We've been hearing quite a few rumors over the past few weeks that the monstrous Galaxy Note is finally coming to AT&T, with one accessory manufacturer outing a possible release timeframe of "early 2012." Looks like that may indeed be the case, as an official press shot of the Note with AT&T branding has leaked with the date of Tuesday, February 14th prominently displayed on the homescreen.


We completely expect Samsung and AT&T to make the U.S. Note official at next week's CES conference in Las Vegas, so hopefully we'll get an official release date at that time.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Forbidden (403)

    just pointing out the typo February 14th is mentioned on the homescreen not 24th.

    Looks like early 2012 rollouts are beginning earlier than expected :)

    • Cameron Summerson

      Thanks. ;)

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  • Brian Redford

    Should NOT have bought the GSII on black friday... grr...

    • Patrick Starkey

      sell it to me...

      • Brian

        tell you what: buy this phone and trade me, then we got a deal

  • ben

    NO!!!!! Wonder if when this will come to big red. I've been dying to get this. Too bad ma bell is the only one getting it in the U.S.

    • Angus

      Might be coming to Sprint as well. That would mean a CDMA version (allegedly with LTE too) would exist. Theoretically, Verizon could offer one....eventually.

  • Randy Rourke

    People will debate the four capacitive button layout vs the standard international layout ad nauseam, Yet to me if these photos are accurate, then AT&T has just gotten away with crapping up a beautiful device by placing the AT&T logo on top and the Sammy on the bottom near the buttons. If there is anything I would like to see the Android OEM's copy from Apple, it's the don't mess my phone up with your logo's and bloatware.

    • Spydie

      So get the international model. It's available everywhere right now for $649-$700+. Mine will be here Monday (would have had it Thursday but UPS lost the package and they had to air-overnight another one). No bloatware, no ATT branding, and the faster processor as I heard they will be putting the battery-hungry snap-dragon in the ATT one. Don't know if that's true, but it might be. I'll be glad I got the international one if it's true.