With the launch of the Galaxy Nexus, there's a good chance that many users left their current carrier to go with Verizon. Since Big Red no longer offers unlimited data plans, keeping tabs on your data usage is an absolute must. For that, Onavo is here to help, and the most recent update to its app makes monitoring your usage even easier.

The new widgets include App Watch, which helps you keep track of how much data is being used an a per-app basis; a data plan used widget, which offers a quick look at where you're at for the month (with percentage used); and a live data usage 1x4 that shows how much data you've used in the last 30 minutes.


The app is free in the Market, hit the widget to grab it.

Cameron Summerson
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  • sriracha

    verizon has "My Verizon", a preinstalled app that monitors data usage, minutes, and SMS. you can also modify your plan on the fly and pay your bill. it doesn't do real-time, but it's close enough to keep tabs on all your account limits.

    coupled with the terrific "ZDBox" app, which reports data usage for each app, i always know where i stand before my statement arrives, and can nix data hogging apps before they become a problem.

    i'm sure this will be a great alternative to those that do not have "My Verizon", or wish to keep up with their data instantly.

  • Alex

    Uhm, why would you want that when a data usage "app" is built into Ics.

  • Marco

    I also don't see why either, not the way the app is at the moment, now if it had the data compression the iPhone version has it would be different

  • [deXter]

    Also worth checking out is 3G Watchdog. I use the pro version, and its jam packed with features such as alerts and automatic limiting, stats and trends, billing types (whether to include uploads, exclude certain apps etc), automatic backups and more!