TeamWin, the developers who originally developed CyanogenMod's WiMax compatibility, have been working on TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) for a while now, and have just released the second iteration of the custom recovery.

TWRP 2.0's most notable new feature is without a doubt its touchscreen-centric GUI -- while this isn't a first, it certainly is extremely convenient: gone are the days of "scrolling" through lists with super-stiff volume buttons and selecting items with a click of the power button; with TWRP 2.0 you can simply tap and be there!

Other than that, most of the other new TWRP 2.0 developments concern bugs and glitches in the original version of the recovery, so we shan't spend any more time on them; instead, let's take a look at some of TWRP's core features, as listed on TeamWin's website (these were present in the original iteration as well):

  • Ability to save custom recovery settings
  • Touchscreen driven with real buttons and drag-to-scroll
  • XML-based GUI that allows full customization of the layout – true theming!
  • Settings are saved to the sdcard and persist through reboots
  • Ability to choose which partitions to back up and which to restore
  • Ability to choose to compress backups – now with pigz (multi-core processor support for faster compression times)

tablethome tabletinstall

TWRP 2.0 on a tablet


TWRP 2.0 on a phone

The best thing about TWRP 2.0 is that it's already available for a number of major devices, with support for more presumably on the way:

  • HTC EVO Shift 4G
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC HD2
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Thunderbolt
  • Barnes and Noble Nook Color
  • Motorola Photon
  • Motorola ATRIX 4G
  • HP TouchPad
  • Google Nexus S
  • Google Nexus S 4G
  • Samsung Epic 4G Touch
  • Viewsonic GTab
  • Amazon Kindle Fire

Keep in mind that since this is the very first release of TWRP 2.0, there are bound to be at least a few bugs; however, given that the recovery's feature list is nothing short of stunning, it's almost certainly worth a look nonetheless.

Source: TeamWin

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Jasonsf

    You got my hopes up by listing the Samsung Epic 4G. You forgot to add the all-important "Touch" to that one. It is the Epic Touch 4G that their website says they support.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Fixed, thank you.

  • tekrhino

    Sweet! I wonder if Koush (CWM) will be following suit with a similar touch screen GUI also..

    • Null.n.void

      If only it were true...

  • chssmsterwnook

    Huh, not booting on my Nook Color.

  • eleazar

    You got my hopes up :(

    The "Google Nexus" is actually the Nexus S and the "Google Nexus 4G" is the Nexus S 4G.

    Bummer, I was hoping that meant Galaxy Nexus.

  • Nikhil

    Would say it's a bit risky though... i like the safety provided by scrolling at least 5-6 lines before clicking "Wipe Data" or any other critical activity, while using CWM recovery.

    • TKL

      I agree with you. It is even more important for phones with smaller screens.

    • Eggcake

      You could just implement something like a confirmation where you have to type "WIPE" or something similar. Nothing risky there.

      A simple "Yes/No"-dialogue box would not be enough though, I agree.

      • http://tinyw.in/twrp Dees_Troy

        There is a wipe confirmation page to help prevent accidental wiping. Eventually we plan to add swiping for confirmation of critical actions ("swipe-to-wipe").

  • Null.n.void

    Their website is down. Still hold out hope for some Bionic love. I contacted one of the devs and got a response right away. They still need a unit to work with. Sorry but I'm outta cash too.

    • http://tinyw.in/twrp Dees_Troy

      The website isn't down, but there appears to be a routing issue outside of our website / servers that's preventing some people from getting to the website. Try it again with a different Internet connection.

  • sgtguthrie

    Anyone try this on the THUNDERBOLT yet?

  • zzmee

    ok trying to root the kindle fire;i thought everything was fine. My screen looks like the one above- top left and i can access the screen at top right. but how do i do anything else. where are my books, etc.

  • Robert Hendricks

    Are you guys going to make a recovery for the ZTE z740G?

  • reza beckster

    is 2.8.3 support falcon (xt1033)?? because it's only said xt1032.. help!!