Sprint's variant of the HTC Flyer - the HTC EVO View 4G - is finally getting a taste of Honeycomb, bringing it up to par with competing Android tablets.

Originally launched with a heavily customized version of Android 2.3, the View 4G is now receiving an over-the-air update to Android 3.2.1. As you'd expect, the update brings Honeycomb to Sprint's version of the Flyer, featuring HTC's Sense overlay, and on-screen buttons which replace the View 4G's capacitive keys – here's the full changelog for this 217MB update:

This update adds Android 3.2.1 (Honeycomb) and a new virtual and holographic user interface.

Updates include:

  • Physical Hard keys replaced with on screen Soft keys
  • New Google search, available on every page
  • System Bar: Quick access to notifications, status, and soft navigation buttons available at the bottom of the screen
  • Notifications menu moved to the bottom right corner of the screen, on the System Bar.
  • The Action Bar—which can be accessed by touching the Plus Sign icon at the top right of the screen—is the key to contextual, changing menus that are controlled by each application.
  • Enhanced security including Sprint Data Link and 3LM

Fixes include:

  • Google video chat
  • Bluetooth capable in Airplane mode

If you're the owner of an HTC EVO View 4G, just hit Menu > Settings > System Updates > HTC Software Update > Check Now, and start enjoying the Honeycomb goodness!

Via: The Verge

Source: Sprint

  • wolfkabal

    Great news for everyone who jumped on the recent deals these things had (myself included)!

  • http://zackeryfretty.com/ Zackery Fretty

    My Dad just bought this, took a shot in the dark from dailysteals. Literally arrived today. So lucky.

  • J-Dog

    I wonder why they decided to do HC... If it were me, I'd have waited until ICS source code was out & got it running that... I'm sure the users will be happy for the upgrade, but they'd be even more ecstatic if it were ICS than HC (at least I would be)

  • amw

    If rooted, do not accept the ota update. Supposedly bricks, not just breaks root. Wait for rooted version of honeycomb, which will be out soon.

    • Maleangel

      I can confirm what amw is saying about that - I tried to root my EVO View (Revolutionary actually told me the root failed so I didn't think anything of it.) I did the OTA update and am now stuck with a temporary paperweight - not completely bricked but I can only get into the hboot and possibly APX mode (APX is a black screen so who knows). So if you are rooted DO NOT DO THIS!!!

  • Seely_Iggy

    I've been waiting a long time for the Honeycomb update. I'd rather have the HC now then wait till ICS.... HTC isn't exactly quick about their OS updates. The HC was promised months ago and finally it's here. If we have to wait for ICS, God knows how long it'll take them to deliver it to the Flyer/ Evo View 4G owners. If HTC decides to eventually offer ICS for the Flyer, great! But I'm very happy with the Honeycomb update.

    Sense on the Flyer makes the interface looks better than the stock version of Honeycomb. It's gorgeous and I do believe the tablet feels faster too.

    Best of all, the pen now works perfectly as a navigation tool and as a drawing tool. It's precision point makes drawing a joy especially when you use it with an app like Sketchbook Pro.

    I fell in love with my tablet all over again.

  • Disgruntled View Owner

    I could've waited for ICS roll out in my opinion this was a wasted update a little too late HTC/Sprint this makes you appreciate the elegance of Apple and I'm not a fan girl, but shit if Sprint and HTC don't make you want to jump ship. And I'm damn mad about the lost of screen real estate, no matter how small. New home screens feel cluttered, and I want to know why is there no user manual on all these new changes.....you would think after taking so long that would have been ready too.....thanks for allowing my rant!

  • elcuervo

    Right On....."lost screen real estate". WHY did they get rid of those buttons which were not on the screen itself? 10" fine...not 7" I will resist the change as long as possible until I can confirm other folks ideas and comments.

  • Ken

    Thanks to "Disgruntled View Owner" and "Elcuervo" for both your bluntness. You saved me from a lot of frustration. Hope you can switch back to Gingerbread (is this possible?). I'll stick to the current Gingerbread 2.3.4, because screen real estate is very important, as you've mentioned. It's unfortunate that the enhancement of the pen function applies only to Honeycomb, and not to Gingerbread.

  • lien

    Why did the replace hard keys with soft keys? That is so stupid!!
    All apps also only halve screen size. I wish I never did this update.

  • lien

    Avoid if you can!
    All apps only show halve screen size. I wish I never did this update.
    Why replace buttons that are working perfectly?

  • Mike

    I agree with Lien. Widgets are now about half size, and there is about 1 inch on top and bottom that are not usable. For a 7 inch screen, this sucks. Wish I had not done the update. All the controls that were on the top, are now on the bottom, there are no more hard buttons. Lame update. Lost lots of usefulness

  • emily

    Agree with the abovee comments hate new update, widgets look like they belong on a phone no a tablet as they are much smaller. Spoke to htc they suggested I did a system reset to try to get back to old system, lost some stuff, can't get iplayer installed. really cross wish I never changed it :( anyone know how I can get it back to old system?

  • emily

    Agree with the above comments hate new update, widgets look like they belong on a phone not a tablet as they are much smaller. Spoke to htc they suggested I did a system reset to try to get back to old system, lost some stuff, can't get iplayer installed. really cross wish I never changed it :( anyone know how I can get it back to old system?

  • Dave

    Totally agree, wish I hadn't bothered upgrading. Where have 'folders' gone? I'm going to do a restore I think.

  • Disgruntled View Owner

    Unfortunately, you are unable to revert back to 2.3 without rooting your View. If you restart or do a factory reset it will still go back to 3.0. This was such a wasted update, I believe they should've worked on 4.0 and just rolled that out which from what I understand is the married OS' of 2.3 and 3.0 to make a better OS and user experience. I bet we'll have to wait yet another year if we get it at all regarding the ICS update, stuck with yet another antiquated OS. So now I am stuck with a sucky OS because I am contracted too 2013 or I'll have to pay the earlier termination.

    They truly messed up a great tablet that was reasonably priced and sized.

  • elcuervo

    Wow...I knew I didn't like the percieved "new" update...didn't know alot of folks felt the same. I love this evo WITH 2.34....not 3.x. I am however concerned that EVO will update my View automatically...like B&N does w/its Nook Color. I rooted my NC w/2.3 and its great...but the 1.5 GZ EVO is lightyears faster and videos play great. I will try to keep 2.34 and NOT convert till I see 4.0 ICS and I'll wait for feedback from you guys....THX

  • jason

    Im pissed. My flyer is unusable with this update.

  • scott

    Even my Kindle app looks stupid now. It's like I'm reading from my phone instead of my Flyer tablet. I can't find my way around now. This whole update is stupid. I need to go back some how.

  • elcuervo

    OK I waited...EVO (View) as of now does NOT automatically DL 3.xx as Nook does. I still love 2.34 and will NOT upgrade. My EVO still lets me know that an update is available if I click this "Button". Have to be sober so as to not goof up. PS..Sprint has monthly subscription $15 for G4 ...I think 150 MB...sorry i'm not really sure of the details but I know its a monthly deal w/no long contracts.

  • Balaji singh

    Now 3.2.1 honeycomb update is available in India for HTC Flyer Check your systems for more details or update

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