The Galaxy Note from Samsung, a device that has an almost cult-like following at this point. Those who love it, really love it. Those who hate it, well... just hate it. Some say it's too big, while others lust for its 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD display. Unfortunately, U.S. users have been left wanting since the Note's release a few months ago. Sure, we've seen tell-tale signs that it is indeed going to land stateside eventually, but Samsung has now removed all doubt.


The company stated during its one-million sales milestone announcement that the device will be coming to the States in 2012. Of course, there's no word exactly when this is going to happen, so we'll have to continue playing the waiting game for a least a bit longer.

Before you get too excited, though, let's not forget about the rumors that Sammy may have to drop the Note's powerhouse Exynos chip in lieu of a more LTE-friendly Snapdragon, much like it had to do with the Galaxy S II Skyrocket. That is only a rumor at this point - only time will tell if there's any truth to it.

[Source SamsungTomorrow (Flickr) Via The Verge]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Ethan

    They could just use the TI OMAP 4460 CPU like the Galaxy Nexus uses.

    • Jon Garrett


      they could stop making US wait !!

  • http://trueacu.com/ Acupunc

    Pass on the chip change. TI OMAP maybe.
    I wouldn't mind picking an unlocked one of these up if they had the 1700MHz for T-mo '4G'. . . instead you will only get edge on T-mo, thus it's AT&T if you want GSM with decent speeds. Looked into it while I've been waiting on the GNexus.

    Would love to see a device like this on 'Republic Wireless' -- since you are on WiFi most of the time, might as well have a device that's more tablet like.

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

    Yum. I wish they'd keep the processor the same though.

  • Gobohobo

    I'd bet that when it does release in the states that it'll come with ICS stock. Might be the reason why they waited for it to be released over here.

    • Googleplex

      Call me whatever you like, but I seriously doubt that AT&T and Samsung really give a whit about ICS. Each new iteration of Android seem to evoke nothing but apathy for the manufacturers & carriers. And since the Tab has already hit other markets internationally, I doubt that they'd hold up a US release just because of an OS upgrade that neither the carrier, not manufacturer have any real control over. Google has really been too timid, and hasn't given their partners a reason to regard their upgrades with anything more than a dismissive wave.

  • VonLaserface

    I'd drop all of my lines and 5+ years with big Yellow if this thing popped up on Republic.

    Seems pretty unlikely though.

  • Ed

    I would kill for a wifi only Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Player is nice but the resolution and speed aren't my cup of tea. This would be the perfect addition to the Galaxy Tab series.

    • Dan


      Yes, please.

  • http://www.google.com loranz

    Got mine about a month ago here in NZ.

    Awesome Device!

  • AJfrank

    I can't wait to get this phone. Visually challanged so this screen would help.