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Weather Underground, a popular (and extremely useful) online weather service, released its official app to the Android Market yesterday, bringing sophisticated, reliable weather reporting to the palm of your hand.

Perhaps the most handy of Weather Underground's features is the Interactive Wundermap, which allows users to get vital weather information in various forms, from webcam to satellite overlays to radar animations.

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WUnderground's app also includes up-to-the-minute local conditions from weather stations near you, reporting temperatures, "feels like" temperatures, hourly forecasts, interactive maps, 7-day forecasts, and more. Weather Underground also utilizes over 22,000 neighborhood weather stations, giving you "the most localized weather information available."

Overall, Weather Underground's app seems to live up to the name established by "the internet's first ever weather site." Best of all, the app is completely free in the Android Market, so there's no reason not to check it out.

Liam Spradlin
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  • wirbly

    Yes!! Been waiting for this since I got my G1.

  • Rance Vela

    Unfortunately there is no landscape mode for tablets that I have found yet.

  • Jim

    awesome. this is my fav goto site for desktop browsing. can't wait to check this out!

  • http://www.twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott

    No widget, no ability to have the temp in the bar; disappointing.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    Widget support/size(s)?

    • http://www.twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott

      No widget, a big mistake for any weather app.

      • Jim

        True. We're lucky they at least developed a somewhat usable Android app. They are mainly iOS fanboys - despite them being my fav weather site (it's true).

  • nerdshowandtell

    FC on galaxy tab, looks like ported iPhone app :(

  • Wolf Revels

    No widget? In a weather app? The whole point of a weather app is to be able to see the weather on your home screen. Heck I have a local tv station bookmarked to my homescreen thats as accessible as this. After reading all the hype and anticipation from others this was a huge disappointment.

  • http://buggin.me Phil

    Why are you all complaining about widgets? I thought the iFools said nobody reallly uses widgets. /s

  • Tee

    Another weather app/widget? You have to stand out of the masses which this one does NOT do. 'Fifteen in a dozen'-stuff...

  • tvBilly

    Nice first effort, but it needs LOTS of improvement. No widgets, as mentioned above. And the most annoying missing function? It doesn't remember settings. It doesn't remember your last view; it doesn't remember what layers you want in the map view; it doesn't remember much of anything.

  • http://www.brightfusehosting.com Adam

    No widget, waste of a download.

  • Simon Belmont

    Maybe they will add a weather widget in a future update? I have always loved Weather Underground, especially their hurricane maps.

    I am a bit of a weather bug. I tend to check AccuWeather, Weather, and Weather Underground.

  • sf

    I'm just looking for something simple. I want something that will tell me what the temperature is outside (a thermometer) that resides on my desktop and is focused on my micro-climate/zip code because the temperature fluxuates greatly given a mile here.