Last Updated: December 29th, 2011

Our second, and last, giveaway for today is a little more literary than the offerings we've had so far, and really, is pointed more towards those who are looking to get into Android programming and development. So, we do ask that you only enter this contest if you actually want the book, because there aren't many Android giveaways out there aimed at the developer crowd. And don't worry devs, this isn't the only InformIT title we'll be offering as part of our Mega-Holiday Giveaway - it's just the first.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • will Ch*
  • Kapil Sukhyani
  • Juan S*
  • jason f
  • RazorHail
  • Greg Draven
  • Ganzúas
  • Chris M*
  • Lino Barreca
  • sungam

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

What's up for grabs? Ten copies of Learning Android Game Programming, by Richard A. Rogers, thanks to our friends over at InformIT. Here's a brief description of the 480-page book:

Build the Next Great Android Game!

Learning Android Game Programming is your hands-on, start-to-finish guide to creating winning games for today’s rapidly growing Android mobile device marketplace. If you have even basic Android development experience, Rick Rogers will help you build on your knowledge to quickly create low-budget 2D mobile games that sell.

The book starts with an up-to-the-minute overview of today’s Android mobile games marketplace, reviews each leading genre, and teaches you the foundational concepts of game development. You’ll design a simple game, then master every step of game development with AndEngine—the powerful, open source, free game-development engine. Every chapter teaches with sample code you can actually use, including many examples drawn from the published game, Virgins Versus Vampires (V3).

Winners can choose whether they want a hard copy or an eBook edition, as well.

How To Enter

In the comments section below, (before you even get that far, PLEASE make sure you put a valid email address in the email field below the name field for your comment) tell us what the title of the game you'd make after reading Learning Android Game Programming would be. Be creative, funny, or silly - we'll select a few of our favorites from your entries as winners, and randomly select the rest from all those who comment.

This contest will run for 24 hours - meaning it will end at 2PM PST on December 16th, 2011.

This contest is open to the following countries:


Good luck, everyone!

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Lucan

    "Ninja Blood"

    I've already worked it out in my head, I just don't know how to make it. I could really use this book.

    My game is a cross between Mario, Contra and Karateka. It's a 2D game. The main character (He doesn't have a name yet) uses basic martial arts to fight his enemies, but along the way he learns special moves. He can also find hidden weapons throughout the game.

    Please don't steal my idea.

    • Daniel

      All the best dude

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    Android Police Gave Me a Free Book To Make a Game and This Is the Game I Made With the Book They Gave Me For Free

    ...or APGMaFBTMaGaTItGIMWtBTGMFF for short.

  • Pedro Pina

    humpty dumpty - a game of a little droid in a world full of apples who wants to take him down

  • Carlos

    money fall - a game where you try to grab all the money flying around

  • Felix


    Cause... everyone loves to eat apples, eh?

  • rock1234

    Droid Hogs - Game is to make the hog eat as many fruits as possible - Apples, Mangoes, Blackberries :)

  • Scott Mallette

    Anne Droid Versus the Apple.

  • junibert

    Game title: Dual Helix Ascension
    Inspired by the awesome Gurenn Lagann

  • John Jones

    When Pedestrians Attack.

  • Daniel

    Any sort of racing games.
    I once played vdrift in Ubuntu so I will try producing the same to droid

  • jrSki

    Cache Potato" - a sit on your butt version of irl Geo Caching. Players search outrageous landscapes for the prize or red-herrings using simulated search tools like GPS, radio direction finding, infrared goggles, avalanche beacons etc.

  • Ophois

    Formeldahyde. A 2-D sidescrolling zombie game.

  • Brian C

    Country Anime Shower karaoke.

  • Andrew Lam

    DROIDBUSTERS. It will be an AR ghost huntin' game. Maybe. I have to win this first ;P.

  • KH Chong

    Chuck Norris: The Awakening of the Round Horse Kick

  • Eric

    zombie bones,

    a cross between angry birds and wheres my water.

  • Calvin Lau

    Since it's a 2D game, I'll go for a platform game. I guess platform game will be easier for a beginner rather than aiming straight for some Racing or FPS games.

    Game name: Android Police (Tribute to Android Police for giving away the gift)
    Gameplay will be similar to a game name, "Run Like Hell". Android Police will be chasing after criminals in the game on every stages and stages of different criminals with different unique skills to create obstacles to prevent Android Police to chase any closer.
    Tones of features will be added in to enhance gameplay.

  • andrew vincent

    super zombie apocolypse

  • Daniel Spottiswood

    "Lint Trap Hero"

    Make your way through the dryer vent, Combat forgotten pocket junk and Help our hero Spot (an O.D. Green Army sock) reunite with his other half.

  • Shane Strickland

    Birds Flock Together

  • Blair McClelland

    Jellybean Kidnap

    Pretty self-explanatory really with some cute little jellybeans

  • Joshua Morgan

    When the Wraiths Cry

    Cyber/steam punk styling victorian horror game

  • Reakus

    Stop the Apples!

    It will be an RPG where you have to stop "Apples" from taking over the world by spreading green goodness (aka Android!) :D

  • Ashiq JA

    Rash Driver! A game that is both addictive and passes the message to avoid rash driving. I hope i get this book, cuz i'm a freaking Android fan :)

  • BaconSquid

    Intergalactic Squid

  • Jonathan

    Strawberry Love Grenade

  • Piotr

    Adventures of Luke Starkiller ;)

  • Micky

    shoot the knee...

  • Enoch

    Rainbow Chipmunk Rhino Squashing Epic Transformer Megatron Inducing Random Awesome Generator Ant Birds Throw Ninja Mega Fruit Stomper Gun Shoot RPG Epic Style Shooter Slasher Chomper

    Yes...That is what it would be called.

  • aj34


    who would want to play a game with that title :-)

  • sungam

    Apple slicer: How many pieces can you slice?

  • Squid

    The adventures of Admiral Corkbutt and the flying mothball

  • Josh Lohr

    Razor Slayer...slash, slaughter and slay your way to victory with the latest technology using fire, water and steel.

  • Jordan

    Simply the Worst

  • Jorge

    The Revenge of Baby Jesus

  • Glenn Gordon

    "Back that thing up","Then drop it like its Hot" Dance game for the phone.

  • Gavin M.

    Kazoo Hero (from the makers of Guitar Hero)

  • Dean Glascock

    "Whack a Honey Badger"

  • Marco

    Domino's VS Pizza Hut!

  • Joshua M

    "Ghost Hero" and it would be motherhopping amazing.

  • Kevin

    I'd make "Hipster Barista..."

  • Adam

    Get to the Choppah!

  • Eric

    "No Explosion too Big"

    A physics puzzle game.

  • Eric T. Jones

    Turds with friends

  • Fardi

    "Adventures of a hot dog"

    a funny game that teaches you a lot about foods and cooking

  • http://www.facebook.com/THEadamlewis Adam R. Lewis

    Hunnybear and the Big Bad Bees!

  • Cory Crew

    College Clash! A collection of intertwining mini games that make college what it is.

  • Carlos

    I want the book!,,

  • Cooper

    Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob

  • VikkD

    Ride with your Dark Passenger

  • Jeppe

    Futility - Tech support edition

  • Tyler Chappell

    After reading this book, I would finally have all the skills necessary to create "Applesauce for Androids", where you squeeze, smash, pull, and slice little apples to feed your pet Android! May also be called "Apples for Andy".

  • Nate D.

    Heroes of BinaryLand

  • Eric

    I like turtles.

  • http://carelessmurmur.wordpress.com Aritra Mukherjee

    Want it badly.. I want to learn android in this semester break started from yesterday

  • Hareef

    A real time city explorer with real time roads, streets & buildings that u feel you are actually virtually on the streets.

  • Kapil Sukhyani

    Mogli - Chaddi Pehen Ke phul Khila Hai.

    Mogli is a Indian cartoon character

  • Harald

    Addictive racing

  • Harald

    Title: Addictive racing, for Android.

  • Jack

    (Android) Cops and (iPhone) Robbers

  • http://www.facebook.com/victorciccone Victor

    It's like cubicle, but also hell. It would be based off the movie "Office Space," but the goal is to impress your drone superiors while simultaneously pulling off hijinx of ever increasing difficulty.

    P.S.: I would really like to win this book because this is something that I've been interested in for a while, but haven't really figured out where to start.

  • CrazyAndro

    "An Android Pet Game"
    "An Apple Shoot Game' to heighten the Andro-Apple rivalry, shooting Andro's to fire and drop apples from trees

  • Jason

    Angry Balmers a chair throwing simulator

  • Kiran Parmar


    A game where u need to keep climbing(rather jumping) higher on the clouds. The character would be a small droid.

  • Brian L

    Running over celebrities with cars. Run over your favorite or most hated celebrities with a variety of vehicles, from snowmobiles to jet skis, from SUVs to Smart cars. The fun is endless!

  • Aaron

    What I Should Have Done

  • Andrew

    360 and PS3 Unity! The first app to full support Xbox Live and PS Network, offering full Hulu, Facebook, Google+, Netflix and Google integration. On;y on Android!

  • LoSes

    Either Shinobi Prep or Shinobi U

  • Drew

    A Diablo style game for android exclusively

  • Adam G

    Hobo on a Ham sandwich

  • Andrei Markovits

    Multiplayer Chinese Poker

  • bubbl3

    ICT Manager Story - build and manage the ICT department of your dreams: will you survive the attacks of the middle management, the budget cuts of the CFO and the efficiency requirements of your CEO?

  • Greg allen

    Revenge of the delivery driver, paperboy style game


    Whack the idiot
    It allows you to upload a face of somebody you don't like and kick the hell out of him/her.

  • http://www.90000.eu Mats

    My first game will be Klatrix, a game I developed (and actually had published on a "cover disk") for Atari ST way back in the eighties

  • http://www.techvendetta.com Ryan

    My pet project, "Andropetz"

  • ereptor

    "Shoot the knee" ... I guess it explains itself, you could be an evil overlord who destroys adventurers' notion of not being a guard:)

    • Micky

      yep, the enemy's weak point is knee only, if arrow missed they will become a hero. The game has a sub-title: angry lord

  • danny

    "Guantanamo Android"

    To coincide with the destruction of the Bill of Rights and the right for the government to detain any American citizen without trial, I would create a game where innocent Android devices would be thrown into Guantanamo Bay and try to escape. :X

  • Svinkall

    "Get Out!" an Escape the room game

  • ocdtrekkie

    "Generic Android Game" ;)

  • Squishybunny

    "Truth or Deer"

    An app all about getting to embrace your inner deer while grazing the blissful fields of innocence.
    As well as to trample on innocent bunnies just for the fun of it.

  • Helten

    "Roadhouse" - Kicking is involved...

  • Anmol

    two games
    "The killer"

  • Stephen

    Phone wars : Return of the Android!

  • Alasdair

    Ninjas & Nail varnish

  • Max

    Freeze your mind

    puzzle type game

  • http://andlabs.info Andlabs

    Gravity Defence. And Greetings to Nicholas Gramlich, the Dev of AndEngine :)

  • Maciej

    "The Life of Johan Gambloputty... (of Ulm)"

    A surrealistic platformer with beautiful graphics and a surprising ending:)

  • Nina Bakker


  • DM

    WTF : Wacky Trans-Football

  • Roberto Ingrosso

    Drunken Drummer Viking: A Love Story

  • alex2b

    The game I miss and would build is P.O.D. (Proof Of Destruction) from the good old Commodore C64 days! Fast and furious action...

  • alakyr

    Apple Ninja!
    not a copy of fruit ninja but a game where you have to kill apple's logo!

  • Hellion


    I know it doesnt sound as much but it will be about a young soon-to-be lawyer who is bored and fed up with the system feeling like there is no purpose in persuing a career other than money when he finds out about dark secret passages in these old court buildings leading to dungeons and tombs where juries are turned into ferocious flesh eating ghouls by evil judges and that is just the beginning of revelations yet to come...long story short it would be a hardcore RPG referencing to Black Isles masterpieces with fresh new ideas of how to make a game really good...this told I hope you will save me from becoming a lawyer and I will win this book so I can become game developer like I always wanted to be :)

  • http://facebook.com/smsmycarandme Force

    I would redefine Category "Android Sports Games" with my absolutely awesome game to release after reading this book, that would also take advantage of the new NFC technology:

    It would be called "Reallife-Swimming" and you'd have to be in a lake or swimming pool with a friend.
    Before starting the swimming race, you have pair both devices with the NFC and then clip them to your body.

    During swimming the app will calculate in realtime how fast and how synchronous you're swimming compared to your enemy.

    Obviously the device MUST NOT put in a bag or protecting shell, because it needs water contact to calculate all these values, silly you.

  • filcek

    Joseph county journey full of adventure and mystery!

  • jeffb

    Ziltoid the Omniscient's adventure.

  • TKL

    I have a dream (perhaps one day I'll get good enough to actually do it): Malazan Book of the Fallen after the best fantasy series I have ever read.
    For me it has evrything a good game, soldiers, empires, wars, magic and ordinary weapons, bloody, horrifying and selfless acts, broken souls, brotherhood in arms and even a tiny bit of love. It is sad, funny, exciting, disturbing, complex and intriguing, epic and enjoyable.

    More realistically speaking, it'll probably be something like Trees attack: Splat those humans!

  • will

    real fantasy world

  • http://romrepo.info TechJeeper

    Off-road Adventure.

  • Martyn

    Super Monkey Pipe Bomb Attack Ninjas

  • Michael

    Staring Contest With Friends

  • Sasa

    A (Hi)Story of Rock
    ..manager game simulating the evolution of rock music depending on infrastructure and resources you provide in your settlement.

  • Chris Pedersen

    Free the Zoo animals.
    One must lead the cute animals of the zoo to freedom in an anti-Tower-Defense based game.

  • kerjani

    "Holiday Zomby Attack"
    It is about the holiday sales, when people get "holiday fever" and attack the stores! :D

  • Graham

    Poopsockin': Touch Edition!

  • http://n/a Chad

    "They Still Live".

    An augmented reality game based on the old John Carpenter movie. You scan people in a crowd or on the streets, and some of them are augmented via FX to look like the aliens from the movie, who you can then blast. It's like an open feint Where's Waldo to find all of the disguised aliens you can, share geotagging to get friends to help wipe out the nests, etc.

  • BuckeyeDroid

    Android Game Programming for Dummies, i.e. IOS Developers.

  • Bartosz

    "Spiders Attack Revolution" - Fallen many years ago, they get their revenge soon!

  • Andrew L.

    Dick 2: Electric Bugaloo

  • Aaron C.

    My game will be called: Wish

  • http://v-kotov.ru Vitaliy

    For the first title "Droid hunt" will be good for me

  • fierywater

    I will make the epic follow-up to Paper Toss, Toss the Cookies!

  • http://blog.spidey01.com Terry Poulin

    Stargella's Revenge" - a Galaxian/Galaga style action game that I had started game design on a year ago but have been waiting to develop.

    With my Transformer, I'd probably try to develop it on Android, for Android :-).

  • Cloudsnightmare

    Happy Bacon Birthday Shower Party

  • DesiThug

    My game will be playing cards game based on a game played in India. Three Of Spades

  • Nelson Silva

    Android Tricks and sweets!

  • Joonas

    The name of my game would be catch a turd

  • MJ

    I would create a game titled "Not Another Military War Game" after reading "Learning Android Game Programming" from InformIT.

  • chaz tanner

    my game would be called oil clean. The object of the game be how far you can get cleaning up oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico with paper towels.

  • Swoosh

    I would love to create a contra style game.

  • Billy


    It'd be portable party games.

  • kris

    Goober Balls - Attack

  • andrew

    smash and crash...throw stuff out your apt window and make iphone drivers crash before they hit the elderly droid crossing the street

  • shinn

    "Forever A-Lone"

  • David

    Bankers hunt. Find and destroy the ones that are destroying the system.

  • razorD

    "UIST Defenders", small educational game (final project for programming 4 cource)

  • wyngo

    Predator vs. Aliens vs. BugDroid

  • Sunny

    Laser pong

    Pong using finger swipes to bounce the ball in divergent directions.

  • Lee

    The Return of the Fellowship of the Two Androids

  • Nelson

    Mine would be named Hertz Machine

  • Jon Nguyen

    My game would be called "The Adventures of Andy the Android". It would consist of many levels, with the main character being none other than Andy the Android

  • Bob

    Kiss Saves Christmas the video game

  • Ben

    Easy, I would make Eternal Death Slayer 3.

    All the money I earn will be used to upgrade to robot ears and metal legs.

  • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    Mission Wisconsin: Brats, Cheese & Beer

  • Jamison England

    Dick - Part II - The Market Safe Version

  • http://www.probbieproducts.com P.Robbie

    Smack Obama, I would ad on and update my game thats in the market called Smack Obama

  • Dennis Gutierrez

    "Battle TaNK-tics"

    Mmm hmm, I went there.

  • Patrick Toews

    Dog slaughter. But it will be the dogs doing the slaughtering! Cleaning up your neighborhood of cats and other small animals. And the ocational postman.

  • Wild André

    "Dark Soul of Quseidon"
    just an RPG for mobile phones

  • Pags

    Umm, I'd make "Android Police Wars" where you have to go around blowing away bad apps and malware and collect good apps and cool stuff to level up. Just saying!

  • Josh

    Nexus Quest - The Android RPG
    * Help Bugdroid grow from a simple dessert chef to the ultimate Android hero
    * Learn powerful Open Sourcery abilities
    * Explore a vast world populated by characters and places inspired by the big names in the Android community.
    ** Help the Android Police arrest rogue apps
    ** Is Cyanogeneration just a skateboard park, or can they teach you far more?
    ** Help all the citizens of Dead Zebra Town find their way home
    ** What mysteries does XDA hold?
    * Obtain the power of Root, and $sudo overclock Bugdroid to his limits!
    * Discover the true meaning of the words of the creator
    mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git ; repo sync ; make

  • techvudu

    I would call it Angel Fire. I think some sort of recreation of the AC130 scene from COD MW2, or possibly some heavy artillery (777) gameplay. I can't help it, been Army for last 15 years. Can never kill enough bad guys.

  • Michał

    "I'll be back" A game in which you're tying to level-up a state governor in to a living killing machine

  • http://bagcollector.tumblr.com Chris

    I'd make an ice-cream shop simulation, a la the Kairosoft guys. Except it'd take place in the Underworld.

    I'd call it Achocalypse.

    The sequel would be Achocalypse 2: Carmelgeddon.

  • skmpowdjy

    The Adventure of Antonio, the Mustachioed Man of Wonder

  • sonnyjjchiba

    Sesame Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha 2: Champion Edition

  • Dylan Williams

    Passive/Aggressive Birds

  • Mat


    Or something like that. It'll be about the death of Flash and the rise of our hero HTML5 :-P

  • valkem

    MooBerry Feilds or El Toro Grande's chainsaw christmas..