Last Updated: February 2nd, 2012

Update: According to Motorola, this update should be rolling out now. Let us know when it hits your device!

Looks like Big Red is preparing to push the first update out to the Droid RAZR that fixes a few bugs, improves data connectivity, and improves readability in the lapdock interface. Here is the full list of fixes:

Device Features

  • SIM Error notification has been fixed.
  • Improved camera features and quality.
  • Improved stability of menu access, Browser, Phone Dialer, video playback and music player to prevent Force Close errors and lockups.

Email, Messaging, & Data

  • Updated ground message notification.
  • Improvement in 3G/4G data connectivity.
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi performance.
  • Maintain network connection upon completion of a voice call.

Application & Widgets

  • Background color has been adjusted to improved readability in Lapdock connection UI menu items.

2011-12-19 13h39_53

There's no word on when the update should start rolling out, but we wouldn't be surprised if it starts hitting devices before week's end.


Cameron Summerson
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  • bobby

    Flashed a little while ago working great!

  • Diana

    Yesterday Verizon sold me a motorola droid razr & a 4GLTE mifi wi-fi adaptor. They changed my plan to pay more for 4G coverage and devices and I cannot get 4G signals here. I called tech support who told me if I go to and look up my device it will tell me what signal I am getting. I pay verizon wireless to get a 3G signal from a U.S. Cellular tower. Is it just me or is that plain wrong?

    • B L

      What the heck kind of link is that? That's an IP address for a networked computer!

  • Barbi

    I'm still waiting on for update, which I just heard about it... Can't wait :)

  • Tim

    Diana, if you have a 4G capable device you have ti have a 4G data plan even if you are not in a 4G area. The cost should have been the same as your old plan.

  • kenneth Martiatu

    Just updated mine, I will post what I think. Keep the updates coming!

  • Eddi M

    My update is downloading right now. I am so excited. Just wanted to share that. I will post results later.

  • Topgun

    Update wouldnt go for me. Called Vzw and they are sending me a new phone. Kept failing in the middle of the update.