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We've all heard of the low-budget Velocity Cruz tablets before, and it looks like company is keeping the brand alive in 2012 with a pair of Android 4.0 tablets.

As expected, these aren't the most powerful portables on the planet -- but, then again, they'll likely have a price to match. The smaller of the duo is the Cruz T507, a 7-inch slate with a Cortex A8 1.2GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal store, front-facing camera, HDMI out, and Amazon's Appstore as its go-to marketplace.

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The T507's larger brother, the T510, is essentially the same tablet in a 9.7-inch shell at 8.9mm thick. Like the smaller variant, it's packing a 1.2GHz Cortex A8, front-facing camera, HDMI out, and uses the Amazon Appstore. Strangely, VM didn't mention the amount of RAM in the T510, but we're willing to wager that it's also sporting 512MB.

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There's no word as to exactly when these tablets will be available (or price), but the announcement is coming next week at CES, so we'll likely see all the details then.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Tim

    These seem surprisingly good for Velocity Micro. IIRC, their last attempts were nothing more than expensive doorstops.

  • Bobby

    The T410 is a good low cost tablet. I hope the T5 line will continue. It's hard to beat a $250 10" tablet that works great with netflix, browses fast and solid ereader too. It's not a Ipad, but it is a solid budget tab....

  • Matt

    What's up with the pictures? These things run Android 4.0, but have capacitive hardware buttons and they're using the gingerbread launcher??? wtf?

    • Joshua

      Yeah, the picture doesn't make sense - the one at the top has capacitive hardware keys AND statusbar buttons like the Nook Color modded ROMs.