Last Updated: December 20th, 2011

Update #1: The full flashable stock RUU (it's not rooted and will most likely wipe your data) has been leaked. It can be used by developers or users to roll back to stock 2.11.605.9. You can download it from our mirror here (MD5: 013cbdd3a9b28bc894631008fa2148e2).

Thanks, Garrett!

Update #2: This update breaks revolutionary at the moment, but a fix is on its way.

Thanks, Justin Case!

Update #3: Rooted and deodexed version is here.

The HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon is all set to receive an update to version 2.11.605.9 up from 2.11.605.5 that arrived in October. The OTA contains a new radio (, and a few fixes, listed below.

Device Features

  • Resolved issue with contact ringtones.
  • Improvements to notification volume.
  • Updated local streaming playback mechanism when network connection is not available.

Apps & Widgets

  • Updated Twitter API for Peep/FriendStream.
  • Clock app included in All App list.
  • Improvements in Exchange ActiveSync.

We do know the size for this OTA (36 MB), but we don't know just when Verizon is going to start rolling it out. You can check manually on your device by going to Settings > Software update > Check new.

image image

Thanks, @B_More_Sol_jahh!

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  • CoZ

    I'll take the new radio. I've long switched over to the MIUI ROM and haven't looked back since. Just spectacular.

    • Leo

      How do I install the MIUI ROM on my Thunderbolt?

      • Mike

        The short sweet version...root your phone, install clockwork reocvery, do a nandroid backup, download the MIUI custom rom to your sd card, boot into recvoery, wipe data, cache, dalvik cache, install rom from sd card.. and there you have it...

      • CoZ

        Just be aware, the MMS is 'broken' on the MIUI ROM. So you can't get MMS texts. Regular SMS, no issue.
        That wasn't a deal breaker for me because the ROM is so smooth, fast, excellent battery life, looks great...etc..etc.. I can go on and on.

  • Drootz

    So has anyone received this OTA yet?

    • iloveblueberries

      I've been trying, no luck yet. Keeps saying my phone is up to date when I recheck.

      Sorta new to smartphones in general, what should I expect from the "radio update"?

    • ben

      Yeah just got it.

      • iloveblueberries

        Same got it shortly after my last message on here.

  • http://infectedrom.com McLabia
  • Ben

    Getting the update now. Did a manual check however it is available and downloading now.

  • http://infectedrom.com McLabia


    For those that are rooted and havent grabbed the radio already. Here you go boys and girls. :)

  • bassman418

    Don't. Do the update if using easy tether. After doing it my easy tether program is broken. It's work flawlessly, and now after the update, the computer won't recognize my phone in the program. I've deleted and reinstated and still same message. WTF.... Thanks Verizon.

  • Joe

    Still waiting to receive this OTA. Need to see of it fixed some of the list of the 100 things wrong with this phone.

  • fmourd

    anyone have an idea if CM7 or any other stable root of 4.0 will come out soon for thunderbolt and what is the site I can check for updates?

  • microchip01

    Have you tried WiFi Tethering by OpenGarden? That's what I am using on stock 2.2.

    I'd like to know if the update breaks all 3rd party tethering apps or if it just breaks EasyTether.

    • Tyler

      Any reason you're not running Gingerbread?

  • Janelle

    Just got the update

  • blinky

    great. i finally worked up the courage to root 5 days ago for my vacation, and now they roll out an OTA that breaks revolutionary? FML.
    and here i was going to show my iphone siblings some of the advantages of android. classic.
    is there any way to postpone this for 2 weeks, so that i can be at home to fix it? i shut down my phone when it was going to start install in 30s.
    when it "breaks" revolutionary, will their be any impact to non-rooted aspects of the phone (calls, 4G, email, etc)? i'm assuming break doesn't mean brick.

    • blinky

      my bad. i thought this OTA would break an already-installed rev-root. now i see that it only prevents you from rooting with rev.

  • Synycalwon

    May want to add the MD5 for the RUU download. Although it is posted at the RootzWiki link provided. Thanks :)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Added, thanks.

  • http://www.vevo.com petetandon

    I got my upgrade. Its the Galaxy Nexus. G-bye forever HTC!

    • Salaam1030

      Is the Galaxy Nexus a much better phone than the Thunderbolt. I was thinking of upgrading to the Nexus, but really don't know much about the Samsung phones. Can you give me a short comparison report.

  • charles

    yep just got it to night.

  • charles

    my wifi do not work it cut off and on

  • ivan

    what does Clock app included in All App list mean?

    • denise

      It means that you have the clock back in your apps, as of the last update before this one everyone lost there clock app so now since the recent update the clock is back.