British Telecommunications plc (aka British Telecom, or BT) has joined the long list of litigants looking to catch Google on alleged patent infringement, filing a lawsuit with the US District Court for the District of Delaware claiming that Google infringed six of its patents with Android and other services.

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BT is out for blood, seeking damages as well as an injunction over patents ranging from "Service Provision System for Communications Networks" to "Storage and Retrieval of Location Based Information in a Distributed Network of Data Storage Services." Among the services named as prime examples of infringement are Google Maps, Places, Offers, Music, Location-based advertising, Google+, and of course Android.

It's worth noting that BT's lawsuit has materialized at a very interesting time. Specifically, it has come about just as Google tries to close its acquisition of Motorola Mobility Inc. It's unclear whether there is a connection here, but the timing is coincidental, if nothing else.

It isn't clear just yet which direction this suit may go, but if Google is made to pay more Android-related royalties on top of existing obligations, FOSS Patents speculates that the search giant may have to pass the expense to manufacturers, which could have a significant impact on Android's progress.

For a complete explanation of BT's claims regarding each of the six patents in question, check out FOSS Patents' post on the subject here.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Spydie

    F*****g As****es,,,let's have some more lawsuits.

    • Jon Garrett

      Patent lawsuits should have a statue of limitations.

      Trolls should have a limited amount of time to file lawsuits and not wait until years and billions of dollars later.

  • Imran

    FFS!!! i hope Google rapes BT in the ass

  • andrew vincent

    I need to patent the action I call "service provision system for sticking my middle finger up at manufacturers and telecoms who frivolously litigate against google".

  • ralph


    "Following a login or the transmission of an authentication token, Google "offers the lsit of items that the user is entitled to access", and retrieves any such items at the user's request."

    Doesn't that also apply to Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, and let's not forget Apple's iTunes.

    • http://www.twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott

      So does my debit card at the ATM as well, not to mention my PC, and when I play WoW.

      • J Rush

        HAHAHAHA NICE ONE! But yeah, a lot of things require permissions. This is just ridiculous. Can't Google get a break?

    • sriracha

      does all this apply to search engines (location based advertising), youtube (Music), mapquest, facebook, and almost anything i could possibly do equally well with my laptop that may not have GOOG's stamp on it?

      i'm turning my computers off. please reply by snail mail.

      • Todd Frank

        BT was spun out of the post office several decades ago. They may have snail mail patents too.

  • Orion

    This is pretty bogus. In all honesty the majority of patent lawsuits going on right now need to be discarded because they are completely pointless.
    Yes, some of them are for good reasons and I can understand that.
    But ones like this are just stupid.

  • Josh

    google will go all ape-shit on them and then open up a bag of whoop-ass

  • L boogie

    A majority of this year's headlines (from a mobile viewpoint) involved Apple launching lawsuit after lawsuit against the likes of Samsung, Htc, Motorola etc and though I've heard enough to realize the patent system is a twisted mess now comes a new d-bag ready to stink up the atmosphere with their brand of garbage. great, can't wait to see how many more lawsuit-happy maggots come out in 2K12.

  • Aeires

    Sounds like the terms are too wide spread and won't be able to hold up due to the vast amount of equipment that it involves. From what I've read and heard, this covers every cell phone and gps unit created, good luck with that holding up anywhere.

    When I first heard of this, Apple came to mind. Low and behold, they were mentioned at the bottom of Foss' website when they used a BT patent against HTC. Apple has already been caught farming out lawsuits to keep negative backlash from hitting them directly, wouldn't be surprised if this was another move from their legal team, just under a different name.

  • Tyler C

    These patent wars are becoming a bit of a joke. It just makes me wanna give even more of my money to Google. Which I have done by buying 2 Acer A500's for $250 from Wally World last night (they had a problem where they were supposed to receive several A100's but did not get them so they were selling the A500's for $249 to make up for it), and a new Transformer Prime.
    I look forward to my Ice Cream Sandwich in January.

  • Rovex

    BT is a dinosaur thats in its final death throws. Its a virtual monopoly that would get completely destroyed in a competitive market. This is desperation.