Last Updated: January 13th, 2012

If you listen to music on your Android phone (and who doesn't?) then you need PowerAmp. What is PowerAmp, you ask? It's probably the best music player for Android. It's packed with basically every feature you could possibly want in a music player, all wrapped up in a sexy looking package. And we have fifty licenses to give away to fifty different people.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:



Adrian Miller






CA Nikhil Dsouza

Carlos Paixao


Darshan Karia



Gadget Man


Ira Javier



Jean-Luc Tendler



Kurt Hoffman

Kyle Sonney


Martin Tohill

Michael Spanton



Nyamka Ganni

Oliver Cam



Pete Lam





Rohit Kumar Singh


Sri Vamsy Gurram

the android guy


TJ Hardin

Torstein Molland

Trung Dinh

Valentino Bianchi





Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Before we get into the details of how to win, let's take a closer look at PowerAmp, shall we? Like we've already said, this thing is loaded with features. Need a 10-band EQ? Got it. How about unique bass and treble adjustment? Done. Crossfade, gapless playback, replay gain, scrobbling, tag editor, and lyrics support? Child's play. This thing has pretty much everything. Oh, did we mention configurable widgets? It has those, too.

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How To Win

Now, there are a couple of things that you'll need to do before you get to enter. Ready? Okay, good. First off, you see those two links above? One is for the trial version of PowerAmp. Install that.

The second link is to PowerAmp's Twitter account, which they'll use to offer up tech support (should anyone actually need it), provide update news, and all other sorts of fun stuff. It's not required for entry, but you should follow them. C'mon, it'll be fun.

So, now that you've done both of those, you get to spend some time with the PowerAmp trial. Date it. Take it to the movies. Talk sweet to it. Do whatever you have to - just get to know it better, because you need to tell us your favorite feature in order to win. That's right, just drop your favorite PowerAmp feature into the comments to enter. There is one more thing, though, and it's probably the most important.

You must use the same Gmail that you login to your phone with when you leave your comment.

You must use the same Gmail that you login to your phone with when you leave your comment.

You must use the same Gmail that you login to your phone with when you leave your comment.

2012-01-05 16h42_31

Got it? Good. This contest begins now and will run until Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST. At that time, we'll randomly pick all fifty winners and send out notifications.

This is a worldwide giveaway.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • PB

    Ive wanted it for months and havent upgraded this would be great. This is by far the best app out there. I use it more than Google Music and thats saying alot considering thats where all my music is. The equalizer modes are easily my favorite feature

    • eagleeyetom

      PowerAmp is a woman - beautiful and complexed.
      First time I saw her few months ago, and I felt in love. She was gorgeous. She showed me an album art of my favourite post-rock songs, even gave me text to sing with correct EQ tonation - this one I love most. So I decided to know her better. She loves my last.fm, I could even show her my favorite tracks. I love her so much! But I want to spend my entire life with her, not only 2 weeks. Will you help this relationship? :)

  • http://www.torikomix.pl Tori

    Look at it! How couldn't I love it?!

  • Rick

    Heard great reviews about PowerAmp from blog sites and friends. Have not had the chance to try it out myself.

  • Mdyter

    is there someone who doesn't have PowerAmp ?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Are you one of those people? If so, what are you going to do with a license tied to your account if you already have it?

      • Mdyter

        no , thanks Artem =) i don't need it, i'm already a happy owner =)
        good luck to all !

  • Alex

    Tron like widget!!

  • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

    I've wanted this for a while but I haven't been able to justify spending the money especially because I wouldn't be able to test it the way I normally listen to music (via bluetooth when riding my motorcycle) and Google Music works "well enough" for that purpose.

    As for specific features, not really sure but my son has a license and swears by it/

  • tehsusenoh

    I think it just looks so great. The normal Music and GMusic widgets work, but they're not good looking at all.

  • Jason

    I like its theme and also the equalizer !It's great.

  • jonathan3579

    To be 100% honest, I've never used it before but I am always looking for apps to expand my already unprecedented media consumption. An opportunity like this enables me to be spoon-fed options. :)

  • Jason Self

    I love PowerAmp because my music is stored locally so it doesn't use data syncing with the cloud. It looks great too

  • erfan

    Cuz I'm going to have one of the licenses and see what was all about! :D

  • Chad

    FLAC support, easily. The DAC in the Nexus S is world class and would be wasted on MP3 bitrates. Google Music and Spotify are nice for convenience, but I still love having the lossless option.

  • Wael

    It reminds me of the old Winamp on PC!

    • mastermind26

      Yes it does! :D

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Sure does, even though there's Winamp for Android as well.

  • Zs

    Without music life is a mistake!!!4!4

  • JDMRoy

    I love it, even though I don't own it, Yet. O_o

  • Ondrej Licko

    Why I want PowerAMP license? 'Cause it's a right way how to fully enjoy music orgasm with my Beats headset! Try it once and feel it permanently! d-.Ob

  • Philip LaRocca

    Its so much sleeker than stock

  • Tarek El-Eter

    i love poweramp because it is the only music player in the android market that i know the developer is going to have long support for the app i use the trial a lot i delete it and redownload the app a lot because it expires and i like the nice themes that come with the app i also enjoy tweaking the eq to my personnel taste i also enjoy the smoothness of the app and the consistency of the ui throughout the whole app unlike some other android apps. i would buy this app i could i live in the uk and the android market here doesn't support debit cards which i have as i dont have a credit card i love this app so much. and know that my new headphone came i can enjoy the app more i would be overjoyed if i won :)

  • DudeGuy

    I absolutely loved the free version and would love to have the full release. I was hearing audio that I hadn't heard before using Power Amp. Great product.

  • mastermind26

    One word. EQUALIZER.

  • Andrew Bockus

    I've always wanted this application, I've tried it before, but I really wanted to use the full version, but I just don't have $5 to throw at a music app right now...gotta save up for a car since I commute to the college I go to right now...haha

  • Naa

    My favorite PowerAmp feature is equalizer with presets and separate bass and treble adjusters.

  • Chad

    Would love to get the full version!!! The trial rocks!

  • tarun

    Equalizer on the Power Amp is pretty sweet. The UI is kick ass too

  • http://photojazz.ws Brian Webb

    I love it 'cause it makes my phone sound good.

  • XT69

    It's simply the best music app ever for Android! It's equaliser is soo good, that it could stand out as a separate app :) I also like as it treats the cover arts :)

    Great job, hoping to win it!

  • Tyler Bayne

    The lyric support is my favorite feature

  • Leslie

    I miss PowerAmp like how an idiot misses the point.

  • Cole

    very cool app. I love the swipe feature to scroll through my music. Very smooth interface and IT WORKS!

  • Lucas


  • ixYi

    Because there is no competition to it. The features that, at least, I haven't found elsewhere. Especially its elegent and decent UI.

  • chris

    its cool.... and stuff

  • John

    Equalizer... I need my music to sound just right and PowerAmp does it the best.

  • John Q

    amazing themes..amazing equalizer,very easy to use .....just perfect.(the locking screen is amazing feature too lol)

  • TJ Hardin

    I love Power Amp because it gives me the ability to control different levels of different frequencies on my phone. I love my stereo system and it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to make sure that the different sounds come out right. Also while music editing it is VERY IMPORTANT that I am to hear all the different sounds to make sure that the track is perfect. I would love Power Amp it would help with my life so much.

  • Chromie

    My favourite features: Equalizer and Lyrics!

  • Lennert

    Doesn't crash on my Transformer. That's a good reason, I guess...

  • Arcade Dark

    I love it because I love to listen music with quality. The UI is just amazing and the equalizer is the best thing that ever happened to me since I listen music with my Android!. It's really different from the rest

  • David S

    Love the customization of the app and that it can scrobble as well.

  • https://Facebook.com/HearthCore Timo Goetzken

    Huge Customization, Lyrics, different Widgets to choose from, Equilizer..
    This one has it all!
    It's goddamnnear perfect :3

  • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    It's the best way to play music. Its awesome EQ makes listening to music a pleasure!

  • https://plus.google.com/117513212216084252526/posts Kyle Sonney

    This is simply the BEST player out there for Android. I've tried a bunch of them, but this, BY FAR out does them all!

  • http://geffchang.wordpress.com Geff Chang

    I love the PowerAmp because it's a full-featured music player, with a sleek (and easy-to-use) interface!

  • ChaBuku Bakke

    If I win, can I give the license to a friend of mine? I bought this when it came out.

    I LOVE the enqueue function. It blanks out after I listen to something making it easy to make a playlist that doesn't repeat tracks!

    It also is the only thing that flawlessly plays audiobooks that use codecs the regular music players won't play!

  • bikerbill

    I love the eqalizer and the fact i control mids and highs and lows.with it
    God knows i need it on the nexus because the speaker isnt the loudest and this helps adjust for my music

  • cooperaaaron

    Had it since it first came out.. Needs to stream like Winamp...then I can delete Winqmp!

  • Daniel Slaven

    PowerAmp is awesome!! The eq is sweet, the UI is sick, the widgets are cool and the music quality is, by far, the best!! Its the ONLY music app I ever use. Wanted to upgrade for a while now, but had to spoil the kids for the holidays.

  • Nix

    I Love it due to I can tune my music to my car or my television at home, it also finds music on my phone that I forgot I had downloaded. In my car that is the main app I use to listen to my music...

  • David Toste

    I love the controls & the look! As far as I'm concerned, the more you control the better!

  • Ben

    I am a simple man with simple tastes, but I cannot tell what my favorite feature is. It has to be either the volume control or the play button.

    It is a really tough call.

  • arturo

    i love that i can put songs on queue so i dont have to pull my phone out every time i wanna listen to a particular song.

  • Nick

    I really really needed this app for a while but haven't been able to spend money on apps because I am kind of needy in my other aspects of life. But yeah, this definetely beats the Android default Music App.
    Looove its equalizing ability it's so flexible it's very useful!

  • jsomazz

    The awesome and unique equalizer, so sexy...

  • Bamstro

    I'm loving the Bass/Treble dials. Now I go from hearing the music to feeling it.

  • Julian Lemieux

    While the eq is nice my favorite feature is the interface. Much nicer than my current music player.

  • Gerardo

    Hmmm all the features of power amp music player are awesome but my two favorites are the lyric support and the equalizer
    Really nice touch if you're running a stock rom!

  • http://ambooth.com Adam B.

    Android lacked a beautiful and functional media player for awhile. This is probably the best one I've seen!

  • http://control-break.net/ Raptor567

    My favorite feature by far is the large selection of beautiful widgets. I've tried just about every other music player on the market and the widgets for all of them are just awful...

  • Macky

    I love it because it's everything the stock Android music player isn't, and is everything that it should be.

  • Ira Javier

    It looks great!

  • http://www.burakcalik.com xmRipper

    PlayerPro is way better.

  • Timothy Jackson

    Best music app out .. Featured pack

  • Johnny Vu

    my favorite feature is that it let me chose which folder it want to play my music from and the equalizer option. Thanks

  • noeL

    It's by far THE best player on the android market, packed with features, and aesthetically pleasing!

  • aaron

    i love poweramp because it sounds better than my rezound with beats !!! come on full software level eq sounding better than a kernel/rom based one optimized to be used on headphones, having that much power and configuration in one product is simple amazing just like max

  • http://misguidedangelus.com Matthew

    The ability to tweak the EQ is GREAT for a DJ if they want to sample songs on the go!

  • solitaire

    I need a replacement for Google Music (which has limited use in the UK)

  • Andres Bouchez

    I bought my cel like 2 months ago... the very same day i started using powerAmp free version. It's just the best player in the whole android market. I love the eq it's amazing.

  • http://Twitter.com/DarknesSx_LDS DarknesSx

    Lmme, Lmme, Lmme, Lmme Win one :D

    I love it for the sound adjustments settings it has.. IT'S PURE AWESOMENESS to use with my BOSE System in my car... just like living the experience of whatever i'm playing!!

    Also the "find Song/Album cover" feature saves me a lot of time doing so myself

    and it supports difference designs :D (Neon is best... ;) )

    And thanks for the opportunity

    • http://Twitter.com/DarknesSx_LDS DarknesSx

      If the ^^^ comment won,
      If the ^^^ comment won,
      If the ^^^ comment won,
      If the ^^^ comment won,
      If the ^^^ comment won,

      Use the Gmail provided in THIS reply.. (Just unlocked my Bootloader and since it formatted everything in my phone, i now use my main Email for my Nexus..)

  • Lance

    I didn't even know about it,, till i saw this rightup, i tried it,,, and wow, only used it for a hour or so,, but on my transformer tab, it is amazing, can tweek the eq to just how i like, even if i don't win a lisence(and i hope i do because it is another 4 weeks till payday, i will be buying it! thanks for the heads up AP!!!

  • Daniel

    I love the EQ settings!

  • http://www.intellidick.com Ed Presutti

    Let's see I started with the stock HTC Evo 4G player, then moved to doubleTwist, then WinAmp, then the Epic 4G Touch player, then back to WinAmp and a few others I can't even remember. Then PowerAMP hit and everything else just seems silly now. :)

    My favorite feature? The EQ. It makes my crappy headphones a lot more likable!

  • http://swiftscythe.blogspot.com/ Adrià

    Very difficult to choose only one feature. Amongst lyrics, equalizer, queuing, Replay Gain, Gap-less Playback... I think I'm choosing Replay gain, which prevents me from changing the volume all the time! Great Work... The other features are a must for me now, too.

  • Anas

    Nothing cant beat the Equalizer :) The best in market...or rather smartphones or rather computers :P

  • OnMy2ndGP

    PowerAmp, with so much awesomeness baked into this app it's hard to limit this to one favorite. I would have to say that my fav feature is all the jealous looks I get when I fire this app up. As far as actually feature built into PowerAmp, I have to favorite the built in EQ...10-band EQ, good ol Bass & Treble. It's all in one place. It looks fantastic. It's super easy to use. Opps, I warned you that I could go on & on. PowerAmp FTW!!!

  • Chuck N

    looks sweet and would love to try it...

  • http://android.appstorm.net Ruairi

    My favourite feature of PowerAmp is it's awesome User Interface.

    Whilst iOS is famous for it's iPod app, PowerAmp manages to knock the features of the app into the water for audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

    I like the user interface so much because not only does it make browsing your library a breeze, it also makes it enjoyable. Everything from the settings to the awesome album view is skinned with a modern twist and an obvious focus on simplicity and modern design.

    Overall this is an awesome app and winning this prize would let me experience the full (and guaranteed awesome) PowerAmp experience!

  • Diego Marin

    I love just everything in the apk, the equalizer, the UI, the fade, crossfade and gapless, the album change effect, the sleep timer and the Lyrics.
    Just perfect.

  • SDL

    I already own the full version for my device, however I would like to give a version to my wife. It's always been a great app in my opinion, and always one of the first apps restored when I flash a ROM.

  • Jaegen

    I love that it remembers where I was, automatically downloads album art, EQ, ... I could go on

  • Kevin B

    Use it to play my Google Music stored music! Selecting the folder with the music is very useful and beats scanning for it.

  • Paul (goonies)

    Power app is quite possibly the greatest music player on any device. I love everything that it can do. I wish I was rich then I could buy it. But I am poor so I cannot =(

  • dziadek

    Great sound quality, polished UI, that's what I need. PowerAMP has it. I love this app!

  • Steve P

    I love music, I love listening to music, I have 30 gig of music on my Razr and I want get the most of it, using the best player out there ;)

  • Chintan R

    Sound Quality , User Interface, Supportive file types, Widget, Awesome Equaliser.
    Overall 5/5

  • avidmovies


  • Ch9FOD

    Simply the best, faster, gorgeous music player for android!

  • Olivier

    Would love to get my hands on the full version!

  • Anson

    It plays FLAC. What more needs to be said?

  • http://gplus.to/attilacsapo Attila Csapo

    I like the pretty interface, and the superb EQ! And it has - hands down - the best lockscreen widget.

  • StD

    Lossless playback. Lossless is good.

  • Rajeev

    everyone loves the equalizer. in addition the ability to play from folders is something I absolutely cant do without.

  • Joey Golden

    Because i was too cheap, and bought equalizer... Damn, talk about your all time backfires...

  • Rick

    I like the equalizer and the lockscreen controls.

  • John Gaal

    Flac support and the most georgeous UI on any Android app.

  • Matt

    This is about 100 times better than any other music player I have used. My favorite function is the equalizer by a landslide! I play my android on multiple devices and each give a different experience. This is perfect for an audiophile in a pinch!

  • http://kennydude.me Joe Simpson

    It's the only thing which works with Linux syncing and doesn't show up 568 of my songs as "Unknown Artist" because Android can't read ogg tags :')

  • Megh Banthia

    What's not to love in it?
    It has every feature a mobile music application must have.
    It has an inbuilt equalizer, It has inbuilt lyrics support and even lyrics search, and support for almost every popular file type

    • http://bradhicks.livejournal.com/ J. Brad Hicks

      Other than Shoutcast support, without which it's not enough better than Winamp for me to prefer it. I'll pass.

  • charles

    this is great software!!!

  • M

    I absolutely love Poweramp, mainly for its fantastic lock screen and gestures. Don't ever have to pick up my phone when listening to music while driving. There is also no other app which can compare with the functionality of the library and equalizer in my opinion. It is just a beautifully awesome app... and my trial is already almost over.

  • Rence

    One word: equalizer. The interface with 2.0 is great, too.

  • Lionel Wong

    Totally blows any player I have tried so far out of the water. Intuitive controls, powerful equalizer and presets, great themes, good selection of widgets... Overall, it works really well. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a capable, feature-rich player. Users of other players may consider as well :P

  • Trung Dinh

    It has the best EQ ever and that seals the deal for me. Also, it's not a hog like many other players.

  • frank

    Equalizer without a doubt. It blows volume+ out of the water and makes my music sound incredible on a pair of beats headphones.

  • Nyamka Ganni

    this is the best music player I have ever used on my android... Every once in a while I install poweramp on my phone, I left totally amazed at how much it changed to something even more beautiful, elegant and smooth. Love using poweramp!

    Goodluck Poweramp!

  • http://www.ssgibson.weebly.com Stephen Gibson

    PowerAMP is unparalleled in the android world. My headphones (for some reason) don't have proper balance, the right ear is louder. Out of all the music apps, poweramp is the only one that i've found that lets me adjust the balance on my headset. Full control over your music experience is what you get with PowerAMP.

  • Kuatous

    The Equalizer on this app is phenominal as a sound engineer and dj i am very impressed.

  • M

    I really like the equalizer.

  • http://www.DailyDoseOfBass.com Ryan

    Poweramp is the best music player on the market hands down. I am an music fanatic and love to have the best quality and what other anrdroid music player plays FLAC and supports so many other formats of music? None but poweramp. Also it is probably the sexiest music player on the android market to date. This music player also makes my Beats by Dre head phones bump harder than any other music player I've listened to because of its built in equalizer. I would love to get my hands on a license for this product.

  • http://imgur.com/CuKA2 sketchy_alx

    It's just a beautiful thing. I listen to a lot of music on my phone when I travel for work (sometimes while I'm working too) So having PowerAmp would make my life soooo much better.

  • http://twitter.com/kabloc Kabloc

    My favorite PowerAmp feature is equalizer with presets and separate bass and treble adjusters.

  • http://androidpilice.com Miro

    I like the way it looks and the way you can control the bass, the treb and the mids. Its the best music player ever.

  • moccor

    Definitely the equalizer and the presets it comes with. I like the treble setting in both PowerAMP and iTunes.

  • Matt Tabor

    Seriously love the Eq!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/matmew Matt

    My favorite feature is quite simply the swipe gesture control. Swiping to change tracks and more importantly folders is so natural to me, I tried it straight away and think it's fantastic.

  • Martin Tohill

    Are you kidding? Fastfoward and rewind? Poweramp where have you been all my life?

  • Curran Heath D’souza

    I have tried lots of other music players like player pro, winamp, Google music etc etc. But nothing to beat the power amp player. The quality, it's design and best of all it's EQ nothin to beat it. The way it's EQ has been programmed is marvellous, as it works (not like the others, just for name sake) and can be configured to the way the user wants his/her music to be sounded like.

  • George

    F*ing stunning! Awesome!

  • http://hjs.twbbs.org JS Huang

    A must-have app in your Android device!

  • PezLee

    I love the equalizer. Wonderful for tweaking for different styles of music.

  • Alejo

    crossfade all the way bro.

  • Jason

    Poweramp is the Audrey Hepburn of music apps. It's sleek, sexy, sophisticated, and everyone wants to get their hands on it.

  • Brent

    WMA playback!!!

    Definately not the most glamorous feature, but very hard to come by on Android.

  • nocturnhabeo

    The equalizer because being able to filter out high levels in music that so many people seem to like adding it is a god send

  • milan

    i love the sound..i love the UI..but definitelly the best feature is "Sleep timer" and it's quick & easy acces

  • Dolphin2

    Two reasons

    Equalizer and and the look of tha app!

  • Nelson Wasiuk

    Poweramp is the BEST audio enhancer for Android. I love music, but i Love hearing the way I want. That's why i want this app! Thanks!

  • Gord

    Great interface and equalizer for balancing.

  • adam

    My favorite feature is with out a doubt the auto resuming of music when plugging my phone into my car audio. It's so useful since it's the only reason I use my head phone jack.

  • Deeds

    The best thing about PowerAmp is the equalizer.

  • Dandy

    I love the lyrics feature! Who doesn't love a quick sing a long rightl?!

  • Hellion

    Equalizer...the music finnaly sounds like its meant to sound and not like in the stock player

  • Ed

    I've been dying to find a good mp3 player with song rating capabilities and an EQ. This fits the bill!

  • Johan

    The look, feel and ease of use!

    Simply pwnage

  • Rohit Kumar Singh

    Whoa..! The Best Music player I've used..! I dunno why I didn't try it b4!
    I love everything abt this, from the shuffling options, to the tag editing & equalizer settings. This thing has everything I'll ever need to organize & listen to music.
    I want one!

  • Melvin Seetoh

    Great tone/EQ settings, auto album art downloading, awesome interface. it just works much better than any other player!

  • Chaos

    I love it simply because it doesn't distort the music when the screen is off on the TouchPad.

  • Brad

    Because gapless playback lets me enjoy a massive proportion of my music collection that I can't full with other players!

  • Josh Ingram

    So many awesome options!

  • Michael

    I love that it supports FLAC! Just wish I had more space on my phone for those huge files!

  • Jeff

    Gapless playback, so many EQ options, wonderful skin, really I can't name one..

  • J

    If I win, I will give the license to someone else because I NEED to pay money for it, I bought it a long time ago.

    I love power amp because of.. everything it does. Lock screen. Gapless. The EQ, though I keep that off. UI. The fact that it re-scans when it's a pain to get the default app to do it. List goes on.

  • Kohl Pak

    i'm not really an amp fan, but if you
    give me the license, i would love to use it.

  • Colby

    My favorite feature of PowerAmp is the customization for the EQ.

    Most smart phones are great at one thing or another, but none of those things are audio fidelity... but with PowerAmp's built-in EQ, you can make your music sound just like it was supposed to be heard!

  • B J Books

    Love the UI. Compliments my GNex perfectly. The built-in EQ is also great.

  • Robert Walters

    Simple equilizer and look.

  • ericmaxman

    Only PowerAMP has the ability to give me non-stop eargasm on the go.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Morenicano Morenicano

    I love the fact that I can navigate the directories on my phone to get to certain folders (like ringtones) to play the songs I. That folder instead of it scanning my entire SD Card and me being forever to wait till it's done before I can see my music.

  • Timothy Roberts

    Simple..... Because it rocks!

  • Eric

    Great UI, wonderful widget, and gapless playback? Love at first sight.