It seems like this is becoming a weekly habit, doesn't it? Big Red 4G LTE devices across the nation are once again without data services (mine included).


It appears that this just happened, so there's no word from VZW as to when we can expect data services to be restored. We'll keep you posted on any new information as it comes along; until then, I hope you're around a Wi-Fi network.

Update: Some users are reporting that 3G is still working, while many others are reporting no data whatsoever.

Update x2: Verizon is aware of the issue and had this to say:

We are investigating reports of some customers experiencing trouble accessing the 4GLTE network. The network itself continues to operate and all customers continue to be able to make calls, send text messages and utilize data services. 3G devices are operating normally.

I'm not sure how things are going in the rest of the country, but my data service was restored about thirty minutes ago.

Update x3: According to Verizon, data services were restored overnight. Their official statement? Not a lot of detail there:

4GLTE issue resolved overnight. 3G operated normally; calling, texting were unaffected.

So, all should be well in the world again... for now.

Update x4: Verizon has now published a post on its news portal somewhat detailing what's going on with the 4G network and why we see hiccups like these. While these outages are definitely inconvenient, it's good to see Big Red making an attempt to explain what's happening and displaying dedication to its customers by promising that it will make the LTE network as strong and reliable as its 3G network currently is.

Off-Topic: I've noticed several comments asking for the details from the above screenshot, so here they are:

Cameron Summerson
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  • Brandon

    My wife and I both lost our 4G/3G conectivity on our Galaxy Nexii around 1:00pm.

    We're in Cincinnati, Ohio

    • Steve

      I've been in Cincinnati all day and have kept 4G the whole time. The last two blackouts hit me, but this time its been smooth sailing. Weird.

  • Tony

    Just another way Verizon limits their customers....lol!! Way to go big red!!

  • Brandon

    We just got 4G back ~ 1:30pm.

    Cincinnati, Ohio

  • James

    3G/4G service still down here in Minnesota.

  • Wan

    Lost 3G/4G connection around 1:20PM
    Galaxy Nexus
    Jersery City, NJ

  • AC

    Still no 4G/3G in Piscataway, NJ since 1:00 pm.

  • claire

    Out here in north Florida; what a pain

  • NC User

    No network access since around 1pm in Charlotte, NC.

  • Brandon

    I have AT&T, which I used to think was a bad thing.. Now I'm happy that I didn't switch to Verizon like I had wanted to. If I were in the same boat as you, I'd ask for some kind of compensation. These services are not cheap and CLEARLY they promised more than customers are actually getting right now.

  • Scott

    10:43am in Portland, OR and I have no 4g/3g

  • Haskell

    Fine in Houston Tx

    • HaskellIsStupid

      No it's not, it's screwed up here too.

    • joslopz

      I have restarted my Thunderbolt a couple times, and it starts off in 4G LTE and then goes to 3G.. pisses me off. I think it is a tactic/ploy by VZW to limit the usage. (especially since I've been racking up some SERIOUS usage. lol) SMH.
      In Houston also.

  • James

    Wonder if it has to do with the Nexus. Seems like a lot of us here with the issue have that phone.

    • Tony M

      It's an issue with all LTE phones. Android 4.0.2 has a separate issue with signal calculation.

  • Patoaravena

    Down 4g/ Up 3G in Columbia, SC.

  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2079352/Massive-solar-storm-knock-radio-signals-produce-amazing-Northern-Lights.html?ito=feeds-newsxml RajputSmurf

    My GN is dead in Seattle but a co-workers Thunderbolt has 2 bars of 4G so not sure what's up. High degree of solar activity right now, not to give VZ any excuses.

    • SeattleTB

      I'm here in Seattle with a Thunderbolt, only have 3G and it's spotty at best.

  • Michael

    Where can I get that wallpaper?

  • Daoster

    4G down, and 3G down for me in the LA area...

    Sidenote...what's that weather and battery widget?

    • Mike
      • Jon Garrett

        thanks for the link for the battery widget but what's the link or name of the weather widget?


        • marc

          i think its just the 1x1 beautiful widgets weather with a skin

        • http://www.androidpolice.com Cameron Summerson

          Yeah, it's Beautiful Widgets with the Vos-Neon skin.

  • Chris

    Dallas here, lost it about 11:45-12:00 central time. Trying 3g with no luck. Droid Razr. Phone, sms, and text works. Just no email or anything data.

  • Mikey

    Lost both 3g & 4g on my Gnex in AZ. Yet my 3g-only MiFi hotspot (also on Verizon) still works.
    Last week when vz 4g went down, i think i still got 3g on the Gnex. But this time, like some other folks, i get no connectivity at all. (just grey bars).

  • Theo

    Droid Bionic, San Antonio, have not lost 4G LTE all day in an area that is famous for weak signal, a friend has Galaxy Nexus and hasn't had data all day... odd?

  • Greg

    3g/4g down as of about 30 minutes ago here in Fort Collins, CO

    • dkm

      Its been down all day here on the northern sloap.. can't get on line with lap top or ipad :( very irritating. Wish it would come back!!!!

  • Rob

    3G and 4g down in Raleigh on my Bionic.

  • Nick P

    Mountain View, CA. No 3/4g on my thunderbolt.

  • AuthorizedRetailer

    I say everyone call Verizon and demand a couple FREE months of 4G Data for all the hassle these multiple 4G outages are causing.

  • James

    3G back up, 4G still down
    Minneapolis, MN
    Galaxy Nexus

  • OlSkool

    Same in Columbus, Ohio....down both 4g/3g since 1 pm or round abouts....

    Droid Bionic

  • brad.

    Ok, we all pay exorbitant prices to these companies. And so, why is it, that they cant keep or have reliable service. Is there some underlying reason that the service is interrupted so much. So that they can gouge us again by raising prices or limiting data because they cant for some reason, update or upgrade there system to handle the traffic. Will this and other outages be used as a reason to raise prices or limit data.

  • otis day

    no 3g or 4g in chicago

  • sheller1773

    In Naples, FL for work for the remainder of the week and my Rezound has no 4G/3G. Heck, it keeps resetting itself and I cannot access anything.... just took the battery out and letting it sit. Not Happy Big Red!!!

  • Vince

    Still no 4G/3G on Galaxy Nexus in Maryland..... its around 2:00pm

  • Steve

    No 3G/4G in Midtown Atlanta, GA

  • brian

    whoa! what is your background, and the invisible toggle bar and the weather widget?!!Where do you get it?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com Cameron Summerson

      The widget is SwitchPro.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The rest is now in the post body at the bottom.

  • Anthony

    No 4g or 3g here in east Tennessee

  • Dan Rose

    Well no 3G or 4G in Boca Raton, Florida for an hour. Just got 3G back, but still no 4G.

  • Tanya

    Lompoc, CA 3g has been coming on and off for the past hour. Very upsetting. DROID Bionic

  • cubalibre

    No 3g/4G on my Bionic in Minnesota

  • http://weskitheeast.com Jimmy

    No 4G/3G here in Boston. Gnex even did the *#*#4636#*# work around and set the phone the CDMA only. No go on any type of data.

    The odd thing is my co-workers Thunderbolt has no 4G/3G either but can surf the web on 1x.

    Oh Verizon....

  • jason

    I just called and recieved my provisional credit. Second time i did this in a week. Everyone should do this and stick it to them.

  • Eric

    what weather widget is that?

    • Mike

      I'm curious as well.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      See the bottom of the post.

  • Scott

    3G working outside of Columbia, SC. It's never stopped working. Can't comment on 4G as I haven't been to Columbia yet today.

  • Tim H.


    What does the provisional credit do for you? Do they pro-rate you for the amount of hours of outage?

    Also, No 3g/4g for me. I'm located outside NYC.

  • Rick

    3G only, Thunderbolt, Harrisburg, Pa

  • Chris

    Got 3g back in Dallas now. Not sure about 4g since my office building sometimes blocks that.

  • ZappedC64

    4g and 3g completely down in Atlanta, GA.

  • Tim H.


    3g is back for me. Located outside NYC.

  • A2D2

    No 4G, 3G very spotty. Very frustrating.

    Using a Bionic in Ann Arbor, MI

  • J…

    No 4g/3g on my T-bolt in the Phoenix area. 1x keeps pops up sporadically... for what good that does.

  • robert

    3g up and 4g down in southern Cali on thunderbolt

  • robert

    down in the ATL. no 4g or 3g. nexus

  • derrick

    I noticed my phone was doing a *22828 or some number update and after that it LOST DATA connection.

  • Ricko

    4g down in San Diego, had 3g service for about a minute then it went down. What is the provisional credit that Jason mentioned earlier? Galaxy Nexus.

  • Matt

    can you tell me where to find your wallpaper!? it's awesome and i want it!

  • Nice VZW

    3G is still working but this is getting ridiculous!

  • Steven

    3G is up here in Seattle, no 4G still

  • Randy

    4g lte down in Orlando since 1pm EST. 3G up, but very SLOW.

  • QC

    Same. no data w/ Razr or Xoom

  • TK

    Nothing here in motor city.razr.

  • marc

    I'm getting nothing on my razr in central florida. I just switched from sprint, kind of missing the unlimited and constant data even if it was only 3g.

  • KVN

    San Francisco, CA: 4g is down and 3g is sketchy on Droid Razr.

  • Scriptiz

    Awesome widgets, where can we found the weather one and the transparent switch bar on the bottom side?

    And if you could also give a link to the wallpaper I'll thank you :)

  • dk

    Samsung wifi card not working but Droid 3g is...in MS

  • kevin

    Nothing at all in Indianapolis as well.

    • Kevin

      Glad all my music is in Google Music instead of on my device right about now....

      • Kevin

        Also, Why does this only seem to affect 4g phones? My friends Incredible works on 3g and last time as well. I should be able to get 3g only at least.

  • Mauricio

    Got Droid Bionic Only 4G in Orange County CA

  • Chad

    Thunderbolt in Portland, Oregon been without 4G and 3g since about 1030am PST. Phone randomly SHUT DOWN and wouldn't connect to Internet at all until I did menu - wireless and toggled the mobile network. Glad I left my phone plugged in so I could watch netflix over lunch.

  • Phil

    No data whatsoever- Fitchburg Mass 03:17 PM

  • Robert w

    Down in Atlanta again. This is becoming a weekly event.

  • Tim H.

    4g/3g has been back for the past 20 min. -- Outside NYC.

  • chuck testa

    still no 4g here in Chicago. been about an hour now. verizon never ceases to amaze me.

    i actually learned that they had been selling 4g phones before there was even 4g towers in this area!

  • Tim

    I am driving to Kentucky from Michigan and man I thought i was just me. But I have lost total data in certain areas and in others I will get 1X and now I have a steady 3G but I haven't seen 4G for a while..VZW needs to get the stuff straight

  • Scriptiz

    Not sure but for the transparent switch bar widget I think it is "Go Switch Widget" with the "GoWidget Theme - Transparent".



    The strange point is that I though that you can only add this widget with Go Launcher (or this is Go Launcher with the ICS Theme :p)

  • taylord

    I have 3G here in Fresno, CA but 4G is nowhere to be found. If 4G weren't so darn fast I'd be pretty mad that this happens so often

    FWIW I'm using a Galaxy Nexus

  • Claire

    No 4g or 3g since at least 11 am in North Houston.

  • Heywud Jabloomeh

    Man, I'm so jealous of you all with Galaxy Nexus :P. I'm on sprint right now, but on a family plan. would cost $500 for the early term fee to switch to Verizon.

    Considering it too, since I got a letter from sprint telling me I'm "roaming" too much. Unlimited EVERYTHING my butt.

  • Shelbyz

    Wilmington, NC no 4G but just got 3g back

  • Dave

    Switch galaxy nexus under settings.more.mobile networks to cdma and will at least get you 3g back takes avfew minutes for 3g to connect

  • Adam_hawk

    Seems to affect only LTE devices. My Thunderbolt with CM7 is on 1x only. My Droid Incredible with CM7 shows 3G and wife's iPhone 4 shows 3G. Strange, my JetPack is working 4G without any issue. Orlando FL

    • Adam_hawk

      UPDATE - rebooting the Thunderbolt got me some 3G. Slower than usual.

  • Icefreez

    The nations 4G data cap has been hit. 4G will be off for the rest of the month. Thank You, Verizon.

  • tim

    3g is spotty here in Orlando Florida. 4g hadn't showed it's face since it went down

  • mike

    hinesville ga here. just realized no 4g, no 3g, no nothing.

  • James

    4G still down just south of San Jose, CA. When I went into the local VZW store to ask what was up with the 4G network, they didn't even know. Do they keep these people in a cave until a customer comes in?

  • Scriptiz

    I do some working on with photoshop on the screenshot above, here is the result for thoses who want the wallpaper (not perfect but a first step :) ) :

    480*800 :

    720*1280 :

    • Cameron Summerson

      Thanks, but I updated the post will all of the details, including a link to the wall. ;)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      But why? The wallpaper is freely available and has been posted above. Additionally, yours are not scrollable.

  • whack

    Too many people have been watching porn with 4g and it overloaded the system

  • Tanya

    Spoke with VZWwas told its 4g that's down and they will be switching it to 3g until they can get 4g up again. And that it is happening to the 4g decides that do have 3/4g. No time frame on when it will be back up and running again

  • jimbo

    Just got a text from verizon to do a *228 send and an option 1 but with my device of the razr it says that you can't because you have a 4 g sim card

  • Austin

    3G and 4G works here in the DFW area, I haven't had a problem all day on my Galaxy Nexus. Getting about 20mbits on download and close to 17 up.

  • Rob

    "Rule The Air, Verizon, Rule The Air!"

    A friend in Connecticut said his service is fine, but his iPhone 4S is 3G only.

    I realize that it's cheaper to pay advertising agencies to promote your system, but maybe companies like Verizon need to put some of that cash into their networks. You know for stuff like maintenance and build-out.

  • Jim95608

    4G and 3G both down in Sacramento, CA. getting to be a regular happening weekly. 3G was working but now it's down too. What's happening to the "Most Reliable Network"? Not so reliable anymore.

  • jimbo

    4G back going on my razor in Huntsville AL

  • http://www.getsprocket.com Christopher

    3g and 4g are up and down in AZ on my two-day-old Droid Razr. Pissed, I need this for work!

  • Jezlukin

    GNex in Hampton Roads, VA still out. No 3g or 4g connection.

  • Jeremy

    Just got my Razr in the mail and I can't activate it because the 4G is down. Crap.

  • Mila

    4g down in Los Angeles, CA. 3g was in and out for a while, but now it's completely down as well.

  • Andre

    I just spoke to verizon over the phone ( me and the wife have both droid Bionic. ) and they are saying now that their est. time to come back up is tonight 12, wheather is true or not we will see......

  • Chris P

    Droid Bionic in Central Florida. I had no data from 11:00 to 15:00, and spotty EvDO hence. Still no LTE as of 19:45.

    So I go from AT&T's abuse of heavy data users with higher prices, to Verizon's abuse of heavy data users with rolling data blackouts? ;-)

  • Kim

    Verizon told me 24 hours. This outage crap is bs.

  • jimbo

    4g back put in Huntsville, al. 3g very spotty. I'm wandering if this is going to become a recurring phenomenon. Lets hope not.

  • Mgamerz

    I smell a lawsuif if they cant provide reliable service.

  • MATT

    Waited.all day for my upgrade a Droid bionic to come in the mail, tried to activate it...failed, called Verizon 3 times before they told me the network was down now my old phone won't re activated, getting fed thanks Verizon...%@& hole

  • Bill

    4g still down since before 3pm EST in DC area. 3g goes in and out.

  • Carl

    Trying to activate Galaxy Nexus, old phone won't work now at all...thanks big red.

  • Anderson

    Droid-charge....3G works but been without 4g all day in LA, CA.

  • Helen

    I was buying my new Razr at 3pm during the melt down so now I can't use either phone! The 'system' went haywire during the up load- so my service is in ether world
    Furious in Florida

  • hector

    In Connecticut is out 4G only 3G is available. In my droid bionic

  • r

    Had 1X in Santa Barbara all day. No 4g/3g

    • Tanya

      Imin Lompoc and ut was touch and go all day with my 3g..data connection stunk today :-(

  • beezleb0b

    still broken in michigan, they claim will be fixed by midnight. yeah right

  • rrrg

    Had 1X in Santa Barbara all day. No 4g or 3g.

  • nikki

    Still no signs of 4g here in Nashville, Tn. :/

  • Monique

    No 4G or even 3G in San Francisco bay are from just past 9am until about1pm and the only 3G. I restarted my Thunderbolt, but it wasn't the phones problem.

    • B

      same here no 4g/3g

  • http://google.com Mike G

    Cant even register my new phone. Complete BS In "nations most reliable network"

  • kelley

    No 4g here in Lexington ky 3g keeps coming and going

  • mistrasparra

    Lost all Data around 1pm today and 3g started coming and going around 4pm now i got a solid 3g, but no 4g (Thunderbolt, Los Angeles, CA)

  • paul

    What is that app the green one with the gear in the middle

  • B

    my 4G up....hope it stays, bay area

  • kelley

    This is bull. They better fix this problem soon.

  • JohnK

    Oh but Sprint is always getting the bad rap for terrible signal. No problems at all in breckenridge, keystone co.

  • Felicia

    I was really considering jumping ship from Sprint to Verizon, reading these articles makes me stop and think. If I want a bad network, I can stay with Sprint and save a few bucks.

    • Jeremy

      Believe me when i say this SWITCH. I used to be on sprint. And even with the problems we are having on VZW they are nothing compared to the problems i had with sprint. It really doesnt even come close. Sprint Is a company with Expensive Flashy Packaging and Rock inside. Thats all they do is advertise crap, and theyre network is crap.

  • lgrevolution owner

    Still is a reliable network ”if you have a 3G phone”. Give a couple years when 4G network matures enough. Meantime sit tight cause more outages will come.

    • Felicia

      Good advice. Thanks!

  • http://stepno.wordpress.com BobStep

    Service is back Thursday morning in western Virginia. On Wednesday a.m. 4g Samsung Hotspot (my third) was flakier than usual, switching its green lights between 3g and 4g indicators, but by afternoon "connected" computers couldn't load pages at all. A separate 3g Droid was fine all day. Was this outage the 4g authentication problem cascading somehow? http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/12/19/this-is-why-your-verizon-galaxy-nexus-or-other-4g-lte-vzw-phone-is-losing-data-signal/

  • Jeremy

    I still dont have 3g or 4g Here in the Detroit Area. Im actually starting to get angry. Ive never had these kinda problems with VZW, now im not saying its making me consider switching(NEVER). But it is aggravating.

  • dave

    4g still down in Sacramento, CA area as of Dec. 29, 1 pm pacific time.

  • John

    With the outages, dont forget about the new $2 fee for customers paying their bills by phone and on the Verizon website starting Jan. 15. :)

    Read more: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204632204577128953793629294.html#ixzz1hxwQDTqv

    • vericust

      Yeah! whats up with that? $2 dollars just because i want to pay on time with different credit/debit cards every month? Hey! is the same transaction if I enroll to automatic payment with a credit/debit card. Another excuse to get money from customer because they know that is the popular way how we pay our bills (online with different bank accounts). Where can we submit a claim?

  • David

    Service running nice and strong since yesterday evening when i rolled into reno,nv..

    13mbps down
    5 mbps upload...

    the 3g so slow compared to 4g... i hope 2012 chico, ca will get an upgrade...

  • randy

    4g lte is down again in Orlando... I bought my phone 3 days ago.. This is twice in 3 days.

  • L boogie

    Turned in my Gnex for my og incredible 2.3.7 due to the constant outage 3g was better than 4g and yet, Verizon tacks on an unnecessary fee to pay your monthly bill...... Btw, getting a new nexus due to hardware/ software issues though I might still keep my incredible or get the Rezound

  • Susers

    My T-Mobile 4G down since early evening yesterday and still not back up. Area in and near Zip 80112 Englewood, CO. Still not back up.

  • StarBaseONE2

    Verizon's statement link (http://news.verizonwireless.com/news/2011/12/pr2011-12-29d.html) in your post is not working either (at least when I tried it 12/30/11 @0920 CST)! LOL Verizon is surely starting to feel some wrath akin to RIM's recent experience!

  • Chad

    Plattsmouth, ne and I dont have 4g or 3g on my droid razr..... My gf dx 3g workin great.. Verizon was no help.. She said she has to submit a ticket and ut could take 3days for someone to call back.. But hey 15min later verizon did calk back and they where comfirming the billing and credit card on file was expiring. Its bs they worried bout getting paid insted of fixing their junk service.... Fu vz

  • John

    4g is still down here in SC.
    Htc rezound