Last Updated: January 7th, 2012

It seems that Corning is gearing up for an exciting CES this year (which is just a few short days from beginning), publishing a news release earlier today which details the glass giant's plans for the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow.

Corning's most significant offering at CES this month will be the unveiling of Gorilla Glass 2. The latest generation of Corning's hugely popular damage-resistant glass is said to deliver higher functionality in thinner devices, and "enable broader touch technology penetration," according to James Steiner, Senior VP and General Manager of Corning Specialty Materials. Corning promises to reveal more details in an announcement set for January 9th.


Steiner went on to explain that CES attendees will be able to have a bit of fun with the glass manufacturer's latest offering to the mobile tech world:

As we did last year, we’ll provide consumers and customers visiting the Corning booth the opportunity to test first-hand the outstanding damage resistance and flexibility of this industry-leading, ultra-thin, and tough specialty glass.

Corning is also poised to show off the benefits Gorilla Glass can offer for larger format displays at CES, spanning a wide range of purposes from education to auto to home appliances. Some of the applications Corning plans to show off include

  • An 82-inch advanced multi-touch LCD display prototype featuring Corning Gorilla Glass as a durable, touch-sensitive, and elegant cover glass.
  • Touch-enabled automobile interior and home appliance center simulators demonstrating the enhanced user interface experience that thin, durable glass can enable in new design applications.
  • A centerpiece, Gorilla Glass-covered video wall, flanked by Gorilla Glass fabricated sound speakers, projecting the latest in Corning specialty glass technology news.

Overall, it sounds like Corning is prepared to make a strong showing and generate some excitement, even among the innumerable other items of news sure to emerge at CES.

Source: Corning Glass News Center

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.knightmarejk.blogspot.com Knightmare

    Looks like that glass has some big metal balls

  • http://plus.ly/danieljames Daniel James

    I gotta say, I'm excited for this! The current Gorilla Glass is already quite awesome; I have a lot of fun shocking my friends by rubbing my device's screen with keys or a knife to demonstrate how strong the Gorilla Glass is.

  • Eric

    I hope that Gorilla Glass 2 is Gorilla Glass + that glass that we recently heard about that only reflects a tiny fraction of the light normal glass does. That would be awesome.

  • Mgamerz

    Gorilla glass is a joke. Yes, it prevents scratches, but it does nothing at all if your phone is dropped. From 3 feet. Just shatters like a piece of normal glass.

    • Eric S.

      Depends on which phone you dropped, its weight and from how high. I've dropped my Droid from about 5 feet onto solid concrete and it survived perfectly, aside from from scratched black metal that it's made out of. Also, have you seen the Video comparing the Samsung Galaxy SII and the iPhone 4S in a drop test? They drop the GSII about 3 times from 4ish feet, to shoulder height to a 4 foot drop with the screen being face down and it survives without any noticeable scratches.

    • Slighter

      No shit - so what have you got? Transparent aluminum?

      • Mgamerz

        Atrix. Dropped it at about 3 feet- screen was so brokem you couldnt even see through the cracks.

    • cguella

      My car has bumpers on it but when it hits another car at 10mph it's ruined

  • http://www.androidstatic.com Matthew Deal

    I just depends on the phone. I've dropped my phone a lot and never had it shatter.

  • Alessandro James

    But I thought they just announced lotus glass? Whats the difference between this and that?

  • Craig

    When can we get a thicker Gorilla Glass installed into vehicles?

  • intrimazz

    sadly GG2 is a weaker form of the Original GG to make the devices lighter - I think thy are going in the wrong direction... they went from virtually indestructible to *scratch-resistant* >:( so dumb.