Last Updated: December 31st, 2011

You made your nominations, and we've selected four of the most popular titles named as "Best New Android Game of 2011" for you to vote on. You voted. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

Best New Android Game Of 2011: Reader's Choice

And the Andy goes to.... Shadowgun - by a razor thin 14 votes.


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While it was by the narrowest of margins that Shadowgun won a plurality of the votes (32% - see below), it's not hard to see why - truly amazing graphics, great over the shoulder gameplay, and console-level polish made it clear from the day we first saw screenshots of this game that it was going to do big things.

In second place, with a highly respectable 31% of the vote, was Disney's "Where's My Water?".

Best New Android Game Of 2011: Android Police Pick

The Android Police staff's pick for Best New Android Game Of 2011 is... Shadowgun as well. We concurred with our readers on this one, and for a number of reasons.

Was Shadowgun the most fun game of 2011? Probably not. Did it contain the most original gameplay? Nope. Were there particularly compelling storylines or characters? Again, no.

What Shadowgun did was set the bar higher for Android games, showing what could be accomplished if you pushed the envelope on what was visually possible with mobile hardware. Madfinger is pushing that envelope even further with the Tegra 3-optimized version of the game, with even more enhanced visual effects.

In terms of polish, playability, and raw visual delight, Shadowgun blew away the competition, resulting in a game which has clearly set the stage for bigger and better things in the coming year - things that will likely blow our minds all over again. We can't wait.


Voting is now over. Results will be kept for archival purposes.

Vote: The Best New Android Game Of 2011

  • Shadowgun by Madfinger Games (32%, 311 Votes)
  • Where's My Water? by Disney (31%, 297 Votes)
  • Grand Theft Auto III by Rockstar Games (27%, 265 Votes)
  • Sprinkle by Mediocre (10%, 96 Votes)

Total Voters: 967

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David Ruddock
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  • ZRod

    While not a fan of shooters, I chose Shadowgun because it shows off the graphical possibilities of Android devices and more so with Tegra 3. The other games are addicting, yes, but are not enough to take Android to the next level and surpass iOS in gaming bragging rights whether or not they are Android exclusive.
    Yes GTA III has decent graphics but, especially with Tegra 3, Android is capable of more. Besides, in the end it is just a port and unoriginal.

  • Eric

    I, for one, can't vote for Where My Water since Disney is a staunch supporter of SOPA.

    • http://cheapietheatre.blogspot.com Andrew

      I cannot vote for Where My Water for the same reasons. I will not support any company that wishes to rule the Internet by Breaking it.

      Having said that, first thought is to go to GTA3, but it's 'just' a port... and while impressive I cannot award best game to something that's been released elsewhere.

      So I'm voting Shadowgun.

      • Amar Takniki

        I did not vote for Where My Water for the same reason. I cannot support anything that is supporting SOPA. So Shadowgun it is !!

        • ocdtrekkie

          Have all of you people boycotted TV and movies as well? Because if you haven't, you're funding SOPA!

  • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

    I would have liked to see Jelly Defense, Real Racing 2, Skateboard Party, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Cut the Rope, Sleepy Jack, World of Goo and Dead Space on this list.

    But good choices none the less, I chose Shadowngun.

    • Joshua

      Agreed. I would put World of Goo and Dead Space on the list, and probably end up voting for World of Goo. Perhaps they aren't up there because they have been on other platforms so long? (Although, Where's My Water? has been out on iOS for quite a while.)

  • Jacob Epstein

    I chose Shadowgun simply because it's the closest to Modern Combat 3.

  • Arpit Mittal

    I chose sprinkler because it light weight and exercises your mind. I said light weight because it eases your life tensions or pressures of ur life.

  • Austin

    Where's Modern Combat 3 and Dead Space? Definitely on par or bettery than Shadowgun.

  • Rajaram Janardhan

    Game people play..always lucky with Android..awesome apps to mesmerise,always! :-)

  • http://www.geekchoice.com Dagmar Schnietz

    The winner should bring Grand Theft Auto. Despite the darkness, and in part because of it, that's my game! Wouldn't recomment it to just anybody.

  • AndroidLuvR3R1

    Shadowgun all the way. Best shooter game of 2011/2012 in my opinion.......

  • Jonathan Silva

    Shadowgun's graphics are great. The lack of support for cheats in GTA III really steals the entire experience for me. WMW is good I guess.

    I have to vote Shadowgun.

  • http://romrepo.info TechJeeper

    Lets hope AP got written consent to embed the Wheres the Water trailer so Disney doesn't go Sue Happy on them :( lol

  • Nick Coad

    I chose GTA 3, it's "just a port" sure, but from a purely gameplay perspective it probably offers the most replayability and overall content.

    Shame though, because ALL four games look like fantastic contenders.

  • Edd

    I chose GTA3, despite some qualms of it a) being "just a port", b) a 10-year-old one at that, and c) I suspect it didn't need much work other than UI and controls to get up and running on Android ("much" being a relative term, I'm gob-smacked about how well they achieved it).

    But I've played dozens and dozens of Android games, but GTA3 was the first one to feel "fully-formed" to me, worth playing through from beginning to end, hundreds of hours of gameplay, and with dozens of "WOW!" moments along the way, and that's why it won my vote.

    And if it inspires some other PC developers to being over some of their best 10-year-old games, like Red Alert, Twisted Metal 2, etc, to name a few, then I'm all for it. I enjoy these on PS2 emulators, but it's not the same.

    World of Goo would have got my vote if it had offered some new levels. Sadly, it felt more of a "port" than GTA3 did, as it was just a re-run of 30 or so levels I remembered from two years ago.

  • augustofretes

    Shadowgun is a mediocre game with good graphics. World of Goo, as simple and without new content as it is, is a far better game.

  • Jephri

    Anyone else find the T-mobile ads with the little silver and pink elf a little disturbing? They are all over the site and creeping me out. (and I am a T-mobile customer and lover)

    • J Rush

      "Walking in an Orgy wonderland!"

      What more can I say? That's all I hear when a T-Mo commercial comes on.

  • Henry

    Not Voting

    World of Goo #1

  • world of goo

    World of goo is by far the best. When I first played it I expected a simple puzzle game... I was wrong, the plot line is amazing and its such a good game. If you don't have, it get it now.