Last Updated: January 13th, 2012

If you listen to music on your Android phone (and who doesn't?) then you need PowerAmp. What is PowerAmp, you ask? It's probably the best music player for Android. It's packed with basically every feature you could possibly want in a music player, all wrapped up in a sexy looking package. And we have fifty licenses to give away to fifty different people.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:



Adrian Miller






CA Nikhil Dsouza

Carlos Paixao


Darshan Karia



Gadget Man


Ira Javier



Jean-Luc Tendler



Kurt Hoffman

Kyle Sonney


Martin Tohill

Michael Spanton



Nyamka Ganni

Oliver Cam



Pete Lam





Rohit Kumar Singh


Sri Vamsy Gurram

the android guy


TJ Hardin

Torstein Molland

Trung Dinh

Valentino Bianchi





Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Before we get into the details of how to win, let's take a closer look at PowerAmp, shall we? Like we've already said, this thing is loaded with features. Need a 10-band EQ? Got it. How about unique bass and treble adjustment? Done. Crossfade, gapless playback, replay gain, scrobbling, tag editor, and lyrics support? Child's play. This thing has pretty much everything. Oh, did we mention configurable widgets? It has those, too.

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How To Win

Now, there are a couple of things that you'll need to do before you get to enter. Ready? Okay, good. First off, you see those two links above? One is for the trial version of PowerAmp. Install that.

The second link is to PowerAmp's Twitter account, which they'll use to offer up tech support (should anyone actually need it), provide update news, and all other sorts of fun stuff. It's not required for entry, but you should follow them. C'mon, it'll be fun.

So, now that you've done both of those, you get to spend some time with the PowerAmp trial. Date it. Take it to the movies. Talk sweet to it. Do whatever you have to - just get to know it better, because you need to tell us your favorite feature in order to win. That's right, just drop your favorite PowerAmp feature into the comments to enter. There is one more thing, though, and it's probably the most important.

You must use the same Gmail that you login to your phone with when you leave your comment.

You must use the same Gmail that you login to your phone with when you leave your comment.

You must use the same Gmail that you login to your phone with when you leave your comment.

2012-01-05 16h42_31

Got it? Good. This contest begins now and will run until Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST. At that time, we'll randomly pick all fifty winners and send out notifications.

This is a worldwide giveaway.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Rafe

    Would love to get the full version!!! The trial rocks!

  • Greg Stefan

    My favorite feature so far is the equalizer. Love the flexibility and adjustability. The bundled presets work well too.

  • Greg Stefan

    My favorite feature so far is the equalizer. Love the flexibility and the bundled presets work well too.
    Hope to get the full version!

  • brfield

    I've loved this for a long time, but the trial rocks used it before in a previous version. The newer one is better than ever.

  • Antonio

    It's the best and most feature filled music player ever! It should come as a standard on all android phones. Winning a license would mean so much since my dad rarely let me buy apps :'(

  • http://www.modernwar.pl Martin S.

    I dont love it, because i dont have PowerAmp. But i love good music, and i believe, if i have PowerAmp my love gets stronger with this great App. Make me believe in real love with PowerAmp, with great EQ, sexy look, and the most important for me - with any supported format and with great support for bluetooth A2DP headset.

  • Zane A

    Love PowerAmp. If you don't win you should purchase this app.

  • Ricardo Amaral

    The equalizer is my favorite feature, specially the preamp, it allows me to hear music louder, default Android is too quiet.

    One question though. How are the giveways going to be handled for future updates? Will the winners have access to them? How? Through the paid version on Android Market? How is that accomplished? I'm asking this because as a developer myself, I like the idea of giving away free copies to promote my app and I'm considering doing it in the future. Can anyone clarify me on this?

  • Bilgin Ozkan

    Coincidentally, I just installed the trial version this morning. I've always had a thing for PowerAMP, but I've only just started using my phone for music playback, so never needed it before.

  • Dima Aryeh

    My favorite feature definitely has to be gapless playback. Very important for my favorite bands. Only player I know that does that!

  • Scotty Byrd

    My favorite feature is the equalizer.

  • Joe B

    PowerAmp is I feel, the app the should have came with android for playing music. I love the interface above all of the other great features (vast audio support to say the least). The interface to me is what a touch interface should be. The focus is on the music without having distractions. All the features within a click.

  • thai v

    i've try the free version and it was great ..but if i got he full version for free well that would be love!!!!

  • Skyeclad

    I love it! I love it! I love it so much! I loved it before i even saw it. You hate it compared to how much I love it!!!

  • MrHanMan

    Gapless playback - the icing on an already sweet package!

  • Anton

    I love the Covereffect on changing the Song. And the possibility to play Music from folders =)

  • Abhinav

    If I probably *fingers Crossed* win the Samsung Nexus Phone in the other giveaway I would be eligible for this one :P

  • alang

    My only way to listen music is by using Poweramp,

  • Sam Xi

    I love the fast response of the UI and the search bar inconspicuously nestled at the top of each list. The swiping animations are great too.

  • benjy

    I love powerAMP!! I have been a user for quite some time and it is my favorite music player hands down. The equalizer is unbeatable.

    My girlfriend likes it too but refuses to buy it for her phone, so if i win a license, its going to her!

  • michael suriel

    I LOVE Poweramp because of the awesome UI, abbundance of settings, and for it's EQ. My dubstep would not be as amazing if I didn't have it.

  • Adrian Miller

    Real trouble picking just on feature but I would say gapless playback so no annoying silent gaps in your playback, perfect for them long trips on public transit but also great for listening to my netcasts at night in bed when trying to sleep as when there is a pause it shocks me back awake! But I also love to scrobble amd as for the the graphic EQ. All round great little toy that should really be the default player installed by all mobile handset manufacturers /or android as they aint gonna beat this player

  • vochdun

    The equalizer in PowerAmp is by far my favorite feature

  • Travis Talbott

    I have used many different music apps on my E4GT, but none of them compare to PowerAmp. I am a really big fan of the equalizers in the app. I have been meaning to buy the app for quite sometime now after my trial expired.

  • http://www.skotsshots.com Scott

    I love those full screen album covers and the widgets. I'm a new Android fan, converted from a frustrated iOS user, so I'm still searching for those killer apps. This might be one of them.

  • Nad

    Because it has both library and folder view ! Plus a lot of nice and usefull sound settings.

  • rd

    It looks like the best music app available for android.

  • Harrison

    the EQUALIZER really separates poweramp from the rest

  • JBS

    its the best app out there. Flac support and the equalizer make it the best companion to my custom IEMS!!!

  • Carlos Paixao

    10 band equalizer is what makes the difference for me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michaelzhonga Michael Zhonga

    I absolutely LOVE the lock screen feature. Especially now with the recent update, I can skip to various parts of the current song by clicking on any part of the progress bar - just like in the main app, I can skip to the next song or go back to previous ones, and still be able to view the large beautiful album artwork without having to unlock the phone each time I want to check the player. Amazing app!

  • Pawnty

    The equalizer and bass/treble allows me to have my music sound the way I LIKE IT and really allows me to show off my aged X10 to my friends in terms of superior audio quality compared to the stock music players they all use :)

  • yb

    My favorite feature about poweramp is the great sound you get from the equalizer. Plus the interface is sleek and easy to navigate. I could only imagine the extra capabilities of the full version.

  • Jaron

    It has one of the most accurate auto album cover downloader.

  • Samuel Wang

    This is most definitely the best sounding and powerful player on the Market. I have a microSD card filled with music and love using the EQ to crank the bass up.

  • Brandon Starcevic

    I already have PowerAmp, I just wanted to say Android Police rock!

  • André Ericson

    Honestly, didn't feel like changing music player when first read it. Downloaded it anyway, than opened it trying to found flaws haha.
    Bah, it doesn't have headset double tap to change song, oh wait it does.
    Bah, it doesn't have a lockscreen replacement, oh wait it does.
    So yeah, my favorite feature was: It is so highly customized, it won't push any option down your throat, you can customize it just the way you want.

  • Todd F

    Plain and simple... It's the best music app.

  • Joel Trace

    Really love the UI as well as the EQ!

  • http://www.welcomehomepensione.com Oliver Cam

    Simply gives the best sounding music with all the coolest features I've used!

  • DoomsDave

    This App makes my "Beats by Dre" Sound amazing! Could not have it any other way!!

  • Kurt Hoffman

    I like how can customize the sound with the equalizer controls.

  • duplissi

    ive been a happy user since poweramp just came out of beta so im not trying to win another licence but i simply wanted to express my complete and utter satisfaction with it.

    a phone equipped with poweramp mops the floor in sound quality and features with dedicated mp3 players, sad really.

  • Kyle L

    The equalizer is by far the best feature!

  • Kevin Jackson

    My favorite feature is the general boost in sound quality.

  • yuku

    PowerAMP uses internal (native) decoders for playing audio files, this solves a bug where Android's native mp3 decoder sometimes doesn't seek to a correct time when I request it. This way everything just Works, somehow like VLC for desktops where it also uses its own decoders.

  • Ken Chiu

    always wanted it ever since i ve tried the beta, it's really one of the best (if not already THE best) music app for Android... but i juz find the price tag a little high...

    especially love the equalizer... not even CM's DSP Manager can match it...

  • yuku

    PowerAMP uses internal (native) decoders for playing audio files, this solves a bug where Android's native mp3 decoder sometimes doesn't seek to a correct time when I request it.

    This way everything just Works, somehow like VLC for desktops where it also uses its own decoders.

  • Pete Lam

    It kicks ass, thats all i can say.

  • Ish

    I really can't decide between the overall UI and the multiple widgets. They're still the best.

  • Tejas

    love the eq & customizable widgets!

  • Julian

    It has a equalizer, all those widgets and the lock screen... it's all lovable... :D Of course the UI is the best that I've seen out there for music players on Android... Awesome piece of application...

  • siddardha bezawada

    OMG,I love power amp but cannot afford the paid version right now.It would be awesome if i win this!!

  • Eduardo Diaz

    I'm a new androider and i just try this player for 15 minutes and fall in love with it... It's really amazing and easy to use

  • Jehad

    FLAC support, great widgets and themes, incredible sound, album art. It is in all ways better then the competition

  • http://ashwingeek.wordpress.com Ashwin

    I love it for the great equalizer and the album art downloader. :)

  • http://darshankaria.com Darshan Karia

    because it has great equalizer effects and other customizations... and i don't have it yet :-(

  • Michael

    It has an equalizer! not many other apps have that without having to download another app! it's also very polished

  • http://www.knightmarejk.blogspot.com Knightmare

    I love PowerAMP because it is one of the only Android media players that allows you to browse your music by FOLDER. This is how people naturally arrange their music, so it seems logical that a good media player should reflect this. Also Enqueuing and DSP/EQ are killer.

    • http://darshankaria.com Darshan Karia

      I agree with you on that, music by FOLDER... I so love it on my sony walkman... thankfully the default music player on my android has that option of playing music by folder, it also has equalizer, which i find not that effective somehow :-/ so, may be poweramp is the way to go :-)

  • Phu Tran

    Sexy sliders. What else.. minimalistic design and full-featured EQ. Also, it sounds like WinAmp...

  • Michael

    I LOVE Poweramp because of the UI, the abundance of settings because I like to tweak things to my liking, and the EQ because dubstep just wouldn't be the same if I didn't have an EQ to turn the base up a notch. ^.^

  • Gabrielebenn

    The best music player! I love the equalizer!

  • Freak4Dell

    It's great because it has so many features, and it was the most easily customized music player when I was trying out multiple ones. I just wish it had Google Music support, but that's Google's fault, not the developer's.

  • Garrick

    Lock screen widget/ controls. There's a lot to love about PowerAMP but my favorite feature is easily the lock screen features. Like everyone here I use my phone as an mp3 player. Anyone who has walked around knows you need to be able to quickly control your music the second something catches your attention like passing by someone you know. Android doesn't necessarily make that easy with the lock screen (until 4.0 that is). PowerAMP is the perfect solution for that for me. All other lock screen controls have been ugly, dont work well, or been paired with terrible apps. PowerAMP is the ideal of everything.

  • Zach B

    My favorite feature is definitely the configurable widgets. So many options. Very close second is of course the equalizer.

  • tookie

    When I first installed it, it looks very polished, making the stock Music app look like crap. The custom equaliser and lock screen controls are fantastic! (Why why why didn't the stock app have this? Of course, excluding CM modifications) Love, or should I say, hate, the security in the app. There's only one place to get it, and that's the Android Market.

  • collin

    The ability to listen to my music how i want to!

  • Ryan

    I love swiping up to switch albums

  • Kevin K

    Love the equalizer.

  • Seph

    It's got all the things I need from a music player. There are free players but I haven't installed or had uninstalled them because they just dont fit my needs or sub par. My most favorite features are it's great Equalizer, bass, treble settings and Folder selection.

  • http://www.thesongsontheway.com Ryan

    I like it because it's one of the few music players which can play many formats such as flac and in addition to that has an equalizer which is unmatched in any other software. Not to mention, it has some good skins too. These are the top 3 reasons why I like it. Oh, it also has very good integration with android, like for example we can use controls on the lockscreen.

  • lucus

    so powerful compared to all the other music players, it would beat all the others combined

  • Tommy

    I love the equalizer feature. It makes my terrible ear buds sound awesome!

  • Justin

    The design of the dials is one of a kind! No other players have buttons and dials that even come close to these!

  • Sarah

    Love the equaliser & sound-tweaking features!

  • Joe TH

    Best music app ever!!!

  • Tom Zimmerman

    Love the EQ options, the layout and controls. Hope I win a license!

  • Jean-Luc Tendler

    Widget Layouts and distinct UI make this app AMAZING.

  • Mgamerz

    I love its car functionality- swipe to change tracks is a must for a car dock. It also receives ipdates, unlike uber music.

  • Andrew Do

    Has to be the equalizer, omg need a music player with an equalizer

  • Xaviell

    Hard to pick a single favorite feature. Gapless playback, fading, EQ, great looking UI, various widgets. The whole thing is amazing!

  • jess

    I love to listen to music while jogging and my current app, Winamp, leaves much to be desired. I usually load songs onto my phone and keep them in the same folder structure to keep everything organized. Winamp just isn't friendly to that method.

    I've heard nothing but good things about Poweramp and I've seen several glowing reviews. Everything from FLAC support to gesture control makes this the top music player in the market and I'd love to win a copy!

  • Matt S

    I have 2 favorite features: support for flac files and replaygain.

  • Cameron

    The specialized lockscreen and the equalizer are amazing!

  • CrazyAndro

    A 10 band equalizer, thats like a musical extravaganza !!!

  • Anurag Mishra

    PowerAMP is the only app which with a little adjustment of equalizers and settings, gives me good music quality on the sgs2, otherwise music on the sgs2 is pretty average. PowerAMP makes it sound really good.

  • Michael

    PowerAMP is great! I would use everywhere. At the gym, while running, during long drives to work. Full featured and looks amazing.

  • Funkmon

    3 words: Sleep timer. Zzzzzzzz

  • okky

    Best music player in android that i've tried so far..
    bring up the beat to my earphone or even my lame phone speaker.. GREAT!!
    even the trial has expired.. but we can still use it.. *if u just ignore the pop up.. lol*

  • http://tanebufton.com Tane Bufton

    Have seen the reviews but don't own a copy would really like one it looks amazing

  • Nihal Velpanur

    Support for FLAC and the fantastic equalizer make it like a concert in my ears.

  • Kaustubh Ghanekar

    Equalizer! Folder based Browsing! Lock screen! Interface! I love it! For a trance freak, its a must player. I wish I could have one license, I can't live without after trial ends...

  • Kiran Parmar

    The Equalizer with great preset values and stunning sound quality is what makes PowerAMP a must have for every Android phone!

  • Aouni

    I like the versatile and flexible options it offers, like choosing music folders.. etc.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott

    Definitely the equalizer.

  • Nick D

    The lockscreen widget/controls are easily my favorite feature.

  • Valentino Bianchi

    It brings iOS like quality to android. That alone is saying alot

  • Román Ochoa

    Best sound quality around. A lot of customization options. Good looks.

  • Bryan

    What i like about PowerAmp is its futuristic UI with possibilities to customize and its second to none equalizer. The lockscreen mode is also very helpful for phones that doesn't have a lockscreen music player shortcuts implemented. It easily kills any other music players on the market in every aspects.

  • Bradley Ruiz

    The lockscreen controls i cant live without them :)

  • Gilbert

    I like the equalizer and the presets,also the lyrics support.

  • Premal

    well for me the most favourite features as a avid music listener are
    - enormous file types support (I have music
    in all formats)
    - playlist support
    - and the vast customization that it provides
    in terms of mono mixing and balance.

  • Clive Cardoz

    I don't think we need to give any explanations on that, power amp is no doubt the best mp3 player app out there in android market. With its offerings like equalizer, album art, HD widget and User interface like a DJ's turntable, its is a all in one combo mp3 player. Love it. :)

  • Ashiq JA

    I love the UI design and its user friendliness...I have been using this in my Great Grand Daddy Android phone, Nexus One

  • John van Niekerk

    PowerAmp gets more of my cover art than ANY other music player.

  • Justin Q

    Well, this is an awesome music player. So, off course, there are more than one on my list. But if I had to pick, I will say the EQ, which is very flexible.

  • stephen

    i love poweramp because you can finetune the settings to fit your style.

  • jak3072

    one of the best feature of PowerAmp is that it allows us to edit tags. The Sleep Timer also helps its case... :D

  • Robin

    Pure Awesomeness ! Skins, Equalizer, Sleep Timer.. There are so many things in it to make listening to music a fantastic exerience (combined with perfect earphones of course^^).

  • Eric Kong

    When I got my first Android device. The default media player provided lacked a lot of functionality. I went to the Android Market and downloaded a few media player players such as Winamp and of course PowerAmp. I noticed that even on trail, PowerAmp offers the full functionality of what the media player can do compared to others which limits the functionality unless you buy it of course. Nonetheless, even on trail, PowerAmp amazes me with what it can do. One would be the equalizer. I can adjust it if the preset version doesn't suit my liking. It is definitely the best media player in the Android Market right now.

  • Rameshwar

    I love Poweramp because it is how a music player should be and what other music players like to be .
    Plays everything thrown at it without complaints.

  • Petr K

    I love the Equalizer, definitely.

  • TheFox

    I like that it can read flac and wav files. The sound is pure great. I like the crossfade option. I like the big unlock interface that overrides my default lock-screen, simply just turn the phone on and change the next track from the lock screen. And the colours, i am a sucker for blue lights.

    Most of all i like the Enqueue option. No i can choose witch songs to play and in what order.

    Also i would love to see more sound/tweaks options. Hell if i'm not receaving a license for this then i'll buy it.

  • Harsh

    Awesome Poweramp, <> . Would love to win the contest.

  • Kocsis Róbert

    I love PowerAmp because its the fastest player with the most functions on the market.
    Unlike other players, it supports the earphones buttons, but my best function is the equalizer and sound options, it makes a cheap few $ earphone into a professional, just with a few settings. Thank you developers for the for this amazing app.

  • Jeremiah

    After getting my android phone, I've always been looking for different ways to customize my phone. When it came to text messages, I switches to handcent. For my UI, I switched to ADWlauncher. But the only disadvantage for switching to ADW is that my music widget isn't compatible. Now I'm a big widget person. I have a widget for my facebook, my twitter, and my mail for school so I had to go and find a widget for my music. When I came across PowerAmp, I was amazed by the customization features as well as the widget capability and just being able to make it your own in general. I love how it also works with my headset controls. To put it simple PowerAmp is perfect for me! When I realized that the trial was over, I was dissapointed because the app is so amazing. This is why I love PowerAmp.

  • Petr Matyáš

    I love that widget PowerAMP provides me. It has countless possibilities of changing music playback and its own appearance. And that equalizer and playback setings is awesome.

  • Rahul

    I downloaded PowerAmp (trial) on my froyo o/s last year since it was the most recommended music player application on Android Police. I was completely blown by its features. It is the most complete music player application on Android or infact any smart phone o/s. The best thing about it is it plays flac which not many music applications supported last year and still don't. I so wanted to buy it from the Market but unable to since Market does not support paid apps in my country (U.A.E.). And hopefully if I win this contest, I'll be able to again install it on my Android phone.

  • Dewind

    Well, mostly FLAC support! I've always wanted to take the plunge but never did as I'm not sure if I really want to use my cellphone also as a music player, but this might help me make up my mind!

  • Sanket

    Well, First of All I like PowerAMP 2. I like the UI and Options that are available.

    It has a unique feature to look for Album Art over the internet and store it with songs! I love this feature.

    I would be glad to get a licensed copy :)

  • Raviteja

    Equalizer what else..........Hope I will win one

  • nctrnl

    I love the lockscreen option! It's always a pain to have to unlock every time you are playing music.

  • Vasilis B.

    It's more than awsome! I've used the trial some time ago and i really loved it. Seems to be (definitely is) the best music player around ;) I'm loving the way it looks and works. It's the fastest and most beautiful music player!

  • Miha

    It is hard to single out just one feature, from it's looks to it's capabilities it's the best and most complete android music player around!:)

  • Paulo Fidalgo

    The best PowerAmp feature is the level os costumization you can get! Well done guys!

  • Dmitry Terentyev

    The Best Player EVER!

  • Stas Khoroshevsky

    The flac support and the Equalizer absolutely rocks!!!

  • blackdeath

    I love it because it has that great EQ. Is the only player that helps get the best out of my phone and the best out of my headphones. It has a nice interface, a nice lockscreen interface, nice widgets, nice bass and treble booster, the Stereo X is great and you can choose the folders for your music manually so you don't have to listen between songs to GPS indications.

  • Simo

    PowerAmp has an unbeatable design, professional sound functions and topping the competition in every other aspect you can think of!

  • Praveen

    I love it because the direct volume contol option delivers excellent sound quality. It brings the best out of my Klipsch S4 in-ear monitor. I have tried various other players in the market and none of them even come close to matching the sound quality and equalizer effects offered by PowerAmp's direct volume control.

    Great going by the dev!!

  • Krisztian

    What is the best in an Android device ? The Widgets. I think the best part of the PowerAMP is also the widget and great functionality!

  • Preetpal

    The UI is just what I want in My music player and its got an excellent equalizer to top it of.

  • K

    Gapless playback is neat

  • http://hamz.me Hmz

    Just loved the equalizer part of it while testing it.. best to configure for custom voice playback...

  • andi

    I love it, because it's the best!

  • Tobi

    My favorite feature still is the replay gain ... I listen to lots of different stuff and some of it are vinyl rips so this really is a great thing for me ...

  • dedalmapeti

    I like it because it is my true way to feel the music, the closest to a live music performance. Quality of sound the way I like it due to its great equalizer. Lots of features easy to use. And it looks great.

  • antonio

    Because its UI is intuitive and very easy to use, plus it has the best equaliser of all android music players.

  • Dixon

    I just love PowerAmp. This is the probably the best music player i've used on android. I love the build in equalizer, it just makes my music sound better. Especially "Stereo X" and the bass. They are absolutely stunning. Its user interface makes it easy to navigate and find my music. I love the widgets, they are just beautiful. It also has a great lock screen while im using the app. Again, PowerAmp is the best!!

  • ViktorX

    Best all-in-one audio player, skins, plugins, EQ, pre amp, lyrics, lockscreen player... All the customization anyone needs...

  • Zaeem S.

    I love how the equalizer settings ACTUALLY change the sound in my headphones! This is simply the best player I have ever used on my Android phone!!!!

  • Joel Chan

    This is definitely the best music app for Android. So many wonderful feautures that I love! I even reccomended this app to my friends. Hope I'll win it :)

  • Bruno Barão

    The best offline music player for android! Awesome features :-)

  • Carles

    It's difficult to pick just one feature, but for me it would be the audio engine, specially ReplayGain

  • Steliyan

    Love it because it's the best player on the market, also with the best equalizer!

  • Cvitan Grguricin

    I like the equalizer, I adore the customization, and I LOVE the look and polish of this player.

  • Michael Spanton

    I love this player because of the advanced features and customization options. My favorite features are the widgets including the lock screen widgets. PowerAMP is what an Android music player should be. I sure would appreciate a copy of this brilliant software.

  • http://www.twitter.com/alessandrof Alessandro

    I need more power for my musics!!

  • Matzen Schiller

    PowerAMP, its name just sais whats inside it, pure POWER!
    This is the only music app that is able to give me the real bass, the only bass experience. No other tweak or sound improvement could handle this kind of feeling in your head when pluggin the earphones in.

    This is THE app for music listeners, there is no other out there like this! No one!

  • Russell

    Have been a long time PlayerPro user. Most people raved about PowerAmp and I've never got round to trying it.

    Having tried it out now I personally love, love, LOVE the lockscreen widget. It has a really sleek smooth feel to it and that's my most common interface with a media player as I use it in my car dock