The Android Market hit a milestone over the holiday weekend - it now contains over 400,000 apps, putting it only 100,000 apps behind Apple's App Store in terms of sheer quantity. What's even more impressive, though, is that the Market is now the largest store in the world for free apps, with a whopping 68 percent of its collection available sans price tag.


Sure, that is great for consumers, but there's no denying the dark side of free software: it generates less revenue than its paid counterpart. While 65% of the Android Market's revenue comes from apps using the freemium model, the App Store generates four times the income of the Android Market, as less than half of its available apps are free.

That aside, it's still quite interesting to see the growth rate of the Android Market compared to the App Store. It took the App Store a mere 22 months to reach the 200,000 application milestone, while the Market took 31 months to reach the same goal. It has been all uphill from there for our green mascot, however, as it only took four months to hit 300k (the App Store took double that time frame), and four more months to get to 400k (the App Store took seven). In a nutshell, the Android Market garnered twice the amount of new apps as the App Store in the same amount of time.

Not bad.

[Source Distimo Via The Verge]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.miniphysics.com TheMini

    Even though I would like to see more quality apps (instead of quantity), this is still very good news!

    *pops the champagne*

  • Mark

    I think all of this stops mattering around the 100K mark. Once all the major categories are covered, everything else is gravy.

  • Danny

    Could the fact that the App Store has more Paid Apps be to do with the fact that developers have to pay a yearly fee to Apple to be on the App Store, compared to the Android Market's much cheaper model?

    • David

      Pretty sure that's probably one of the reasons. If I had to pay $99 a year to post apps, I would probably charge something for them as well. With it being a one-off payment of $25 for the Android market, its not such a problem.

  • Jeff A

    If you mean apps that look better maybe, if you mean not filled with sexy girl wallpaper apps etc, it totally agree.
    Although, I do find that I can get pretty much anything I want on the Android market already so the sheer number doesn't really matter to me.

  • yo yo ma

    I would totally be willing to pay for quality apps and I don't think I'm alone. The problem is that there aren't nearly as many truly good titles in the Market as there is in the App Store. I would love to see this change and I'm willing to pay to entice developers. I can't be alone.


      i would pay too but 10 bucks for a total nerfed ap is bs....i'll pay a dollar or two tops for a quality ap because its still totally nerfed piece of software compared to the computer. So why should I pay what i would for a computer app or even remotely close?

  • Dandmcd

    The Market is still churning out some impressive new apps, especially for gaming and communication. The reason I believe the app market continues to accelerate so quickly is because of the many Asian and European markets where developers are rushing to bring out apps in their markets now that Symbian is done for, and Windows doesn't appear to have any momentum or any value for developers.

  • Stuart

    The only reason I didn't go for Apple is the over inflated price tags with everything Apple. I think consumers I now realise this and are fed up with being ripped off and fed up with so many connectivity restrictions. Wake up Apple if you wanna stay on top.

  • Jonathan Scott

    I have about 130 apps on my phone. I'm hard pressed to find any more apps that I have to have. Of those 130 apps, I might regularly use only 50. So in my book, the quantity only makes it harder to find quality.

  • Brett w.

    You got to love it! These apps are the new improved way to access all of uour favorive sites!! Why not? With brainy 8 yr olds helping make mew apps, it's prety cool.

  • http://www.techlal.com james

    the number may be 400 000 but to find some quality application its really hard......we need quality not quantity......

  • Al McDowall

    Just wanted to add to the 'quality not quantity' chorus.

    That said, we are seeing some really amazing games being released at the moment which are, if not totally free, at least free to try.

    I see more and more evidence of developers trying to do more with Android in terms of graphics and gameplay, and I'm very impressed and grateful.

    It would be great to see new applications developed that improve day to day life. At some point I will start writing apps myself but I hope to be able to create something that helps me out with a 'life issue' beyond to-do lists and accounting software. These are the kind of apps that make me most happy that I have such an advanced phone.

  • Zayzay

    now we just need to get rid of all of the spyware, and malware, and fake apps, also all those shortcuts to websites,

  • http://www.magpakistani.com atif

    Glad to see that market is catching up. The developers are doing a nice job with all the new arriving. Keep on going the good work.