This is the latest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see Did You Add A Payment Method To Your Market Account During The "10 Billion Promo?"

Another year, and another holiday season that seemingly leapt up out of the blue. For those of you who give gifts during the holidays, are you giving the gift of Android to anyone this year? Sound off in the poll below, and check back for tomorrow's follow-up holiday question.

Are You Giving An Android Device For The Holidays?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Juan

    Gave my Mom, a Galaxy S (Captivate), she's in love with the thing!

    • hugobosslives

      mate, christmas is tomorrow (well unless your up super early on the other side of the world)

      • Ronny

        That's very nice of you - happy holidays!

      • Letroy

        Dunno about Juan, but in Hungary we give presents on the evening of dec 24 :)

  • http://allonewordt.com Felix Maynard

    I don't really have any money, and all the people I would spend money on are so sensible that they have and android already

  • http://abrah.am Abraham Williams

    I gave myself a Galaxy Nexus :)

  • Kostas Frezoulis

    I bought an xperia play (white) for my wife. Beautiful phone.

  • djembeman

    Bought my wife a Droid 3. She was due for an upgrade... so it's sort of a Christmas present. Also got her an iPod Nano with watchband and Nike Fit.

  • Scott Oldfield

    I answered 'no'. However, I'm giving my gift of knowledge about Android phones. I'm helping my mother pick out her very first Android phone this week. She is upgrading from a...uh, "pre-"feature phone. (Whatever you would call a phone that is literally over 10 years old. I honestly can't believe it still works.)

  • Tom

    I got me and my dad both a Galaxy Nexus. Pretty good gift from a 16 year old :)

  • Letroy

    My mom just received her Xperia Mini. Quite happy with it so far :D

  • Jeremy

    Fiance and my soon both got Galaxy S2....

  • http://www.mobiletechview.com John Davis

    Does giving the Transformer Prime to myself count? Lol.

  • Darkseider

    Son is getting an Acer Iconia 500

  • Nathan

    Bought my wife a Acer Iconia A500, cause she's been really pining for a tablet.

  • Jesus Otero

    I wish I could by my girlfriend an android phone or device, she doesn't have a phone and it's really hard for us to communicate :/

  • Tashlan

    I suggest you add the poll option: "If I win one of your contests, I'll be giving Android this year."

  • grnlantern79

    Gave my wife the Droid Razr I won from Verizon, could have sold it for $400.00 but gave it to the wife :) Merry Christmas

  • Ryan B

    There should be a fourth choice: I'm hoping to receive one!

  • Captjilly

    Gave my son and Evo 4G, and I am getting a ASUS Transformer Prime :-)

  • gideonskeep

    I agree
    with Ryan B

    One as a gift
    my heart would lift

    An Android wrapped for me

  • Rajaram Janardhan

    Bored on controlling robots,now manu to be controlled by Android! Nice Giveaways wanna want to win on this joyous occasion. Merry Lucky Christmas! :-)

  • Calbino

    Purchased a Galaxy Tab 10.1 for my mother to mostly replace her laptop.

  • Rance Vela

    I bought myself a Transformer Prime w/dock for Christmas, does that count? :D

  • Auntie M

    Since I'm the Mommy, I gave myself an Acer Iconia 7" tablet. It should be arriving Dec 28-9. I always buy my goodie after I've seen what I'm getting from everyone else.

  • Gary

    Gave mother-in-law the Acer A100 (would have been kindle fire, only they cant stream video content yet in Canada) and also gave her brother the Asus Transformer (was on sale at $299) and my wife got me the Galaxy Nexus (its absolutely amazing!!!)

  • matthias

    yes, gave my son my HTC HD2 with Android and i bought myself a Galaxy Note

  • logicrulez

    I gave my wife a Samsung Nexus S 4G, she can't put it down! Its the Super AMOLED screen I think!

  • Aaron

    I don't give anyone anything for "the holidays". I give them stuff for Christmas.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Christmas is a holiday.

      "Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, celebrated generally on December 25 as a religious and cultural **holiday**"

      • Aaron

        yes but... what other holidays do people give gifts for? And not corny little party gifts like maybe on new years eve. I'm not mad, i'm just sayin....

    • http://www.thenolands.com chris Noland

      well Christmas is just one of the holidays around this time of year

  • androidwolf

    I gave my lovely girlfriend an xperia arc s :-)

  • John

    My sis and I gave mom a kindle fire. Love it!