2012-01-03 13h02_24

One of the less talked about, but still quite popular, names in smartphones over the last couple of years is LG's Optimus line. Looks like the brand will get a refresh for 2012, as the Optimus 2 has made its way onto LG's website. The device is far from spectacular, rocking a 3.2-inch 320x480 display, 800Mhz processor, Gingerbread, and CDMA radios.

2012-01-03 13h02_24

For anyone interested, we expect that it will probably get the official unveiling at CES next week.


Cameron Summerson
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  • http://ericcamil.com Eric

    Why..Why..Why would they release a phone with such specs, it's not even a mid spec'd phone they want to sell or give away with new plans.

    • Erik. G

      This is the next Optimus V type phone... I have the Optimus V... Its got a 600Mix cpu dedicated gpu 512gb ram 3.2 display Running 2.2... Believe it or not it runs like a camp... I would see this phone replacing the Optimus V, T, S modeles... But I don't see my self getting this phone... I'm going the unlocked Samsung with t mobile prepaid route this year...

      • http://www.twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott

        If I'm not mistaken, these are the same specs as the Slider that VM has as well.

        • Erik. G

          It is... I think if sprints gets this phone we Mite see this on virgin as well... The Optimus S is the same phone as the V...

  • Carwyn Stephen

    Holy fuck they better pay you to take this piece of shit..

  • Felicia

    My 10 year old has the Optimus S, so this may be a viable replacement phone for her, other than that, blah.

  • Motorola Triumph

    1 year after, and all they can do is boost its CPU from 600 to 800 Mhz? Lame. The Original Optimus was a success because it was innovative for its time, but now this will be an utter failure.

  • Yumm

    Wow. What an ugly thing. Disgusting specs, disgusting looks. No thanks! :D

  • Mark Arpon

    What's up with the tiny screen? Why waste so much screen space?

  • Anthony

    LG releases products like this and they really can't understand why their mobile division falls so far short of expectations every year? This phone would not have been a mid level device 2 years ago, and should not even be released in 2012 on ANY carriers except prepay for under $70.

  • AC

    Wait, what? C Spire already has this and my friend has one. Am I missing a difference between these two?
    I actually thinks it's a good budget phone. First off, it's a vanilla ROM. I'm on Verizon myself, but all my friends on C Spire who want Android are stuck with getting a SGS Showcase or the HTC Merge or Moto Milestone X that are plagued with buggy TouchWiz/Sense/MotoBlur roms.
    C Spire is good about not carrying versions of phones that don't have any dev support. The one they did have (Desire--woot! CM7!) is now discontinued on the carrier. The Milestone X isn't compatible with Droid X stuff, and the SGS Showcase has very, very limited dev support. It hit the CM7 mainline, but there's a major data bug that makes it unusable. ICS source is kicking development back up a bit for the Showcase. And the HTC Merge? Nothing at all.

  • Marco Duran

    It's phones like this that give the Android OS a bad name.

    The general population isn't going to associate this 179MB, laggy p.o.s. with LG. They're going to see it as an awful Android phone, and then trade up for an iPhone.