Following the example set by AT&T and T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy SII variants, Sprint's Epic 4G Touch is set to get its own white counterpart, probably in early 2012. Pocket Now speculates that the Epic 4G Touch's white version may be announced at CES.


Personally, I'm hoping Sprint has a little more to talk about at CES than their own white SII, but the paint job does look rather flattering. While the above shot is all we have to go on for now, we'll be here to cover any other details that may emerge.

Via Pocket Now

Liam Spradlin
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  • squiddy20

    I've never understood the attraction of white phones... Wouldn't white show more scratches, scuff marks, dents, etc?

  • http://estebanlopez.mx Esteban

    No. I'm pretty sure Apple has all the tones of white patented as they invented White.

    Samsung can expect a sue anytime now.

    • Calvin

      now that's funny +3

    • Andrew

      Jealous much? Funny how so many iphone fans are mad because they now the iphone doesn't even compare to the galaxy sII. Get over it

  • http://Cnet.com T

    I love white phones, they always look new!

  • moises

    if they only one with a 4" screen.

  • sblevine

    I don't get it. Plastic comes in every shade of the rainbow. Why are most all phones black, and why are we so surprised/happy when one comes out in white?