According to Verizon's system update documentation, owners of big red's Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 can expect a software update any time now. While it isn't the Ice Cream Sandwich users are undoubtedly craving, the update (bringing system software to I905-EL01) offers quite a few interesting features.

Among these are improvements to Samsung's Touchwiz UX, a new Social Hub widget, built-in photo editing capabilities, and The Daily – a news app that allows users to "access the best of print, web, and broadcast news from around the world."

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The update also brings Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility, additional support for more Wi-Fi routers, DivX, security patches, enhancements to TouchWiz's music and video players, and built-in support for "industry standard VPN clients." There's no word yet on just when the update will be available, but we'll be here to keep you updated.

Source: Verizon

Liam Spradlin
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  • James

    BTW When is the tab 7.7 coming? no tablet can match it's samoled plus display.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Shouldn't be too much longer. It cleared the FCC a few days ago with VZW LTE bands in place.


      • L boogie

        Is the 7.7 tab gonna have the exynos SoC as well or is it going to be a different processor much like the skyrocket/ t-mobile galaxy s 2? Btw, hope Samsung releases this and future products on a timely manner to all their markets.

  • L boogie

    Though the ICS update is coming, would this update bring to honeycomb 3.2 + to the tab as well? didn't want to root just yet due to CM9's eventual release

  • Drew DeNardo

    I've been pressing "Check now!" on my System Updates screen in settings every 11 minutes since this story was posted. I must admit this is negatively effecting my productivity.

  • Khaled

    Many don't know that Logitech has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Specific Keyboard/stand/case same look like the ipad version but with different layout
    Also wireless Android mouse and speakers, all on Logitech site under Tablets menu