If, like many LTE Galaxy Nexus users, you are frustrated by Verizon's choice to block Google Wallet from Samsung's hottest new device, and don't want to root just yet, XDA has some good news. It turns out that Google's standard Wallet APK can be installed on the Nexus' LTE variant without issue.


The news came after many rooted users reported issues using a flashable .zip file to get Google Wallet up and running. Of course, users installing Wallet on their new Nexus devices are also eligible for the standard $10.00 credit courtesy of Google, making the news that much sweeter.

Without further ado, click either of the download links below and start impressing unwitting bystanders as you pay for purchases using your LTE Galaxy Nexus.

Download: Mirror 1, 2

Source: XDA Via Talk Android

Thanks, Kam!

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    Alternate title for this article: "Hey Verizon, Go F Yourself"

  • Bas

    Is the Google Wallet service US only?

    • Yathushan

      Yeah it seems so. Cause I stilled it for my galaxy nexus in the UK and it didnt seem to work.

      It told me that my carrier/country wasn't currently supported right now. :(

      • Bas

        :( Google..... just like the Music Store...

        • james

          But we can still get the cloud facility if not the store just yet. Engadget have a walkthrough, i use it and its really good.

      • Evgeni

        Same in Germany

      • Terry

        Google Wallet is coming to Canada in Spring 2012.

        • http://www.yeahfil.ms Stefan

          Thanks you!! This is the answer I've been searching for :D

  • Nexuz-Uno

    I have the unlocked GSM version on At&t in the US. I don't want to root. Is there any way something like this could work for me?

    • Nexuz-Uno

      EDIT: CONFIRMED! Google Wallet works on all Galaxy Nexus devices in the United States! (GSM and LTE)

  • Fabulas

    Sweet, and my $10 credit has been added!!!!!!

  • Andrew – Des Moines

    Maybe Verizon's actions -- and serious competition -- will spur Google to speed broad release of this app. I couldn't care less about that eyesore Nexus, but I would like to see Wallet usable with my AT&T GSII.

    • Fabulas

      Does the GSII have NFC?

      • kj

        of course not.. :^)

  • Sheepman

    Yup. Worked perfectly in Los Angeles. $10 credit too. Nice.

    • David

      Yes it does. It says on the battery. Carriers have to activate it though.

  • coder

    Google are repeat offenders when it comes to geographic discrimination.

  • Mike

    I'm assuming it will because it is an apk but does anyone know if this is compatible with AT&T's SGSII?

    • Fabulas

      it may install, but it will need NFC to work. There are only 2 phones with NFC right now.

      • Kevin

        The AT&T GSII has NFC, it's just not enabled yet. I have it enabled through my custom rom so I'm gonna try this apk to see if it works.

  • Luckbuckets

    does it work for the GSM Nexus S? i really dont want to root my phone but i would love wallet

    • Luckbuckets

      I just tried installing it and it did install but i got a message saying my carrier or country does not certifies it's use.. i also forgot to add in the comment above that im on T-mobile

      • N1 2 NS 2 GN

        I received the same message! Im in the US on t-mobile trying to install it on my galaxy nexus. Is this for LTE only? Or will it work with GSM phones as mentioned in one of the comments?

  • Newt

    Works fine on my GSM model 4.0.2 yakju device tmobile. Have $10 credit and activated :)

  • Mike

    Put it on and used my free 10dollar at mc donalds this morning. Wow hot chocolate is exspensive here

  • CJay

    I downloaded Goggle Wallet but it wont let me install.... ? Little help

  • Mikeyt114

    Doesn't work anymore.. They have found a way to plug hole. Piss heads