One of the hottest gadgets of this holiday season, the Transformer Prime (see our preview and review), is scheduled to be released the week of December 19th - that would be any day now starting today. In anticipation of the launch, Amazon re-launched pre-orders for all four color/size combinations after they went dark, disappeared completely, and even got cancelled in some cases shortly after the first wave was sold out.

Update #1: ASUS issued the following statement today:

ASUS started filling the inventory pipelines this past week for our new Eee Pad Transformer Prime and will continue to do so on an expedited basis for the foreseeable future.

We will reach normal inventory levels in January for the North American market based on current orders and forecasts. Based on forecasted supply schedules to our valued partners we expect pre-order allocation fulfillment to occur shortly and online or in-store availability in the very near future.

We will continue to work closely with our partners to fill customer orders as quickly as possible.

Update #2: All models are sold out once again. We'll monitor the situation and update the post as necessary.

Update #3 12/20/11: All models are now available for order yet again, including the keyboard docks. Availability is currently set at 4-7 weeks, which may change depending on how fast ASUS can deliver the goods to Amazon.

Here they are:

image image

image image

image image

Additionally, every Transformer Prime order comes with a free one-day shipping option:

imageFREE One-Day Shipping: Buy select products sold by Amazon.com, and select one-day shipping when you check out.

The one-day shipping cost for select products will then be deducted from your order total on the final checkout page.

Here's how (restrictions apply)

For those in need of a spec recap, it's coming right up:

  • 10.1-inch SuperIPS + display with Gorilla Glass
  • 1.3GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 Processor with 12-core GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 32GB or 64GB internal storage with microSD card slot
  • microHDMI port
  • 8MP F2.4 rear shooter with continuous flash for video recording, 1.2MP front camera (1080p camcorder!)
  • 8.33mm thin
  • 586g (1.29 lbs.)
  • 12 hour battery life playing 720p video, 18 hours with keyboard dock
  • Metallic spun finish
  • Two available colors: Amethyst Gray and Champagne Gold (show below, respectively)
  • Android 3.2.1 - will be updated to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) as soon as possible after release
  • $499 for 32GB model, $599 for 64GB, and $149 for the dock

Now all we need is that "Temporary out of stock" blurb to change to "In Stock" in my favorite pleasant green.

Thanks, Zachary Rodriguez and others!

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  • Kokusho

    choose your PRIME shipping ! xD

  • David

    What they need is to get the keyboard in stock, or at least as a pre-order.

    • Jon E.

      Yeah, I need that too.

  • David

    Doesn't the champagne look more silver? That's the model I ordered this AM anyway (via Amazon). The grey looks more bluish purple. Hard to tell by the pics! One day shipping FTW.

  • Mgwalk

    Best buy in Columbus does not have them and the old one is still 399 for the 16gb :(

  • Torstein Molland

    Will the Asus Transformer Prime sometime get shipped to other countries like Norway?

    • ron

      after new year , unfortunately.

  • Tyler C

    I too plan on getting the champagne because I didn't like how blue/purple the grey one looked. Plus I think the champagne color looks a tad more elegant so I hope it doesn't look too silvery in person.

  • saucequatch

    Temporarily out of stock has been replaced with usually ships in 4 to 7 weeks.

  • Mack Ross

    It's out of stock on Amazon now, but just camp out at http://www.watchmyitems.com/?item=B004U78JT8 to be among the firsts to get it when Amazon restocks.

  • nocturnhabeo

    it is out.... again.... why can't i pre order it...

  • GrantM

    My pre-order from Best Buy was filled yesterday and shipped today. I should get it tomorrow or Wednesday. I guess we'll see!

  • Deltaechoe

    phew i didn't get my preorder cancelled so i'm hoping i'm in the second wave of shipments

  • Dave Ciepluch

    I placed my order today. I hope that I will get it before January 25th, but I don't think I am going to complain much if I don't. I prefer that they fix problems before they ship them out. Now, as long as I have it by the time the semester has gotten going...

  • Dan

    why does the amazon title say "ASUS Transformer Prime TF201-C1-GR 10.1-Inch 64GB Tablet (Amethyst Gray)
    by Samsung." They are being sold by Samsung?

  • Jovel G.

    Just want to clarify based from reading this, is the champagne variant looks like silver and the amethyst gray looks like blue/purple. Which one looks better?

  • ai69

    No 3G yet? Damn it, why Asus why??!

  • Felix Maynard

    Got to wait till January in the UK :(

    Hopefully Dad will preorder, or I'm waiting till June

  • Dan Bobke

    Did anyone notice on each of the Amazon pages for the various versions of this tablet it says "by Samsung" after the name of the device at the top? Weird little Freudian slip...

    I took a screen shot with the "by Samsung" on it and then looked at the page again and it had "by Asus" on it. A refresh of the page brought the "by Samsung" back!