Blowfish Studios has just unleashed two versions of Siegecraft into the Android world, one of which is optimized for Tegra devices. Not only does this game look beautiful, it appears to have some pretty dynamic gameplay as well. Immerse yourself into a world torn by war, in which you'll be in charge of protecting the land and castle of the race you choose to play as, eliminating enemies with a wide range of awesome weapons.

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Each race has specific campaigns, totaling 6 altogether with 25 levels each - that's a lot of game time. If you're running the Tegra optimized version you'll have some extra features to play around with, including exclusive levels and weather settings.

Ready to check it out? Hit the links below to give it a shot.

Brandon Lancaster
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  • crazifyngers

    I'm really getting tired of this tegra only stuff. I would like being able to download from the market instead of downloading onto my tablet extracting then sideloading onto my phone so that i can get either extra levels or better graphics.

    • Falconator

      They provided the link for the phone version of this. I checked and my DInc2 is compatible.

      • oldmanofskye

        I don't think he meant there is no non-tegra/phone version.
        What he meant is that "Tegra only" label is just an empty expression - as proven by Chainfire3d - even if you don't have Tegra GPU in your device you can spoof it by installing a different driver - therefore most (every?) Tegra-only app/game will work fine on non-tegra device.
        I don't mind not being able to run a certain game/app because my GPU is NOT powerful enough, but stopping me from using a game just because my phone doesn't have Tegra inside - that's low.

  • L0cutus

    very good graphics but only english language :-(

    • Bernhard Fuhry

      ...and thats a problem because?

  • JarlSX

    been waiting for this one!

    didnt work yesterday, just tried again, works now, so i'l try again on my tablet tonite