldn't that indicate it's a single core 1.5 Ghz CPU?

    • Cameron Summerson

      See my above comment.

    • http://www.teamrou.com Phil Oakley

      Quadrant can't measue dual core CPUs. See Cameron's comment up above.

      • Cameron Summerson

        Updated the article to clarify. ;)

        • darth_suicune

          Ok sorry. Opened the article with just one comment, saw it after submitting my comment :P

  • Stevedroid

    As I said on Facebook, the microSIM and lack of expandable memory could well be major deal-breakers; they are for me, at any rate.

    The battery is fixed in too, as I recall? Also somewhat off-putting, IMO.

    Shame too, because the rest of the spec, and the body design, otherwise paint a very pretty picture!

  • koniczynek

    If it works "as good as" Xperia then it's piece of sheet. My friend replaced his crashing and hanging Xperia Play for an iPhone 4S - ultimate fail for Android...

  • Jason

    Depends on if it's a locked bootloader or not. If yes and I can instantly ICS it then cool. If not, then no thanks.

  • Chuong

    Really nice phone, but I read that it doesn't have microSD slot and only 8GB of memory. Do not want if that's true.

  • Abhinav

    looks good and sounds like a good phone too ! :)

  • Graham

    Very hot phone, but as an X10a owner (it was my first Android phone, bought without any research) I'll be waiting to see how this turns out. I love my X10 for getting me into the Android platform, but the variety of issues I've had with it (anecdotally, but network connection issues I used to assume were carrier related now appear to be the hardware based on comments I've read online) keep me from jumping into another Xperia phone head first.

  • Wilson Ngai

    uhh, one problem.

    When i run quadrant on my galaxy note, it says 'Cores - 2'.

    on top of that, 2200-ish quadrant score is disappointing for dual core 1.5ghz. my galaxy note running stock unrooted OS scores 4300 in quadrant.