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There's no doubt that a good number of you are foaming at the mouth waiting to get your hands on the Galaxy Nexus, which is finally available today. While we've already seen a few sites drop the price a bit, none have been able to match the price that LetsTalk is offering the GN for: $155 for new customers, $175 for upgrades. That's half-off the price that VZW is asking for new customers!

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The original price for the device is $230 for new customers and $250 for upgrades, so in order to knock an addition $75 off of LetsTalk's already-low price, all you need to do is use coupon code $75VZN at the checkout (shown above).

There is one caveat, however - when I tried to go through the checkout process, I was "forced" to change my plan (so I didn't complete the checkout). I couldn't find an option to keep my existing plan, so that's one thing you will definitely want to watch out for if you decide to give this a shot.

Galaxy Nexus at LetsTalk

Cameron Summerson
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  • taylord

    But if I'm a new Verizon subscriber I'd be good to go right?

    • Cameron Summerson

      Absolutely. You'll have to choose a new plan either way, so this is definitely the best deal you can get.

      • AshR

        Hmm.. Price differs by plan... I selected $39.99 individual and it showed me a cost of $329.99!!

  • LRG

    If you hit the continue button instead of checkout there is and "upgrade only" option to keep the current data plan. This will keep your unlimited data option

  • Jeremiah

    If you put the phone in the cart then edit the cart and choose to Add/Edit features there is a "Keep my existing data plan" option. Then you are good

  • Lone McCord

    I completed the process and there is an option to keep your plan. I made a mistake and called them two hours later, when their customer service opened, and they easily corrected it for me, gave me the discount and I am receiving it tomorrow. I still have my unlimited data plan and unlimited family plan. What an amazing deal. I saved $125 plus $18 tax for a total savings of $143 bucks! Call them if you can't figure it out and they will hook you up. Don't forget the coupon code!

  • gilrain

    I'm getting "coupon is not valid". Is it working for others?

    • Cameron Summerson

      Just checked - it's still working.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    Yeah...I tweeted this deal to you folks 9 hours ago

  • gilrain

    Interesting! The coupon worked for me in Firefox, but not in Chrome. Very strange, but whatever... using Firefox, I got the deal. Wonderful!

    If anyone else has trouble with the coupon, try switching browsers.

  • http://espn.com larry

    i am upgrading and it worked, when it puts you to the screen with 3 upgrade options (individual, family etc..) on the top it asks if your eligible, there you need to put in your myverizon info and when it asks you to select a plan it will automatically set you to the 450 plan but right above it for $0.00 it is your existing plan. I messed up on the code a couple times too make sure you add the "$" sign to the 75vzn and boom brand spankin new galaxy nexus coming tomorrow for only $175 and we all just saved $125 verizon can suck it for making us wait this long

  • StupidGenius

    It is now showing up as backordered and I read one comment on another blog that they have started to email customers advising of the backorder.(I ordered at 9am EST and haven't got an email as of 12:20 EST) Mine is stuck the "Carrier Approval" phase, some have said you can call and get approval quicker over the phone, but their phone lines are slammed.

    Additionally, it appears the ones that are lucky enough to get their orders approved and fulfilled in the first shipment won't ship out until tomorrow, so arrival is on Monday.

    Just a heads up for those looking at this deal now.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

      I ordered last night at 3am EST (12 PST) when it's still shown as "In Stock". I am definitely the first batch of orders because I kept refreshing the page until they allowed people to order.

      However, I checked my order status 2 mins ago and it's shown as "Backordered" :-(

  • Mike

    Anybody know when the coupon expires?

  • Dan

    So, you can have an off-contract Galaxy Nexus for $505. That's not bad at all.

  • Carl Craft

    I got this for 225 as a renewing customer... Can anyone confirm that they got it for 175? I read elsewhere it could be that I am grandfathered in to unlimited data...

  • Chris

    I am confused... When I do it the coupon works and I figured out how to not change my plan, but right before I checkout it says $9.99/month for an added line. Any of you have this problem?

  • http://iwiz-vicky.blogspot.com Bikram

    I tried the coupon code, in both Firefox and Chrome; it didn't work. Says invalid/expired. Also, when I choose the $39.99 monthly plan, it bumps up the device cost.. :(