Last Updated: January 13th, 2012

If you listen to music on your Android phone (and who doesn't?) then you need PowerAmp. What is PowerAmp, you ask? It's probably the best music player for Android. It's packed with basically every feature you could possibly want in a music player, all wrapped up in a sexy looking package. And we have fifty licenses to give away to fifty different people.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:



Adrian Miller






CA Nikhil Dsouza

Carlos Paixao


Darshan Karia



Gadget Man


Ira Javier



Jean-Luc Tendler



Kurt Hoffman

Kyle Sonney


Martin Tohill

Michael Spanton



Nyamka Ganni

Oliver Cam



Pete Lam





Rohit Kumar Singh


Sri Vamsy Gurram

the android guy


TJ Hardin

Torstein Molland

Trung Dinh

Valentino Bianchi





Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Before we get into the details of how to win, let's take a closer look at PowerAmp, shall we? Like we've already said, this thing is loaded with features. Need a 10-band EQ? Got it. How about unique bass and treble adjustment? Done. Crossfade, gapless playback, replay gain, scrobbling, tag editor, and lyrics support? Child's play. This thing has pretty much everything. Oh, did we mention configurable widgets? It has those, too.

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How To Win

Now, there are a couple of things that you'll need to do before you get to enter. Ready? Okay, good. First off, you see those two links above? One is for the trial version of PowerAmp. Install that.

The second link is to PowerAmp's Twitter account, which they'll use to offer up tech support (should anyone actually need it), provide update news, and all other sorts of fun stuff. It's not required for entry, but you should follow them. C'mon, it'll be fun.

So, now that you've done both of those, you get to spend some time with the PowerAmp trial. Date it. Take it to the movies. Talk sweet to it. Do whatever you have to - just get to know it better, because you need to tell us your favorite feature in order to win. That's right, just drop your favorite PowerAmp feature into the comments to enter. There is one more thing, though, and it's probably the most important.

You must use the same Gmail that you login to your phone with when you leave your comment.

You must use the same Gmail that you login to your phone with when you leave your comment.

You must use the same Gmail that you login to your phone with when you leave your comment.

2012-01-05 16h42_31

Got it? Good. This contest begins now and will run until Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST. At that time, we'll randomly pick all fifty winners and send out notifications.

This is a worldwide giveaway.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Edy

    plays songs from folders and from own library

  • J Rush

    Well, the balance in every set of headphones I get it usually ALWAYS OFF. So I like how PowerAmp has a balance control knob. I've been using PowerAmp for months now. The trial version that is. I can't afford the regular version. Lol

  • anzsu

    I love the lyrics support!

  • johnjuan

    I can control the music with my headset's button. AWESOME!!!

  • Barry

    I love the QUEUE feature of PowerAmp. Its very easy to add songs to the Now playing Queue . Managing the queue is also simple. Its even possible to move the song in the list. Simply put the Queue feature is just perfect and you can do anything with it. Also i like that unlike other players the items returned in Search can be added to the queue too.

  • CA Nikhil Dsouza

    MY favourite feature of Poweramp is that it can play both FLAC and ALAC file without any hiccups!!! :) that is the most important feature to me ...... I have tried almost all the other players on the market, but none of them come close to the FLAC and ALAC support of Poweramp + the interface and ease of use the poweramp provides us with....
    only wish that the volume rocker "long press" would work with v2 .... for some reason it stopped working after Idownloaded the trial version. That and the very predictable Random Play feature.... wish it was more robust .... it repeats a few songs more than others while completely ignoring many other tracks.

  • Steven

    Slick design, awesome equalizer, and it just about does anything you want, and then things you didn't even know about either.

    What more can you ask for?

  • Andrew

    most favorite feature? well that's a tough question. crossfade? dynamic queue? lyrics search? album art download? cool interface & animations? the equalizer? can't make up my mind lol.

  • Maulik

    Wow..the new stereo & bass support are just fantastic.And now it occupies all the space on the lockscreen which is fabulous.It is the perfect player which completes my SGS2 ;)
    Great UI & now I just need to plug my headset in & it starts playing.
    All I need now is a license for the full version :)

  • xkFrat

    Theming, Lyrics, automatic Album Art download... everything!

  • Chris

    Well, the reason why I love powerAmp is because I listen to music when I ride my scooter and I only use one headphone so I can hear the traffic and because the headphones are stereo, I use PowerAmp to ballance the entire sound to the only headphone I use, thus not making the songs incomplete. Thank you PowerAmp!

  • Carl

    To me, the best feature to PowerAmp is the equalizer presets. When playing it through Bluetooth in my car, it just really sounds so much better than any other player. My trial version is now expired... I just wish I could get the full license !! Thanks for the giveaway !

  • John

    The equalizer, hands down!

  • tofik

    the equalizer is awesome

  • lilhugo

    I like powerAmp's ability to set the equalizer. To me it feels like it has more control then the "Beats Audio" thing that HTC has been doing.

  • Mike

    Ive been using the trial for months now and I love it. The best part about it, is its eq and bass and treble options. I cant even listen to my music without it anymore.

  • Sid

    PowerAmp has a brilliant way of displaying cover-art. It takes a lot of the screen but still doesn't interfere with the music controls. Also the navigation is easy.The equalizers are awesome and Home Screen Widgets are too good. A lot of thought has gone into making this app and i love it

  • Lizard

    Best music app for Android - Awesome lockscreen, beautiful interface and a nice EQ.

  • Aftab

    Well for me, it will have to be the interface. Smooth, powerful beyond hell, intuitive, and most of all, flexible! Doesn't get in the way of the music. Had heard a lot about it, but finally giving it a try. Hope I win a license. If not, buying it anyway! Incredible app!

  • Aftab

    Well for me, it will have to be the interface. Smooth, powerful, intuitive, and most of all, flexible! Doesn't get in the way. Had heard a lot about it, but finally giving it a try. Hope I win a license. If not, buying it anyway! Incredible app!

  • Aftab

    Sorry about the double comments up there. Was posting from mobile but it kept saying comment can't be posted.

  • Kyle J.

    The equalizer is flippin' sweet.

  • http://www.reactwithin.com Skullshank

    BEAUTIFUL interface, ROBUST features, CRYSTAL CLEAR sound. PowerAmp is the perfect music player...it makes my music sound like angels orgasming, and aesthetically slays any other player out there. The EQ is the best there is, and the extra bass and treble boosters are just icing on the cake. PowerAmp FTW!1!!

  • Manuel Romano

    Great contest! I love poweramp! I like to sing and poweramp lyrics support! Its great!

  • Shyam Sam

    i like the ability to control the music player even when using maze lock & sound quality !!

  • zmijek

    great app, nice design.if on;y it hade some audio book support

  • Martyn

    I can't believe one man made this - HE MUST BE A GOD!

  • Torstein Molland

    I love the beeping sound when pushing one of the buttons on the headset. This is one of the "small" things that actually is not an issue, but is really handy to have when working out!

  • Ron

    The Great UI themes, Equalizer presets and even a widget(s) on the lockscreen that shows cover-art. Missing cover-arts are auto downloaded too. Can i haz this license please ? :)

  • Sri Vamsy Gurram

    Best Audio Player for Android by Huge Margin, Interface is very easy to use and Equalizer feature is too good to be true :)

  • Sjoerd93

    I've used the free trial for a week and it was one of the few media players I acually liked. It is feature-rich and I really love the lock-screen part of PowerAMP.
    I also like the UI and the auto-downloading of the coverart.

    Unfortunately I haven't got a credit-card, and the cheapest 'fake-creditcard' (gift cards with a VISA number) is 20 euro's. Which is actually a large amount of money for me...

  • CHris

    Easy to use but full packed with very usefull settings and features. This is how an android-app should be!

  • Sebas D

    I like the great folder support!

  • Lucas Figueiro

    Wow, is amazing the number of features this player has!
    And the upcoming ratings sync would be my favourite feature. But now the equalization capabilities are my favourites! Specially the preset for the loudspeaker!!

  • Raavi

    GOOD equalizer, now that is precisely what I always needed!

  • Brad

    I just installed the trial and I love the slick Tron look and the built in equalizer. That doesn't seem very common on mobile devices, and not quite built into the Android OS.

  • João Miranda

    PowerAmp is great and i would love to listen to my music library with it. Would really empower my music experiênce.

  • castaway

    Trial is great i really want to win this guys :) my favorite is build in equalizer whish is most powerfull. Thanks !

  • Gryph

    Seems like a really good music player, love the equalizer.

  • Yousef

    The Smartest Player ever .. i love the headset detection & the lock screen control

  • Srinath

    The Equalizer is the best part!!

  • Anthony Glyadchenko

    The widgets are really slick. It really adds polish to this app.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/114485308445108937435/posts Bill Stull

    My favorite feature is the equalizer!

  • Shawn

    I've used the trial for a while and have to say i've had the least amount of problems with this app. Great compatibility with multiple music formats and an awesome equalizer addition, great for the music enthusiasts!

  • Atul

    Best feature of power amp has to be its equalizer. I also love the way it plays FLAC gap-less.

  • Manuel Romano

    great contest!!

    I like to sing.
    PowerAMP has lyrics support.

    I love poweramp!!!

  • Bloodbath

    It's the most complete Android music player there is.

  • Vicky

    Why do i love poweramp? Because it gives you so many ways to improve your music experience and it comes with a cool design and easy way to manage, making the best music app for android!

  • Andrei P

    I love PowerAmp because my Sennheiser HD 238 Precision headphones need a serious music player (the equalizer is just great!).

  • alex

    i NEED it for lyrics support, and lockscreen player. The lockscreen player support is better than the built in ICS one.

  • Juan Carlos

    Love the EQ, the widgets and folder browsing!!, they're awesome!!!!

  • Allan Mosher

    Best music player/audio app by far. the EQ and customizations rule.

  • TKL

    What I like the most is the sleep timer. Nothing better than listening to music in bed and having it stop when you're already asleep and not play through the night.

  • James

    Google Music has the advantage of cloud storage, but PowerAMP has an EQ, nicer widget and lockscreen player.

  • RBI411

    First thing I like it the aesthetics of it all. Makes me feel like I'm in a Tron movie racing lightcycles or something. I absolutely LOVE the fact that it tells me the bit rate on my MP3s. While I've always known they sound sub-par-ish, now I can evaluate whether its the bit rate or just a very, very poor quality version.

  • Bala

    you know what makes poweramp the best? its the only player that has rich bass quality than any other player for android plus the swap to change track is good as well

  • soulofmyevo

    Supports FLAC (no need to convert lossless files anymore) and has Replay Gain. This is PC desktop level offerings! Can't believe that I haven't downloaded before. Does this mean it will replace Winamp on my device? If it weren't for the $4.99 price tag.

  • Mahmood Ali

    AWSOME music player!!

    i download PowerAMP crack version but it's doesn't work (i can't buying any app because i don't have VISA card and other stuff)

    i really hope to get this app for free

  • Laurentiu

    FLAC support and Equalizer!

  • PasadenaGeek

    I've already paid for PowerAmp - it IS a GREAT player for Android. I have EQ presents for my SUV, my wife's newer SUV with AD2P, headphones, and home theater (cuz Party Rock Anthem can rattle the wall with the right bump in 50hz).

    Sleep mode, and the most recent update puts all the settings change on screen - flip from player to eq to song list easily.

  • the android guy

    i love the Equalizer, that you can sort your songs after date and the amazing design!!!!! and i have no way to pay for the full vesion.

  • the android guy

    i love the Equalizer, that you can sort your songs after date and the amazing design!!!!! and i have no way to pay for the full version.

  • papoose34328

    sleek look and amazing equalizer!

  • Yod-b

    How it starts when I plug in my headphone :D

  • Lucian

    The equalizer is a great feature and i had in trial mode and would love to win a license!!!

  • Miki

    I love the equalizer and the perfect design!

  • Savio D

    Ofcourse my favorite feature about poweramp is the Crossfade, which no other android player (that i have used ) has. :D
    Its Awesome!

  • xXOutlawXx

    I really like the user interface and the equalizer :)

  • Stephan

    Love the theme and the widget style. Used MortPlayer before, but this is not designed that user-friendly.

  • Ernesto Weber R.

    I love PowerAmp because my SGS2 has not a good audio but this app improve it a lot. Also I love the widget and the design of this app.

  • GraveUypo

    is this better than winamp pro?
    well actually it doesn't matter. i already have winamp and it already does what i need (which is basically have a 10-band equalizer, a decent interface and browse by folder)

  • Nikhil

    Simply loved the app! Having tried nearly everything to make sound perfect on Nexus S (and failed), this app really unleashed the true potential of the device!!

    And got the best feature of Crossfade and gapless playback; always wanted that! :)

  • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

    The solid build is the best with this. The configurations, the look, the feel. When going from a musicplayer on my computer to this on my phone and not feeling that I miss anything. That's when you know it's a great app. I love it.

  • BaezAbreu

    PowerAMP got the best equalizer in the Android Market, this application is the best feature for Androids.

  • Narasimha H S

    I love the combination of the UI and Equalizer settings available in power amp

  • Vex

    Holy smokes! The equalizer literally rocks my socks off!!!

    However, I'm rather keen on the tag editing function - I'm kind of OCD when it comes to my music, so being able to edit tags on the go is a huge bonus!

    Fingers crossed on winning a license!

  • pudyatmoko

    Stunning ui and superb equalizer make poweramp a champ.. i love it..

  • octoria

    I loved the lyric search feature, its so easy to use and simple. also tag editing make easy to edit the mp3 name tag. Poweramp rocks...

  • baudoolor

    Best, what else can i say? Why? Awesome tone control, most extensive equalizer i found. Best sound you can get.

  • kerjani

    Plays all song formats i have! The UI is simple but beautiful. I can easily handle everthing. I love it!

  • lars

    Using it mainly because of its FLAC support and folder play.

  • http://twitter.com/fireacherolls Charlie Flores

    There are two great music players in Android. This PowerAMP trial plays all audio formats. The EQUALIZER is a killer. The playlist and song have many options. Great UI. But it expires in a couple of weeks. There goes the other great player that will solve the problem, hopefully I could win that tomorrow.

  • R Michaels

    Equalizer make it sound great on any cheap speakers / car setup.

  • Jared

    I love its equalizer.

  • George

    Well, just got my first Android phone 2 days ago. A Nexus S 4G. I stumbled on PowerAmp by accident, was the first music app I installed (trial version of course). Been using it since and it's, to put quite simply, the best. Trial version or not, I'm hooked. Would definitely enjoy having a license to the full version though.

  • Harsha Raj

    Definitely a upper hand with lots of equalizer settings.

  • Kubus

    I love the equalizer, the advanced lock-screen controls, the intuitivity and the fact that Poweramp is a really compact player (doesn't take up that many space)

  • Martynas

    Well, if you are even tiny bit serious about sound quality of your music player - PowerAMP is the best choice - hands down. I have tried lots of audio players, but this one has the best equalizer, bass, treble and stereo expansion options to tinker with, so I can make it sound just the way I like it.

  • Anton K

    My favourite features: flac support, cue support, dedicated equalizer for the phone speakers that makes it sound better & louder than what the phone manufacturer designed it for and last but not least: the developer is from Russia! Yay :)

  • Olaf

    All in all it has a slick look, the 4x1 widget is awesome , play/stop with 1 short press of the hands-free , next with a long press of the hands-free. Properly working lock screen widget , and by that i mean it actually unlocks the phone you don't have to unlock it twice , except if you have a screen lock pattern. I think the screen unlock and the hands-free skip is the best feature i like in this app.

  • Stefanescu Victor

    The equalizer is what I like most about PowerAmp, also the widgets and the lock screen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/victorciccone Victor

    I really enjoy the swipe-to-change tracks/folder option. I mean, I don't really understand how tracks sound better played through this player than the stock, but I guess that has to do with the equalizer, which lets me adjust tracks so they sound their best through the onboard speaker or earphones. But I still like the swipe.

  • Sergio

    I like the way you can select the songs from the folders and the incredible equalizer. It's amazing the accuaricy of the covers for every song.

  • Recauzio

    My favorite part of PowerAMP: It's huuuuge amount of options. I can use the default system library, or by folders. The way songs switch, I don't have to listen to the awkward pause when listening to mixtapes. It's just the one player that has gotten EVERYTHING right.

  • Carl

    Its really beautiful, makes everything sound better, and it has great controls.

    (not for contest) I don't like that it scans all files on startup. i have a corrupted video file that unmounts the sd card every time the folder the file is in is opened (making deleting it, even on the pc, imposible). this made me have to put in another sd card with music on it to get it to work. really annoying. I know its not the app's fault, but it should allow me to cancel the scan and choose the folders myself.

  • Kevin

    As an audiophile who has gone through several dozen pair of high end headphones, amps, DACs, and misc gear, I am a stickler for quality.

    On the PC it took me endless hunting to find a decent music player, on my Droid X using PowerAmp for 5 minutes convinced me to uninstall all other music players permanently. There are good music players, then their is PowerAMP, there is no substitute for the quality conscious audiophile

    PowerAMP handled my lossless music files in .ape format with no additional installs. PowerAMP is so good I have replaced my iPod with my Droid X as my full time music player.

    I was able to copy all of my music over and the embedded art in the .mp3s displayed perfectly. No configuration required. Unlike Winamp which required additional configuration for certain songs, also with the amazing one-touch art finder, I even updated some art that I didn't like in meer seconds.

    Other Android music players require external apps to reach their potential. PowerAMP does it all out of the box.

    The EQ is simple and intuitive, however the best feature is the Stereo X. Most Stereo X features on the desktop are horribly done. The Stereo X feature on PowerAMP is so well done that even though I am typing this on my PC I am listening to my music on my Droid and my Sennheiser 590 headphones. I love the sound quality that much.

    PowerAMP, there is no substitute. No words can describe how perfect this music player is, you must experience it yourself.

  • http://thebteampodcast.com Gadget Man

    The UI and EQ allow me to listen to my music the way *I* want to listen to it.

  • NiXTriX

    There is not a word in the english dictionary to describe the perfecting the ease of use and brilliant GUI of this fantastic application.

    Makes me wish I was a developer too.. Although It'd probably extremely difficult to top this...

    The only drawback of the app.. I haven't bought it yet..
    Plus point is that i'm feeling lucky :)

  • shuma

    The option to automatically play music when headphones are connected is so useful! Just plug in and go!

  • Salomanuel

    I love the lockscreen controls, they are a must have and so fare only winamp used them in a proper way, but winamp it's a bit too slow, so poweramp is really the best one for me

  • ssj4Gogeta

    I love the headset control options (double click to forward, triple click to go back). Works great whether you use your bluetooth headset with music control buttons, or a wired headset with just one button.

  • Diósi Martin

    It's the best looking music player, it's easy to use, fantastic widgets,fast.

  • gordnel

    love the lockscreen and crossfade the most!

  • Shreyas

    The equaliser is just the best of any app out there, and that, imo is its killer feature.

  • Stephen

    The equalizers are my favorite feature.

  • eagleeyetom

    PowerAmp is a woman - beautiful and complexed.
    First time I saw her few months ago, and I felt in love. She was gorgeous. She showed me an album art of my favourite post-rock songs, even gave me text to sing with correct EQ tonation - this one I love most. So I decided to know her better. She loves my last.fm, I could even show her my favorite tracks. I love her so much! But I want to spend my entire life with her, not only 2 weeks. Will you help this relationship? :)

  • Óscar

    I like its simple interface, its easy handle, the quality of the equalizer and it plays all song formats

  • elden w

    My fav PowerAmp feature is equalizer with presets and separate bass and treble adjusters.

  • http://www.androidmarket.com Ali Pensyl

    I have and will always live for music! I have been drumming for a few years and now my 19 month old is really into music. He broke my headphones and he was so upset and that is what he gave me for xmas. He always wants to put my HP's on and see what i am jamming to. So I totally needed a kick butt app and PowerAMP is whay I found! I can not stop and the most rocking thing is my son did not know my headphones have a extra hook up for one more set of headphones so we are rocking out with this killer player with each other. POWERAMP ROCKS!!!!

  • Gaurav Pandey

    I don't use equalizer at all so that doesn't bother me. But few features which are great and not able to find in any other players so far are:

    1. Direct unlock to music player. (in other players 1st you unlock the player then you have to unlock the screen and finally you are into the player)

    2. Advance headphone control option. 2 click - 3 click.

    3. Smooth and eye pleasing album art effect. It never pixelate the image.

    4. Huge variety of widgets.

    5. Option for skipping to next/previous Album from the widget and lock-screen.

    6. The best Folder view. This is one of the crucial option for me. Since i don't make playlist and do everything manually.

    There are more but above mentioned are very important for me.

  • Jasraj

    This app is so good, it turned by $5 headphones into those fancy beats by Dr Dre. My favorite feature is how poweramp finds the album art, majority of my music is international from 80's and no other apps can come even close to finding the international albums. This app finds it instantly. Google should make this their default music player. It's that good!

  • Lucas Figueiro

    Have the winners been choosen?

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    The 50 winners have been posted!

    • http://darshankaria.com Darshan Karia

      I see my name there... :-) Thanks...

    • Sri Vamsy Gurram

      Thanks a lot, I finally won :) Thanks PowerAmp Guys and Android Police Guys

  • XT69

    50 winners from 421, still didn't win :D i'm the man of luck :D

  • adam

    Well there are two Adam comments. Hopefully, mine was the one listed as a winner

  • CuriousCursor

    WTF :(
    I missed a giveaway for my most wanted app :(


  • aaron

    oh snap i won 1/8.5 odds :) power amp for the win

  • Preetpal

    Whooo! Looks like I won.

  • Jbs

    Me too!! First time for winning anything!!

  • Atul

    Wow, I also won. Thanks androidpolice.

  • JBS

    so.. when do we get contacted?? :)

  • IJ

    sweeet! I finally won something!

  • Nikhil

    Did I really win!!! Yay !
    I was just about to purchase the app... :D

    Thank you AP !!! :)

  • eagleeyetom

    Hopefully someone will contact us soon ;)

  • Michael Spanton

    Thanks AndroidPolice and PowerAMP! I am very grateful for your generosity and I am loving this software so much. Thanks again and again!

  • CA Nikhil D'Souza

    Hey I won!!! Thanks AP and PowerAmp for a registered copy of my favourite music player :).

  • Laurentiu

    I also won!
    Thanks MAX and thank you Android Police!

  • Jbs

    Has everybody been contacted yet??