As a follow-up to the mother of all game roundups I posted the other day, today let's take a look at all the app roundups posted throughout this past year.

As before, everyone should find something of interest in the lists below (if you don't, I don't believe you). Use one of the two strategies:

  1. Browse the top of each post for the cream of the crop selection (I think I started sorting by quality towards the end of the first half of the year).
  2. Browse them all, but be prepared to clear your schedule for a couple of hours.

You can follow the weekly (or sometimes bi-weekly) roundups here or subscribe to them using RSS.

Before we split apps and games into two posts:

After the split from apps - these are centered around games:

[BONUS] Tablet-specific:

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  • Bazar6

    Not going to round out the apps with the Top X of the Year?

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

      Give them time. Let them post the complete roundups first. There are a LOT of total apps in those lists, and even if they can/will pick just {x} from them, it won't be easy.

  • Ines

    Your site is soooo cool guys! Happy holidays! :)