Last Updated: January 7th, 2012

Well, that was quick. Shortly after new Google TV partners were announced, LG has announced one of their Android-powered offerings: the LG Smart TV with Google TV. Details are scant at this point, as the device won't be demonstrated until CES, but we do know that it will launch in two series at some point this year. Both will feature LG's Cinema 3D displays, which do not require the expensive shuttering glasses to work, and both will come bundled with remote with the Magic Remote Qwerty - unsurprisingly, a QWERTY version of their Magic Remote.

More information will arise once CES rolls around, but with many Google TV-powered devices about to be announced, it likely won't stick out of the crowd.

Image credit: TechCrunch

via The Verge

Source: LG PR

  • http://rockthatmobile.com Dana Rock

    Hmmm, what happened to swearing off Google TV for LG?

    • nathan

      You're thinking of Logitech, bro.

  • http://diespiderdie.com Grant Shearer

    Something tells me this is going to be way out of my price range.

  • Sean

    So to get an LG TV with GTV, you would have to get a 3DTV, which are still generally sold at a premium (especially here in the UK), and so GTV has essentially become a premium product?

    Hopefully more models are going to be announced?

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

      There are cheap 3D TVs in the US now.