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Tired of your lackluster music collection? El Goog is here to you help you remedy that with a huge sale on millions of tracks for just $0.49 in the Android Market. Buying single tracks not your style? No worries, most albums are going for a mere $4.99, too.

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I searched through the Market for a few of my favorite artists - some popular, some obscure - just to see if I could find something going for more than $0.49 per track or $4.99 per album. What did I come up with? Nada. Everything I looked up had the same mega-low price tag. However, the sale's landing page does indicate that albums with a retail price of more than $14.99 or single tracks of more than $1.29 are excluded from the deal.

It's hard to say how long Big Daddy Goog plans on running this deal, so you better get while the gettin's good.

[Source Android Market via Androinica]

Cameron Summerson
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  • taylord

    Drat my luck, I just bought 4 songs on iTunes this morning.

  • http://imgur.com/CuKA2 sketchy_alx

    I went on as soon as Google announced it and got an album for my wife (Nicki Minaj). I've been trying to find some stuff for myself, but it turns out they don't carry tracks from the bands I want. (probably because they're UK based bands)

  • Exalted Ruler

    Lucky man.... married to Nicki Minaj. What album did ya buy her?

    • Cameron Summerson


  • http://blog.liox.eu Shadowchaser

    We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country.

  • Rxpert


    My cards getting declines now because of all these .10c and .49c purchases!

    • http://www.twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott

      I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad that Bank of America doesn't do that to me.

  • Mike

    If your daughter likes Nickelodeon singers I guess you are paying full price. All the Victorious Cast songs are still $1.29.

  • Aaron

    Now.... if only any of my favorite artists sold music on google music

  • stuart

    Amazon is doing the same thing right now it seems, all the albums I bought off of the market are listed on amazon for the same price

  • Erica

    Where do I find the music I just bought on this google music site? Did it on my sprint phone can't find music I bought