Last Updated: December 29th, 2011

Our final giveaway today is another of our developer-oriented contests, and we're giving ten copies of the massive programming reference book Android Wireless Application Development by Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey, thanks to our friends at InformIT. Again, we ask that only developers or those interested in learning Android development participate, so that they can start making even more awesome apps for the rest of us.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • Boby
  • Aaron Nw*
  • Dennis F. Heffernan
  • Pedro Pina
  • razorD
  • Stephan Miske
  • Jamison England
  • Bender
  • Rafe
  • James C*

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Here's a brief description of the 792-page book:

The start-to-finish guide to Android application development: massively updated for the newest SDKs and developer techniques!

This book delivers all the up-to-date information, tested code, and best practices you need to create and market successful mobile apps with the latest versions of Android. Drawing on their extensive experience with mobile and wireless development, Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder cover every step: concept, design, coding, testing, packaging, and delivery. The authors introduce the Android platform, explain the principles of effective Android application design, and present today’s best practices for crafting effective user interfaces. Next, they offer detailed coverage of each key Android API, including data storage, networking, telephony, location-based services, multimedia, 3D graphics, and hardware.

Winners can choose whether they want a hard copy or an eBook edition, as well.

How To Enter

In the comments section below, (before you even get that far, PLEASE make sure you put a valid email address in the email field below the name field for your comment) tell us the title of the app you would make after reading Android Wireless Application Development. Be creative, funny, or silly - we'll randomly select ten entries as winners.

This contest  will run for 24 hours - meaning it will end at 2PM PST on December 17th, 2011.

This contest is open to residents of the following countries:


Good luck, everyone!

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Jamison England

    Drug dealer's Log Book

    • Adam Sablich

      Except dealers buy burner phones... are there Android burners?

  • Bryant

    Love these developer givaways!

  • BrazenRain

    OS Ninja - Fruit ninja with only apples, blackberries, and mangos

  • Dei

    I really want to create or see an app that lets you broadcast your offline Google Music to an FM station, so that while you're driving you can tune your car radio to a particular FM station and hear it. I don't even know if that's possible, but this book would help me find out if it is!

  • http://bionic.tavishandmolly.com Sheldon

    "Android Asteroids". Cause I'd only develop it on Android.

  • Michael

    Android Police App?

  • Kenneth Cummins

    Andwarf Fortress, a mobile front-end to the indie game Dwarf Fortress

  • Jason coote


  • Phil Fernandez

    The Beer Me App!

  • http://blog.devonschreiner.com Devon Schreiner

    "How to build an Android App"

    Or my rendition of, "Hello, World!"

  • Matthew

    Android Police for Dummies

  • Kris Linville

    WiFi Key Finder (for use on authorized networks only, of course)

  • David

    "PONG for Android." An epic time-suck!

  • http://twitter.com/jonpeng Jon

    Goku's Pizza Party

  • Byron Jones

    Cat Lady: The Hunt Begins

  • Nate

    Number Draw (electronic version of drawing numbers from a hat)

  • Dallas

    I would like an app that combined all of my finances and accounts, and displays them in a calender view. That way I could plan my spending and monitor it on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

  • Jesse

    Wifi Sync (Sync Multiple Android units wirelessly)

  • Krishna

    Business Exchange (exchange business tweets)

    • Adam Sablich

      Great idea... although probably a better idea to name it something cornier like "Biz Xchg" so that people don't assume it's a Microsoft Exchange client (people are dumb)

  • http://plus.lars.fosdal.com Lars Fosdal

    "Runaway Family" - The ultimate locate and notify application. Remind your spouse that the dinner is ready, find your kids, locate the dog (requires GPS collar)! Where did you park your car? "Runaway Family" will remember the location and guide you there!

  • Christophe

    "Save savior"

  • Orion

    LOTP 1 - Lord of the Phone, Fellowship of the Droid. :p
    I've been wanting to build a LOTR style Android game for ages. xD

  • http://gplus.to/MelonBread Melon Bread

    Deadly Danger Dungeon

  • Arleen Boyd

    "Food Shot" The application for foodie photographers that will make your mouth salivate and your shots glisten.

  • http://youtube.com/sharpacemedia kay

    Either a Very good Muslim prayer app, or a very addictive game :D (I have two games in mind)

  • Dudusmaximus

    The "Save World" app

  • http://mendicantbug.com Jason A

    Cheating Spouse Tracker


    • Adam Sablich

      I couldn't think of any good apps, but I'm plus-one-ing the ones that are fantastic. I'd buy this one :)

  • sonnyjjchiba

    The Penis Health Monitor App - For Men

  • kenwen

    Teapot terminator!

  • http://otfusion.org jmsa

    "Silly Android App"

  • Thawdar

    Personal manager app. An app where you can manage almost everything. I said almost everything. :P

  • wyngo

    Post-it IRL - an AR app that lets you put virtual post-it notes on real things.

  • Tyler Durden

    "DeOccupy" It would be an app that shows #OWS supporters that it's not that hard to get a job and make money the old fashion way. ;)

  • James

    I'd make an app that allows you to sync your music playlist with friends so you can listen to the same music on headphones without having to use one side each.

  • Dennis F. Heffernan

    WiSafe, a WiFi backup/sync utility.

  • https://plus.google.com/111117385198349234837 Alex Mitchell

    This App Doesn't Afraid of Anything

  • Hiram Lester

    An Android version of the U-Verse Voicemail viewer.

  • Stephan Miske

    I have always wanted to create a game kind of like Shadow Run RPG, but make it a LARP. Your phone could tell you if your close to some one who is playing the game. if you end up battleing it would take place between the phones. there would have to be some special security that would block adults from minors and people that don't want to be stalked. but I think it would be cool on a global scale

  • wirbly

    Words With Enemies

    • Adam Sablich

      fantastic idea.

  • ottermann

    A mix of Diablo and Riven first imagined by Bill Amend in the comic Foxtrot.

  • Dean Glascock

    "Drunken Droid"

  • http://darshankaria.com Darshan Karia

    SJSU Navigator... that's what i'm working on :-)

  • MJ

    I would create an app named something like "Wireless Signal Hacker" after reading "Android Wireless Application Development" by InformIT. >:)

  • Chris

    Control the terminal

  • SR

    Hopefully rolling out my app by end of next month!! Optimistic!!

  • http://genesischess.com/ Micah

    I would add wifi play to my chess app.

  • http://v-kotov.ru Vitaliy

    "Random Call"
    the idea: lonely? want somebody to talk to? push the button and call random person waiting for you. Or just set "waiting call" status and wait for someone to call to cheer you up.

    (Don't realy know if I can do it - just a random idea :) )

  • Wild Andre

    "just an other network app"

  • sbonner

    The Sneaky Librarian

  • http://techbh.com.br Claudio

    Why are you hurting us so bad!
    No Brasil, yet!

    I cry!!!

  • cole

    "Totally Awesome App Which Does That Thing You Want It To Do And Then Makes A Sammich!!!!"

  • http://www.oscarcampos.com oscar campos

    ooo, does that sammich have bacon? I'd make a random recipe generator app that always added bacon to the food. Making it a for sure +1

  • David Nilsson


  • Charles Norris

    Dysfunctional Family Christmas

  • http://www.teamrou.com Phil Oakley

    A clone of the Nokia N9 launcher, with some extra added Android goodness.

  • Matt

    I would make an app that helps people think of apps to make!

  • stanosky

    If I win that book, I will make an app which can send my used socks to the laundry over WIFI. I will name it "DirtyTransfer HD" ;).

  • http://www.nickburress.com Nick

    I would make a puzzle game or a notepad++ app.

  • Hellion

    Alfa-wave teacher Pro ;)

  • adrian miller

    Password manager that runs in browser tabs for quick autofill of logins and even hits enter for you.

    Or a game where people chase and catchto penguins andinto then throw the penguins into santa's sleigh as he flies across the screen whilst avoiding reindeer poo falling from the reindeer above you.

  • Murphy

    I'll name it "ILoveYou.exe" :)

  • http://www.torikomix.pl Tori

    Uh.. "Less-wire"?

  • Ben

    Carrier QI.

    I will arbitrarily have a ton of permissions associated with it, think root kit. It will be an app that hovers between the Dalvik VM and the OS intercepting all keystrokes, and storing this information in unprotected plain text files. It will routinely send information back to my system so that I can monitor everything a user does for no reason, think big brother.

    I will secretly sell this software to most major carriers and hardware manufacturers to install on their devices. I will also potentially use this app to give information to the federal government, you know, just for shits and giggles.

    In the end, some grey hat punk will out me and I will look like a total dickhead and lose all of my largest clients, and rack up so much public ill will I will not ever be able to do anything again.

    Hence the name QI.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    Foo Bar or: How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating and Make an App

  • uwflatlander

    "Past Tense" A time tracking app, none really work well for me so might as well make my own.

  • bertraze

    1000 Miles - Android really needs a good version of the classic Mille Bornes card game.

    • Adam Sablich

      Loved that game.

  • http://ideepu.blogspot.com Deepu Mukundan

    "Meawooo" - The cat sound generator which will imitate sounds of the several situations a cat gets into; like being fondled, angry cat, hyper cat, robotic cat, scared cat etc

    • Adam Sablich

      lol... you fondle your cats?

  • Chris W

    Fantasy Football App.

  • Gary Patrowicz

    hide and seek app for kids where they can track each other with phones

  • Jeremy Harris

    I want to develop an app for submission of trouble calls and trouble ticket management for Information Technology and Facilities Management.

  • Bender

    Remembererr (notes with alarm)

  • Martin Rajniak

    The app could be called 'Hardwire'

  • http://blog.liox.eu Shadowchaser

    Stalker - app which constantly reminds you that you're being watched, so you can feel really paranoid:)

  • jrSki

    Mother's Lil' Helper"
    Useful tools for anyone who wants to be a better mother. Biorhythm and ovulation calendar, contraction timer, appointment and dosage reminders, biofeedback relaxation module, white-noise generator, and if all that fails to do the trick, you can set your device to vibrate until the battery dies. All timer and reminder tones change from pleasant bell-tones to milk-curdling screams of a newborn. Realistic!

  • AFormoso

    "Atrix Mirror" - That works over DLNA

  • http://twitter.com/stetsonaw Andy Stetson


    I had a name there, but then decided that it's too awesome to let out to the public. But it has to do with... <> travel.

  • http://www.jknipp.com Jonathan

    I would name it K-Lock. :D

  • http://www.twitter.com/isolatedsnail Kyle Andrews

    Band Manager, I'm hoping to create a specialized app to allow band members to have a button with key buttons that will communicate messages back to the sound guys and tech operators at the board at the touch of a button on their phone.

    IE: Monitor up, instrument down, distortion off, vocals up, etc.

  • Shadnix

    "Gelan's Time"

  • Sean

    App-ocalypse! :D

    The last app you'll ever need!

    • andrew vincent

      That's kinda what I was thinking. Something based on the zombie survival guide. I like your name better but for my own... zombie APPocolypse.

  • http://www.sirgain.com/ Isagani Oloya

    "eClicker", it is sort of a remote transmitter for students or participants to participate in an interactive presentation setting.

    It would work similar to the i>Clicker see: http://www.cmu.edu/teaching/clickers/

    • Adam Sablich

      I have to say, in reply to Isagani Oloya's idea: MAKE THIS.
      Students would MUCH rather pay $5-20 for an android app that does this instead of having to buy a stupid proprietary Clicker unit from their universities.

  • Jonathan

    "Android Police Hunter Xtreme" - Hunt convict apples and Malware

  • http://toxicbakery.com Ian Thomas

    User feeeback API

  • Carlos

    sleepytime a app telling you when you should sleep

  • AJ Rehman

    OLD SCHOOL SCUMM - To port old school adventures games like SCUMM.

  • john carter

    Anime rose. Finds nearest whatever.

  • Eric

    Windows 3.1 sounds like a good app name.

  • Ryan O.

    The iPhone destroyer!

  • Tkun

    Fairy Serial Killer

  • mdwilson37

    Network Scout - an app for monitoring your wireless network

  • BaconSquid

    Intergalactic Squid - Co-op Edition

  • Nathan

    Network Dump - An app for dumping (to your phone or a sd) and decrypting the data that your phone sends and receives, Now you can see when spyware apps (think Carrier IQ) are stealing your data

  • Rafe

    oh, oh - over here...Bazinga

  • Bill Strickland

    something really stupid I'm sure..... or maybe not.....

  • Stephen Sharp

    Remote Office :D

  • Tim

    I would make a cookbook app.

  • Shane Strickland

    Birds Flock Together

  • Aaron

    I'd make QuikCal.

  • Zane

    Sonic Screwdriver

  • http://braytondesigns.com Shelby

    I would make a personal away message app. Usable in all situations, and could even be location based.

  • m1st0

    WhichWay - compass/GPS pointer towards something important, if I actually spent the time.

  • Jeremy

    An application to share the love with anyone random/anonymous.

  • http://www.IndieAgile.com Pat

    I would create an App connecting Android phones in a 'Pico' Wi-Fi network. When one disconnects, when goes out of range an alarm is set off on the "master" phone. The application is a "Man overboard" alert for small boats. Protect your kids!

  • engineerGA

    "Android Master Key NFC"

  • Gary

    Even though an app already exists for this, I would like to make a Wireless ADB app. Can't come up with a good name though so it would just be called "ADB Wireless."

  • Tristan

    There are so many comments. I want to make an app calculating the possibilities that I'll actually win.

  • Jonathan

    i would make an app that would remind you when to change your contacts. For example, if you have monthly contacts what date to change and a reminder a week before to help you order a new next months prescription and provide helpful links to find the cheapest contacts online. also integrate eye knowledge and how improper use of contacts can actually damage your eyes over time and how important it is to change them out. id call it eye specialist.

  • interDroid

    Track what you bought app. Cause I forget sometimes

  • Brandon

    I would like to develop a couple of apps one would be for a local restaurant that does a world tour of beers contest and it would be nice to keep track using an app instead of a receipt or website. And move to a larger scale later on

  • swilva

    Is this thing skin cancer?

  • skmpowdjy

    "The App"

    What is does is a mystery.

  • Vivec
  • Aaron

    Sheet Music Scanner. Or a scientific calculator. Or.... lol i have ideas

  • Gibson

    Where's My Ice Cream Sandwich update checker version 1.0

  • http://www.theandroidvibe.com Troy

    SSS - Scientific Sandwich Sequencer

  • Micky

    interesting things now on map

  • Saswata Mohanty

    Wireless TV Remote. So that I can keep both mu hands engaged on my droid :)

  • http://www.royalty-club.com Jarrod Placide-Raymond

    Social Injustice World - a crowdsourced mapping of injustices across the world

  • RLJK

    How impressive is this beard?

  • ashwin

    ultra mashup - a mashup of all ma ideas to create an really useful app!!!

  • Rock

    The app name would be "Which is Better".

    Typical usage: The user can select two models of a product to buy. They will be placed side by side on the screen. Now, he can send that comparison to friend to get his suggestion, or get recommendations from relevant websites (eg: Amazon). So, when ever the user is in a dilemma, they can take help.

  • CD

    rEwardCard - so I can stop carrying 1200 buy 10 coffee/lunch/oilchange/etc get one free cards in my wallet and just QR them bitches.

  • Voldarian

    Universal remote app :)

  • Samar

    Title: "STOMACH GROWL"

    Hint: Feed your Appetite - Sync with Fridge

  • Scott Haggerty

    I work for a MAJOR MSO, the app they have for apple is great but the one for Android SUCKS! Being a MAJOR Android fan boy I would love to develop an app for Android that can be used on all Android platforms, ie: phone, tablet, T.V.! I'm not going to pretend to know code but I think I'm smart enough to learn, if I can get a chance.
    I know this isn't funny but it is passion from the heart!

  • Justin C

    Droid'n'Seq: a music sequencing app for android. "Compose music on the go, anytime, anywhere. Impress your enemies. Annoy your friends."

  • http://www.visitdresden.wordpress.com Christoph Klante

    It would be "Honk the Monk"
    Action Adventure to save the abbey.

  • Jonathon G

    "OGame Interface", and probably convince my work place to develop a mobile app. Can't say what it would be called, but I can say we will "work for you"... Then probably a tonne of awesome widgets.

  • Scott Mallette

    Anne Droid's Recipe Keeper

  • aj34

    The Aimless Planet

  • Athex

    Handwriting For Fun

  • Josh

    Portal for Android.

  • Dan Caseley

    I've always fancied writing a native app interface for code entry sites like CokeZone and Sainsbury's Active Kids.

  • Karthik

    i want to create wifi remote..

  • http://www.facebook.com/victorciccone Victor

    Fur Friends: Where are my cat(s)/dog(s)/gerbil(s) right now?

  • Boby

    An app for handwritten journals - for police and security professionals

  • http://www.mobilesq.net Ahmed Ali

    an app to provide Android SDK and Eclipe for for Phones and tablets so i can create apps direct from my phone or my tablet.
    i know it's complicated but not impossible

  • Mike Caro

    autopilot android

  • Kradog

    "What have I forgot to do this week" app

  • LayZee

    DrunkReply: Automatic translation from drunk en texts to sober texts.

  • R2-D2 Air

    "Wireless Robot"

  • razorD

    "Recycling stations locator"

  • Manuel

    "gimme your 10 cents" :0)

  • http://vignesh.thepetals.info Vignesh M

    "Primary Phonebook" - An app that integrates and sync all contacts from different sources. User can scan, take picture of a visiting card to add new contact and more more functionalites...

  • Ansgar M.

    Running into Strangers (some location based app)

  • Ansgar M.

    Running into Strangers (some location based app including chatting and minigames)

  • fat fred

    some beer? - app for finding best beer prices.

  • TKL

    Wireless hurry up reminders for when someone just doesnt want to move it

  • DesiThug


    App will provide home automation features, as well as home security features.

  • Frank

    "App Idea" Random words thrown at you in a jumble to help come up with an app Idea.