Last Updated: February 22nd, 2012

Yar Matey! Take to the high seas and plunder all in your path! Disney's new social game, Master of the Seas, promises to be "the first mobile game to combine deep story and brilliant graphics with compelling social gameplay."

In this 'Pirates of the Caribbean' themed game, you'll be able to become the ruthless pirate you've always dreamed of being, build a loyal crew, and battle other players for notoriety and treasures. As you navigate the seas and explore islands, you'll be able to complete quests, earning booty and experience points. Invite your friends to play along side you, or even against you.

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I don't know about you, but I've been looking for a way to fire canon balls at my friends. I've also always wanted to be a pirate, but don't really want to deal with scurvy. This will do just fine.

Check it out below, you landlubbers.

Brandon Lancaster
Brandon says he likes to live life on the edge. By that he means eating ice cream for breakfast and wearing house slippers to class. Aside from all of the ballsy action he partakes in, he's a mass communications student that spends much of his time studying or tinkering with his phone.

  • Deez1234

    I played this game on the PC a while back to pass some time. It is really geared towards a younger crowd but I suppose it is fun if you are trying to find a time waster.

  • http://androidpolice.com Alpha55

    The last paragraph should of said no homo lol

    • http://truth.com truth

      Or no alpha55's

  • Himmat

    Not a nice game. Didn't really like it. But maybe people who like these genre of games will find it good.

    • Eric

      It's got 4.3 stars with 56 reviews. So I'd say there's a market for it.

  • http://www.the-franchise-shop.com matthew

    Most excellent game, been playing it for a few weeks. It can get a bit repetitive but addictive at the same time. Certainly a good time waster..

  • Mandi

    Anyone know how these promotional codes work? I've tried a dozen, and they all say that they've already been used. My own promotional code (E1P0V0) doesn't work on my DH's phone. Any ideas?

    • Cherry

      Same here...I think it only works for the first time because after that it won't accept anymore promo codes.

  • J_AND_R

    Can someone explain why items purchased don't increase your attack/defense values by the amount they claim?

    Say I buy a canon that's supposed to be +20 attack. But it only increases my attack by +10. Same with defensive items like amulets.

    What am I missing? Thanks!

    • Melsa14

      I think you might need more crew. I know in order for your items to give you the full increase in attack you have to have enough crew members to use each item. I don't know if its like one-item per crew member or what though, I haven't figured it out.

  • http://beerpla.net Artem Russakovskii

    I hate this game so much, more than any other game on Android.

  • Jdavila279

    Please add me...I love this game...blackwidow27 I gift daily and to all new users my code is g2d2j7 ....and to all my crew thanks :)...for the gifts hope u enjoy urs as well