Last Updated: December 29th, 2011

Our second, and last, giveaway for today is a little more literary than the offerings we've had so far, and really, is pointed more towards those who are looking to get into Android programming and development. So, we do ask that you only enter this contest if you actually want the book, because there aren't many Android giveaways out there aimed at the developer crowd. And don't worry devs, this isn't the only InformIT title we'll be offering as part of our Mega-Holiday Giveaway - it's just the first.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • will Ch*
  • Kapil Sukhyani
  • Juan S*
  • jason f
  • RazorHail
  • Greg Draven
  • Ganzúas
  • Chris M*
  • Lino Barreca
  • sungam

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

What's up for grabs? Ten copies of Learning Android Game Programming, by Richard A. Rogers, thanks to our friends over at InformIT. Here's a brief description of the 480-page book:

Build the Next Great Android Game!

Learning Android Game Programming is your hands-on, start-to-finish guide to creating winning games for today’s rapidly growing Android mobile device marketplace. If you have even basic Android development experience, Rick Rogers will help you build on your knowledge to quickly create low-budget 2D mobile games that sell.

The book starts with an up-to-the-minute overview of today’s Android mobile games marketplace, reviews each leading genre, and teaches you the foundational concepts of game development. You’ll design a simple game, then master every step of game development with AndEngine—the powerful, open source, free game-development engine. Every chapter teaches with sample code you can actually use, including many examples drawn from the published game, Virgins Versus Vampires (V3).

Winners can choose whether they want a hard copy or an eBook edition, as well.

How To Enter

In the comments section below, (before you even get that far, PLEASE make sure you put a valid email address in the email field below the name field for your comment) tell us what the title of the game you'd make after reading Learning Android Game Programming would be. Be creative, funny, or silly - we'll select a few of our favorites from your entries as winners, and randomly select the rest from all those who comment.

This contest will run for 24 hours - meaning it will end at 2PM PST on December 16th, 2011.

This contest is open to the following countries:


Good luck, everyone!

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Clayton

    Supper Babies Attack
    or some other off the wall thing

  • ajs2677

    My Little Pwny.

  • john

    Wak'Attak! for my degree!

  • svs

    'dash' would be a side scrolling-running-jumping over obstacles-game

  • http://bionic.tavishandmolly.com Sheldon

    New Horizons. (Space game)

  • http://thegost4u.deviantart.com Ahmad Fayiz

    The skinny redhead and three zombies :D

  • Kris Linville

    Global Thermonuclear War: Would you like to play a game?

  • http://www.codeproject.com/script/Membership/View.aspx?mid=1323676 Lino Barreca

    "Slap that Bitxx" (funny adult game with accelerometer and touch) :D

  • http://quickduck.com/blog Meno

    The Jersey Shore - Zombie Edition.

    • Ryan

      The Jersey Gore, perhaps?

  • sriracha

    700 ways to say nothing.

    ..this is my sons motto. and he will be learning a little basic coding for his x-mas present.

  • Mark Wood

    Netrek for Android (based on one of the first internet multiplayer combat games)

    Will be open source (because netrek itself is) and based off of commanding teams of robots to fill out the 8 vs 8 teams ...

    But the human will be flying one of the 16 ships interactively while giving commands to the 7 same-team robot-ships to capture the 10 planets of the other side ... the opposing side of 8 robots will obviously try to do the same

    see netrek.org for the PC playable version of this strategy-intensive game

  • SPX030

    "Out of Sky" (air combat)

  • Nick Coad

    2 Girls, 1 Android

    The tragic story of an Android who has his two daughters taken away from him as part of a global conspiracy.

    Why did they take his daughters? What is it that they need from him?

    The answer will shock and amaze you...

  • bertraze

    1000 Miles
    So yeah, I did like that song by the Proclaimers, but I really just think Android needs a good take on Mille Bornes.

  • http://geekgonecrazy.com Aaron Ogle

    NinjIT: Attack of the evil server

  • http://genesischess.com/ Micah

    Already have selected the title of it. Genesis Chess (currently it's a beta app).


    Any knowledge gained from the book would go straight to the app my brother and I are working on.

  • Bryant

    The Blue Pill.......

    Take it

  • Andrew

    Happy Vegetable Assassin Pigs Slice the Cords

  • QMills

    Rocket Turtles ATTACK!!!

  • https://plus.google.com/111117385198349234837 Alex Mitchell

    The Scrawl of the Elders: Android

  • HomerSp

    A Farmer's Life, which would be a Harvest Moon clone basically. Because I think that would fit perfectly on a mobile device.

  • Dan

    I will win because I can.

  • http:leijonat-2011.blospot.com Petri Kaunisto

    Skyrim for Android!

  • Russ

    NFL 2K12 for Android!

  • Dave


    Or something along the lines of that.

  • Christophe

    The Hangover Project

  • Patryk

    "The apple eater"

  • Zane

    "Drug Smuggler"

  • zmijek

    Bazoonka, try to guess that it is about :P

  • Graham Thomson

    Steal this Game

  • Kenny O

    Apple Smashers Pro

  • matt

    "Peter Vs Chicken in Rock'Em Sock'Em Chicken Fights" 1-3(4?)

    to match the high intensity of the famous peter griffen chicken fights.

    in rockem-sockem--robots type of gameplay.

  • Tiggerbounc

    Nexus Dev Story

  • tehsusenoh

    Droppin' dem beets.

  • http://raymond-hawkins.blogspot.com/ Raymond Hawkins


    Because that's the name of an RPG I've been working on for the PC for years.

  • Dennis F. Heffernan

    "Twilight's Last Gleaming": not a patriotic title, but one in which you play a vampire embarking on a murderous rampage to remind the world that vampires are not your friends and DON'T SPARKLE.

  • Jesse


    Already have some ideas and design work, just need to learn to program games on android

  • Alejo

    Shit throwers II.

  • Chris Clark

    I want to make an Oxyd clone (http://members.chello.at/theodor.lauppert/games/oxyd.htm) with accelerometer support as an option.

    I'll call it Strange Attractors or something similar.

  • NeoSabin

    Eden's Chaos

    Hope I win :)

  • Matt

    Age of Droid OR Droidcraft - Age of Empires clone for android tablets. I don't understand why no one has yet to make a LEGIT real-time-strategy game like Age of Empires, or Command and Conquer, or Starcraft. It would fit perfectly with touch input on the larger screen of a tablet.

    So let me get one of these books and I'll get started right away on making this happen.

  • jonathan3579

    MegaBoy Plus.

    It'd probably be a side-scroller shooter similar to MegaMan X; my favorite game in SNES history. :)

  • wirbly

    P.C.'s Quest for Wires

  • codesplice

    Hello, World.

    Not terribly exciting, but what else could my first project be called?

  • Scott B

    The Shifty Librarian

    It would be a kids' mystery game, with hunting clues in a library, and with a dark tone. It would also serve an educational function, as it would require the player become familiar with different sections of the imagined library and find materials therein. It would be really neat if I could use real-world libraries as models, so kids in areas where I've got the library floorplans can hunt through their own library in virtual form.

    Yeah, I'm a librarian, in case that isn't obvious. :)

  • Anthony Treviso

    Pursuant to HR21(SOPA) this comment has been blocked to persons in the United States.

  • Aaron

    Super Flingy Dingy Swish Swoosh..

  • jason f

    Iphone sucks ...the most expensive game

  • RazorHail

    "Blast em Up"
    its a space shoot em up game with RPG-elements that lets you permanently beef up your space ship with cool weapons

    I've had this idea for a little while now, but I've never really made a game before.....
    apps - sure...
    no games as of now

    hopefully that book will make me tackle this challenge ;-)

  • Michał Ciepły

    XXX - eXtraordinary Xmas eXtermination
    Basically killing everything in holiday mood.

  • Aincalandorn

    Darkness Shrouds the World.

  • Kradog

    Angry pigs, the revenge

  • Greg Draven

    "These are not the droids you're looking for."
    An AR based game that allows you to turn all Apple iMobile users into mindless clones who have bought into an evil empire, that are easily fooled...
    Oh, wait...

  • Josh

    Holes. Multi-player portal-type game for Android.

  • http://coinoperatedbear.WordPress.com Steven James

    Lost Metropolis.

    I've been wanting too coffee a classic RPG for Android since I got my tablet.

  • jim

    Diaper Dash: Babies Revenge 2 - Lite

  • http://the404s.com Mark Nguyen

    The game is “FortrAndroid”, a side-scrolling shooter that takes the gamer on a visual odyssey through the history of programming. Each level would be themed on a different programming language, starting with my own first experiences in Fortran 77, through VB, VBA, .NET and onwards. Each level’s boss would have a completely coincidental resemblance to whatever professor taught the programming course in question.

    Also coincidentally, it would be awesome if I had an Android tablet to go with this book. :)

  • Joshua Schermerhorn

    Elemental Island or Home Defense: Zombies

  • Chris

    "Worms in your Apple"

  • Brad

    "Don't Pirate Me" :P

  • C

    Game of writing a book

  • ricky

    Super dash NyanDroid

  • Bob

    Elephants in decay.

    Become one of the myriad organisms living off the corpse of an elephant. Protect your turf.

    If I don't get the book, maybe I'll start a band with the same name. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Presenting Elephants in Decay!!!

  • David Nilsson

    Smoke & Mirrors... with Lazers

  • Blizzard22

    I would create a strategy game where Animals fight against each other.
    I would call it "Animals of War".

  • Thomas Falla

    Pageant baby zombies and the apocalypse.

  • Chris Dowden

    Condommando . Old school Commando with condoms involved...I've said too much.

  • Johannes Esseling

    I'd love to have that book because we have IT at school and I have to teach the others android. I might as well program something useful like a cool game with them.

  • David Hein

    Well I figure I would have to start small so probably a digital version of an analog game like The Dalmatian Pirates and the Volga Bulgars.

    My dream game would be an RTS on tablet...but that comes in time. With the right reading material that is!

  • Orrett Douglas

    "Soulless Avenger: Oblivion"

  • Ken

    Soria - it's a game similar to the old Pokemon games. Your father (who is out of the picture at the start of the game) was a scientist who has stumbled across a gateway to another universe that is very similar to our own except it is inhabited by many monsters/creatures. You discover how to get through the portal and you realize that you are part of a years-old plot. Your father, once his work was discovered, is abducted and held prisoner by an evil militia group who wants to capture these creatures and use them to invade a neighboring country. It is up to you to earn the favor of the creatures of Soria so they can fight on your side. With them, you can overthrow the militia, rescue your father, and ensure that nobody disturbes/takes advantage of Soria again.

  • http://www.tameside.biz/ Budge

    My game would be called "I Need IT!"

  • Mikey

    Hacker Attack.

    See how many systems you can hack your way into (for fun of course).

  • http://royblumenthal.com/portfolio Roy Blumenthal

    Pothole Car Guzzlers and the Pneumatic Mopup Maidens

    (Paper version not needed. Nowadays I'm strictly ebook-only, if the ebook's available. Which, in this case, it is.)

  • Steven

    "Teen age Mutant Ninja Droids"

  • James

    Tranquility it would be an rpg

  • Christopher

    Franz Kafka's The Castle: The Video Game

  • Todd

    When Zombie droids attack!

  • marc

    projectile vomiting!

    rated m, for mature.

  • Nate

    Bot Wars: The Battle for Earth

  • http://www.phoenixfiresolutions.com John Fuller

    Coast to Coast an Augmented Reality Cannonball Run

  • Juan

    Apples, eat them all!

  • matt dehaven

    I read books. I like android. I use computers

  • http://www.barcemex.com Antonio

    Ad Infinitum Play

  • Scott

    Words with Enemies!

  • http://www.torikomix.pl Tori

    "A Game of Drones"

  • Kit

    Anger Management for Birds & You

  • Dei

    I'd make 'Verizon Product Release, the Game' - You don't win, you just do a little better or a little worse each time.

  • Josue

    The death of monday! Really want to expand my coding skills =D

  • Ansgar M.

    I'd call it: Spreading World. (Onlinegame, where all users create a world that grows infinitly. Players should do stuff in the world like chatting, mini games and so on..)
    Hope I'm not too late.. ;)

  • Anthony

    Bubble Booty Blast a Bubble Breaker/Fart app hybrid.

  • John H

    "From the Grave" - You own a small cemetery that has been taken over by the living dead and its up to you to take back control. the game would feel like old school Doom

  • Ganzúas

    The red hair fucking bastard: Vincent Van High.

  • Geni

    The Manhattan cojonicles

  • cole

    pick me!!!I want!!!!!

  • Ben

    Out of CRY " ZOMBIE

  • Bruce Cheek

    "Android Police: You Can't Hide Forever"

  • chris

    The jersey whore , meatball power

  • Michael

    Eluvies, RPG game.

  • Sam

    Android Police Brutality.

    Pepper spray all you want. lol


  • Ed

    Flashcards (a jungle speed like)

  • Chris

    i would make a Hello Kitty themed game because every darn girl loves the kitty....and well so do most men..Ha! Hello Kittyoid!

  • Adam

    A Dev's Life.

    you have to create software based on user (randomly generated) requests and you have to deal with irritating customers and completely unreasonable requests. it begins easy and then starts to get a little more difficult. no programming knowledge is required; it's more of a logic puzzle.

  • http://www.twitter.com/zacinator Zacinator

    I would create my 5 year old son's invention, "Finger People Circus"

  • Luis A.

    Find the Ninja!

  • Seraph

    Definitely want to try and make some decent RPGs. Zenonia and Inotia feel more geared toward 12 year olds.

  • mdwilson37

    A swimming game

    (thats the title...)

  • http://www.visitdresden.wordpress.com Christoph Klante

    I would give the game the name "Bloody Mary" and it would involve a murder, which you can only solve, if you visit certain places tagged by GPS.

  • Mike Pithis

    Atlas Steel - The Renegade

  • Eric

    I can't tell you the title of the game....it's a secret. ;)

  • Bender

    Hit my fist


  • alexv

    Presidential Debates, The Game

  • http://obscureoldgames.com Kirbysuperstar

    "A Day in the Life"

  • Avdhi

    The Circle Maker... Concept inspired from Google circles... Where you will have to manage your circle and prevent unwaanted people from the circles. Post comments and organize hangouts to increase your points.

  • Michael Hamilton

    Rage Runner. :)

  • Micah

    Ancient Astronauts - a steampunk master of orion-esq game.

  • BrazenRain

    Fruit Ninja, with bonus points for slashing apples and blackberries and mangos.

  • Andrew McConaghy

    "I learned Android Game Programming"

  • Ali Moughnieh

    "Poop escape"

  • http://nickvettesephotography.com Nicholas

    Litigation - The more you sue, the more innovative you get.

  • Androcles

    Captain Slappy And Slappers

  • Abdullah

    I'm thinking about an SRPG called Androidance day!

  • Tally

    Whats that in the grass?!!!

  • Daniel Slaven

    PacDroid, where android eats the blackberries and apples

  • Mario

    I will make a holiday fighting game.

    So far here is a list of characters the players can choose from:

    Easter Bunny
    Thanksgiving Turkey
    Uncle Sam
    Jack o'Lantern
    New Years Baby

  • EPM

    Donkey Racer, as there are enough car racing games

  • Fintan

    "KnifeWrench" - for kids

  • Fors

    "SteveSlayer: Android vs. Steve"

    Use the sword of open source to slay Steve before he kills Android.

  • gaelan bolger

    attack of the 60ft lesbian octopus

  • Tweedie

    Apple Decorer
    (bit like a western with popup people popping up, and tha aim is to shoot people that is showing classic white headphones, carrying iphone, ipad, etc)

  • Justin C

    The first game I make? Probably "DroidPong" or something similar (remake for android of my first project in CS 480). :P

    Seriously though... my first real game is going to be called "eField." It will involve a grassy field full of electrified devices you have to avoid. It's also a pun on the shortened physics term for electric field (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_field).

  • entropic

    Irresistible Flatulence on the High Seas

    Not sure what it's going to be about just yet, but I think that it would be interesting enough to make...

  • kenwen

    Have to wait till we get to the letter M release of Android but I'd write Mince My Meat, where you play a butcher who has to keep an ever increasing number of sausage machines creating delicious meat based products

  • Chris

    Baby Race on Scooters (I got nothing)

  • Alexis

    "The 12 Gods of Olympus"
    I don't know exactly the type of the game, so I hope that the book will help me figure out.. :D

  • Jesus Otero

    Apple Assassin lol
    The best i could come up with lol

  • Athishay

    Angry Droid - Attack of the iPigs

  • Jeremy

    I would write the card game Phase 10. It is such a great game.

  • daroz

    Last One Standing

  • greg flasck

    Everybody Loves the Banjo Explosion feat. Steve Marten*

    (*friend of the developer, any similarity to comedian Steve Martin completely coincidental)

  • http://www.thenextios.co.nr Hal Motley

    Several Actually:

    Merca and the Zombies of Oxford (a game where the character kills zombies in the British city of Oxford. Decapitate a zombie with a chainsaw in the Radcliffe Camera!

    OpenDex (an open-source PokeDex app) - A free, open-source Pokedex app designed to list all current generation Pokemon.

  • Brian

    Studio Tech

    An educational game that teaches the basics of electronics.

  • Diego Ibarra

    "Firo: Legend of the fire-breathing pony."

  • Charles Norris

    Android- "The Apple Crusher"

  • Cole B.

    Blast Off

    A game like Doodle Jump

  • Darren

    Grap on my Tired

  • Murphy

    I'll name it "Call of Doodie".

  • Michal

    Nexus coming to Verizon - the story

  • AJ Rehman

    Shiny Vamps vs. Real Vampires!

  • Aaron

    Marioops? Like a puzzle type game with mario... Or some game thats a mixture of "the moron test" and some adventure game.