Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

Update: Justin has repackaged the Kindle Fire root app apk, removing encryption and open sourcing the file.

Update: BurritoRoot may not work on version 6.0 firmware. If you're having trouble, update your firmware and try again.

On the historic date of December 20th, 2011, Amazon pushed out software version 6.2.1 to its Kindle Fire. The update was fairly minor -- its main additions had to do with improved scrolling and WiFi passwords -- but it brought about one devastating change: it broke all previous methods of root.

Seeing the issue, our own Justin Case got right to work; and after a night's worth of coding, with a group of fellow devs helping him through the testing process (namely, Vashypooh, Trevor Eckhart, and IOMoster), he developed a new method to root the Kindle Fire -- a method that works not only on software 6.2.1, but on all currently known versions of the Fire's OS (future updates make break this). Better yet, it's not a hacky process at all; in fact, it's quite simple. Shall we begin?

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As a prerequisite to rooting the Fire, you'll need to have ADB up and running on your PC.

  1. Download jcase's Kindle Fire root app.
  2. Run the root app and click "Root."
  3. On your PC, in a command prompt, type "adb root."
  4. Download Superuser.
  5. Unzip Superuser.
  6. In the command prompt, type:

adb remount

adb push su /system/xbin/su

adb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su

adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su

adb install com.noshufou.android.su-1.apk

adb reboot

And... that's it! Enjoy your newly rooted Kindle Fire!

Should you for any reason desire to unroot your Fire, simply press the "Unroot" button in jcase's Kindle Fire root app.

Please direct any technical questions to this RootzWiki support thread.

Jaroslav Stekl
Jaroslav Stekl is a tech enthusiast whose favorite gadgets almost always happen to be the latest Android devices. When he's not writing for Android Police, he's probably hiking, camping, or canoeing. He is also an aspiring coffee aficionado and an avid moviegoer.

  • Inspiron41

    i just need a kindle fire to test this on....

  • Jake B

    I don't have a kindle as I'm in the UK, but thanks anyway! I'll be sure to use it IF it becomes available in the UK.

  • jcase

    Support thread is located here http://rootzwiki.com/topic/13027-universal-all-firmware-one-click-root-including-261/
    I won't be checking these comments often.

    Donations for my "buy a kindle fire fund" can be made by purchasing this app https://market.android.com/details?id=net.andirc.jcasedonate

    • http://www.cyanogenmod.com ciwrl

      Everyone should chip in and help out, jcase does a lot for the community, beyond just this root app!

  • Hotmann

    I really hope my fiance lets me root her kindle that I bought her for christmas. I know that she'll let me put gapps on it...but root will be tough to convince...maybe being able to put the android market on there will be enough to convince her.

  • Dan

    Trevor, not Tevor.

  • Pigiman

    I followed the procedure but nothing happened. how do I do? I'm going crazy

  • http://kindle-fire.in.ua mr. Kindle

    Its not working. Аfter starting screenshot app, breaks down and crashes "superuser"

    • Adrien C.

      the same happening here

      used the download from this page "superuser-2.zip" which have an updated Superuser.apk and it doesn't crash anymore.

  • Den

    is there any possibility to do the same for Mac?

  • http://droidnytt.no orjanv

    works like a charm using ubuntu.

  • Jwebster54

    I have followed the directions and have ROOT access again. These directions work if your Kindle have already been rooted. If first time. You need to have ADB installed..

  • Pigiman

    i can't download google usb drivers...how can i do?

    • tango

      you need to turn off the Windows user control (dont have the exact wording in english as my PC dont have English as native language..

      It is under Control Panel, Users or User Accounts.

      Activate or deactivate user account control or whatever it would be in english..

  • carlos

    Thankyouthankyouthankyothankyou, and thanks to Vashypooh, Tevor Eckhart, and IOMoster for making this possible. A Kindle without ads! One day of despair, but we are back in business. I love my new hosts file.

  • Tony

    This isn't working. I have installed the .apk kindleroot onto the kindle fire. you say to unzip the superuser.zip but not to where. when unzipping to the auto chosen folder in windows, the adb push command isn't working. can you say/advise where to unzip the file to

    • Scott

      Unzip the super user file anywhere on your pc. Your pushing "su" inside of the zip folder to
      when you run the adb command.....
      "adb push su /system/xbin/su".

      You have to do this from the directory you just unzipped or provide the path to where you unzipped "su"

      • doug

        thats where I am hung up. I type

        adb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su

        and get file or directory not found. I have installed su and other file to both Kindle ADB and to the platform-tools file. Don't know dos well.

  • 1337er

    AWETHUM! You rock!

  • Ian

    This step, "adb install com.noshufou.android.su-1.apk" prompts that it can't find the .apk file to install. What am I missing?

    • jorge

      What was the solution? I am getting the same thing.

    • Robert

      instead of typing "adb install com.noshufou.android.su-1.apk" just type " adb install Superuser.apk" or "adb install superuser.apk" not sure if caps matter.. worked for me :)

      • Sean Pasley

        Thanks, I was stuck with the same error and typed exactly as you suggested ... SUCCESS and I have root access.

        Now to work on the 'unlocking' the apps market so we can download some usefull apps.

  • Ian

    I figured it out. My Fire is rooted again. Justin, thank you!

    • Justin Case

      Your welcome


      • Toppie

        I'm very new to all this 'rooting' stuff. What does it mean please?

      • Jo

        Dear Justin
        Thank you so much!!! I have Android market on my kindle fire! Is it necessary or advisable to unroot my kindle again before I synchronize with Amazon to buy books?

      • tee

        hi i am doing my best trying to down load the root and download on my kindle fire from multiupload but none of the site work do u no any other site on how to down load my root on my kindle fire

  • Bonnie

    Yes...thanks Justin!

  • Ian

    First of all, I uninstalled the superuser app from my Fire. It may not be necessary for others, but it was for me. Then I moved the uncompressed superuser.apk into the platform-tools folder and actually specified that file name in the "adb install" command, which in effect installed the a new copy of superuser on my Fire. Voila! I have root, and with OTA Rootkeeper, I can unroot it when I stream video.
    Hope this helps.

    If you're new to this, as I was a couple of days ago, do a lot of research and reading. Alternatively, some developer will probably come out with another method, which I first used to root the previous version of the Fire. However, adb is really powerful.

  • Jerry Wilkins

    Just got my Kindle Fire this afternoon and successfully rooted it thanks to your instructions. Woohoo!

  • KV

    Brilliant !..
    I was one of the victims of the OTA 6.2.1 update to loose my root and therefore affected for using Titanium backup & other useful tools which require root to function normally.

    I was looking for one such posting to break it free again.

    Thanks a million.

  • Lyle Schember

    If you root your Kindle Fire and put Minecraft on it, when you unroot it will it remove minecraft?
    I've found videos on this fanpage:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kindle-Fire-Reviews/286968834679702 on how to root it because you can't originally play mincraft on the Kindle Fire and if i root it and put minecraft on then unroot it so that it will no get glitchy with the amazon functions, will it remove minecraft? Also if you root it does it void the warranty.

  • Tad

    Original root negated streaming video. Does this one, too?

  • Jwebster54

    Yes. But you can unroot.

  • Jerry

    I cannot install the driver b/c my computer says it is up to to date. How can I override this?

  • Jwebster54

    If your computer is already updated. You must alrewady have ADB installed. Was your device alreaded rooted? And you lost it with new update 6.2.1? Then just skip that step and go to command prompt ..

  • Chezzo

    I cannot find com.noshufou.android.su-1 (or 2).apk

    Am I missing something?

  • webwerksguy

    I got mine rooted, but how do I unroot it. When I follow the directons root checker still says i have root ?

  • Enrique V

    Thanks for your tutorial, I did everything you said but when I try to run Superuser my Kindle says that the program stopped unexpectedly. What can I do to fix it?

  • Mwilly

    When I installed the Superuser.apk it failed because it said it was already installed. How can I uninstall it then install it again? Because of that message at the end of the multiple steps, I still don't have root.

  • Stu

    If I can't get a file browser App (cos I'm in the uk and can't even download free apps from amazon), will I be able to do this?

    • Frenchie

      You put the burritoroot.apk file in the /platform-tools (The same directory as adb.exe) and then you run adb install burritoroot.apk (Or whatever yours is called)

  • mr_mrk

    Ive rooted several phones before and have some small level of understanding of this process. However when trying to root a kindle fire with this method I get a device not found error. I must be doing something wrong

    In device manager I have the kindle fire drivers installed as "android composite ADB interface"

    • mr_mrk

      OK its done thank you for the awesome. tutorial !!

      BTW my mistake was not copying the adb_usb.ini to the same location as the adb.exe

  • Jwebster54

    NOTE: Previous rooted Kindle Fire should remove their Superuser App. This is as simple as clicking apps and then selecting Superuser User holding down and removing app from device.
    Then proceed with directions.

    • HungTD

      I press Superuser icon down but it does not show any option to remove app :S

      Please help

  • John

    in the command after my last install i keep getting a message failure (INSTALL_FAILED_ ALREADY_EXISTS) Any help??

  • Jwebster54

    Remove Superuser from the kindle device. Read comment above yours.

    • John

      ok thanks that worked. but now my command exe is stuck at success with no more promps. just a little more help please.

  • jwebster54

    adb remount

    adb push su /system/xbin/su

    adb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su

    adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su

    adb install com.noshufou.android.su-1.apk

    adb reboot

    That's it.

    • John

      Thanks that seemed to work this time. Hope you have a Great New Year!!

  • stuart

    Sensational and EXTREMELY helpful and well done!! Thank you!!!

  • Hans

    I live in Europe and got the Fire for Xmas. Are there any Europeans who got to successfully buy & install Android Market apps after rooting??

    • hamish.bits

      yes works fime! loaded gapps.zip into sdcard folder and installed it using bootloader.only problem is i have spent too much!

    • Jo

      The android app store works like a charm. Better than on my handy.

  • Nico

    it says root explorer app isn't compatible with the kindle fire. how'd you get it in there?

  • Nicole

    So I just got my Fire and i've looked at how to root it and I understand the process but I have one problem I have a mac computer. How would I root it now?

    • Nico

      Use a VM or hop to a friend's PC. I'm sure it's easier that way. :)

  • R3al sm00th

    Idk what I did wrong. Now my computer doesn't recognize when the fire is plugged in

  • ExitMusic_

    So there is no real danger in rooting as opposed to flashing a custom rom, right? And the process is reversible

  • Dan

    what do you do if-

    you live in Australia and cant download anything from amazon appstore cause u dont live in the states (therefore unable to get a file explorer) is there any other way to access the kindleroot.apk?

    • Saskplanner

      I second this. I am based in Canada but got my Kindle sent to my US address (winter home) but I can't access the Kindle Apps for a file explorer so until I do I am hooped.

    • Dan

      The way around this is to sideload the kindleroot.apk by linking to it in your browser. bam that bitch is rooted!

    • sal


      you can get a file explorer from getjar. it is also an android market and can be accessed from kindle fire. Hope it helps

  • Sue

    I had root previously installed prior to 6.2.1. When I go into the command prompt this is the message that i get. "adb" is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. What do I need to do?

  • josh

    Wil this root work for the huawei mercury by cricket... Firmware 2.3.5

  • Sean Pasley

    Finally able to download to the 'Kindle Fire'.
    Well, sort of. At least now the Market sees the device and the account has been set up to go .... having a bit of a problem with the Market stopping ... surely it would be easy to fix ..

    Many thanks to all putting up their 'issues' when completing; as it sometimes help me re-think what I was doing wrong.

  • Carlos666

    For a newbie

    "As a prerequisite to rooting the Fire, you'll need to have ADB up and running on your PC."

    is a pretty much useless statement. Could have just as easily said:

    "As a prerequisite to rooting the Fire, you'll need to have all the purple chickens lined up outside the carboniferous channelization."

    and it would have provided exactly the same amount of information to a new reader.

    • Rona

      I'm a noobe, too! Did you ever get an answer?


    • PrincessSofie42

      Awhile since your post....but looking around tonight. Go 2 the Kindle Forum General Discussion Website. Search 4 ADB installation There you will find a step-by-step guide that is simple 2 follow Unfortunately, the rooting issue stops there You must return here 2 continue Me? An Apple girl at heart. I understand Mac lingo much better. This stuff will ALWAYS remain purple chickens to me Thanks for the chuckle :) Good luck to you Rotten eggs to those who didn't respond to the newbies!!!!

  • Jeremy

    Ok, so noob here, but what access will be removed once rooted? I tried to stream a video from zon and failed. Also, my app only gives me the option to root and exit...does not give the unroot option. I followed the instructions via the video and all works great, good job, but I might need to know how to unroot at this point as well.

  • doug

    All is well until I get to the adb cmd screen

    I type:

    "adb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su"

    and get file or directory not found. I have installed su and other file to both Kindle ADB and to the platform-tools file. Don't know dos well. Can you help? This KF was previously rooted.
    Click to EditRequest Deletion (4 minutes and 26 seconds)

  • klehman

    Having an issue installing the drivers using Vista 64. First, my Kindle shows up under disk drives and not other devices. Second, When I navigate to and select the driver folder in .android I am told that no compatible file could be found and to insure the file I am looking for is 64bit compatible. Any ideas, thinking this may need to be done on a 32bit computer? Please someone let me know if I am mistaken or just a moron.

    • Jeff

      Having the same issue. Does anyone have any ideas. I am running windows 7 32 bit but getting the same response as klehman. Please Help

  • kai

    hi, im kinda stuck here... i cant find the rootzwiki.apk file.. instead i got CunningLogic-BurritoRoot-f1f2­2df folder and theres no apk on it... should i copy this instead of the apk file to the internal storage? (i download the files from rootzwiki.com)

  • kai

    okay, nevermind, i got it now...

  • Nathan

    Curious how did you get the kindle fire to install the files from the CunningLogic-BurritoRoot-f1f22df folder? I read the ReadMe file but short of mentions of some guy stealing the code.. I couldn't figure it out. Please help!

    • Nathan

      wow never I get it now, I just downloaded the first file in the update. got it! THANKS!

  • Jeremy

    Ok, so noob here, but what access will be removed once rooted? I tried to stream a video from zon and failed. Also, my app only gives me the option to root and exit...does not give the unroot option. I followed the instructions via the video and all works great, good job, but I might need to know how to unroot at this point as well.

    Does anybody know how or why this is the case? I followed the instructions in the video to the T and I do not have "Unroot" in the Jcase app.

  • Emma

    Working perfectly. Got the android market up and running, running apps I've pulled from the market or manually from my computer, GO Launcher looks beautiful... Thanks, Nate! This was easy and really useful. Much appreciated. :)

    note though: I think Justin may have changed the file name of the superuser apk, because when I got to "adb install com.noshufou.android.su-1.apk" I had to go back and type in "adb install superuser.apk" because that was the name of my downloaded file. I'm pretty sure I used all your links not any other ones, so you may want to check that. I was able to figure it out, but others not familiar might get really tripped up.

    thanks again!

  • Rona

    Help! I cannot find the android.zip file in a simple format. Lots of different names etc., for a noobe this is unsettling. Any idea where to find this?


  • Fireside


    This is the correct link. You have a 1 instead of a I

    • Pete

      That link is dead also... Looks like they shut it down. Anywhere else to get the android.zip file?

      • Pete

        Sorry, my last post is incorrect... the link works fine now (not sure why it didn't work earlier..?) Apologies..

  • Martin

    I have downloaded the android.zip file, but I cant open or extract data from it?
    Please help.

  • MeJoh

    Hey....... JCases updated SU app doesn't seem to have an Unroot option... or am I missing something? (Only want to be able to unroot on those rare occasions when I actually want to watch/use Amazon Prime Vids).

    • Jeremy

      yeah, my problem as well as i am a prime member for purchases already.

      • Daimyo314

        You use the Burrito app to "unroot" to use Amazon Prime. Then you go back and "root" using the same app. The kindleroot_androidpolice.apk file installs that app.

  • Pete

    Me too.…where is the unroot button?

    • Daimyo314

      In the app on the Kindle Fire.

  • levi

    Ok want to root my kindle but for some reason the drivers wont install at all. Tried many things but still wont install. I don't know if this matters or not but when I connect my kindle it pops up like storage drive not other drivers .... thanks.

    • Daimyo314

      You don't need the drivers. If you just click "Ok" it'll load as a F: or J: drive (typically). That's all it's supposed to do.

      If you're having an issue having adb recognize the 0x1949 device (Kindle Fire) then you should attempt to follow this:

      "Be sure to set up ADB [Android Developers] on your PC before you continue. You will be needing it in the last few steps."

      You download the Android SDK from Google, install it, and once installed let the SDK Manager come up and install the 7 things it asks you to install. Most likely you'll need to close the SDK Manager, and then run as an administrator.

  • http://apple.com Bob

    Where do you get the ADB thing?

    • Daimyo314

      Google Android SDK. You'll get it from Google's Android Developer's Page.

  • lm

    I'm not from the states, I can get de es file , actually i can't get any app, anything for us?

  • Manoj

    It was breeze... Thanks a lot

  • Max M11

    Didn't work and ultimately disabled the device…

  • Toggoboom

    Hi, how can I run application kindleroot, when I am not able to install any file browser on Kindle due to my location that doesn't let me install any software on it?

  • Jacob

    100th comment! thank you so much!

  • David

    not sure if this works for 6.2.2, but it says after adb root: adbd cannot run as root in production builds.

    how do i fix this?

  • Brad

    I'm having the same problem as David.
    every time I run adb root, I get the "adb root: adbd cannot run as root in production builds" error.
    I've tried rooting manually and tried using the Kindle Fire Utility but I'm still getting the same error. I've factory reset my KF and uninstalled/ re-installed all drivers as well...
    I'm stuck, any help?

  • rahul

    hey brad,I'm having the same problem as David.every time I run adb root, I get the "adb root: adbd cannot run as root in production builds" error. if i follow ur suggestion shall i have to do the all steps again., as i have done this on window xp. do i have to follow window7??!!!....please help dear

  • Amour

    I know this may be a newb question, but do I have to have my Kindle connected to the computer? :/

    -Doesn't have a usb for Kindle, bleh-

  • Nick Anderson

    For some reason when I try to access the Kindle Fire Root App it bring to a webpage that can not be displayed. Is multiupload.com even a working website? Can someone please help?

    • Funkyninja87

       I'm having the same problem. Multiupload.com doesn't seem to be working at all.

  • Sary Hay

    Do you have any other link to download the superuser?

  • Sridhar Mudhan

    Instead of Jcase's tool I end up downloading something called ilivid when I click on the link. hope this is not a hoax

  • Nicholas Seymour
  • dave


  • http://www.facebook.com/leonardo.leyvaortiz José Leonardo Leyva Ortiz
  • Someone

    This sucks. IT did not download it. I dont want your iLivid crap.

  • :( Thats just crule



  • fjsdaf

    FUck your shitty ass spyware link

  • Thunder Moon

    I can't download it the root app, it says it's not available in my geographic location.

  • Sam

    Spyware / Adware/ Virus...
    This is so much bullshit I don't even...
    No one wants your Ask Toolbar / iLivid crap.

    Is this the best you can do?
    Then go choke on a donkey's balls.

  • Sandbox user

    It seems to be a fake tutorial!!!!
    Thank god, that I've used a sandbox to run this fucking downloader, trying install all the Ask.com-Shit

  • Dean75199


  • disgruntled

    ilivid crap. idiots. cant stand fktards like this.