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Dolphin Browser, a popular alternative to Android's stock internet app, gained one more awesome add-on recently, this time adding compatibility with Box, a secure cloud storage service, enabling users to save files from the web directly to their own cloud space.

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The add-on not only allows users to upload files directly from webpages, but locally stored downloads, and webpages as well, making it easier than ever to sync your browser activities and content with Box for viewing or sharing later.

Dolphin's add-on comes as the latest news in Box's continuing efforts to enable upload from the apps users use most often. Box has already gained compatibility with QuickOffice, Documents To Go, and a handful of other popular apps.

If you're already a Dolphin Browser user with a Box account, just hit the Market link below to get your hands on this useful add-on.

Via Box Blog

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.twitter.com/Morenicano Morenicano

    I SO effen love Dolphin Browser!

  • Lucan

    What about a dropbox add-on?

    • Marc

      I also want to have that. But then that if you download a file, it saves on your SD card. And then uploads it to dropbox. That would be perfect. That you don't have to upload the files anymore. That they are being uploaded after you downloaded it...