Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the awesome 10 Billion Apps promo, sadly, reached its final day. I wish it could go on forever and become a regular thing, at least with one app a day -  how about it, Google?

Today, we have 8 new apps/games and 4 repeats. Here they are:

Here are all the days so far if you want to see them again:

Source: Reddit, thanks braaaiins and everyone who helped out!

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  • talktech

    Disappointing for the final day but I am happy with the several apps I have gotten in the previous days. I was hoping for Airport Mania 2 Wild Trips as one of the final 10 since it was offered as a free apps for the day at Amazon. So be getting it at the regular price, that's OK.

  • wut

    Most gay offer i saw

  • Josh

    Say what!? These are the apps for the final day? Google, are you, seriously planning to get 10 billion downloads with this kind of apps?

    • Leo

      Someone missed the point....

  • Stephen

    ^ lol!
    They reached the 10B downloads before the promotion. This promotion was a sort of "thank you" for helping them reach that number!

  • Force

    Heavy Gunner 3D is one of the worst games I've ever seen. I mean, they have Ads in a paid game!
    Tried to refund, but Google did not let me to do this...

  • Finaldeath

    Bunch of good games i am interested in, also glad sentinel 3 is on sale again, missed it the first time. Already have it from the amazon market but gonna rebuy through the android market for easier updating.

  • John

    Too many games, too many repeats.

    One saving grace: Camera ZOOM Fx is amazing - the best camera app I have played with - just disappointed I had to pay the full price a while ago.

    Wish I had known what was coming before the promotion.

  • Seph

    I think only Camera Zoom FX is the only app that's worth buying here. I wish they'd feature equal number of apps and games.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Shine Runner is a very good game.

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      Just flashed CM7 and was disappointed with the camera software. Camera ZOOM Fx came up for sale at the perfect time for me. I am very impressed!

      @Artem - Shine Runner is entertaining, but it is barely a game. You can never die. The police never catch you. The boat is indestructible. Was hoping for something more like Reckless Getaway with swamp boats. But for $0.10 it is definitely worth it!

  • Bryant

    Very disappointed for everything after day 1. Quality of apps went down each day

  • lilhugo

    I'm quite disappointed too but I can't blame Google. If I remember right they (Google) had asked the developers on the list of top paid apps if it was okay to place their app on a .10 sale. If they said no, that means the app wouldn't be placed on sale.

    I was hoping "root required" apps would be on sale... but that was just a fleeting dream.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That's true that they asked *some* developers, but many didn't even get an invitation.

  • Steven

    I was hoping for poweramp...

  • Nicolas

    only got Camera Zoom FX today. Will see how it "compares" to Vignette. (both let me use the volume key for taking pictures)

  • Owen Finn

    There was a rumour that they were going to put all of the apps from previous days on sale again for today. Guess not...

  • Kevin C.

    The only useful app today is the camera app which would be great if I wasn't getting the Nexus today. I'm disappointed in the number of games in the whole 10 day promotion. Do that many people really use their phones to play games? Give me something useful instead please. Oh well. I got a few good apps for cheap so i can't complain.

  • Terry

    You're getting apps for 10 cents each. Shutup!

  • Tom

    I wasn't going to say anything but I feel I have to because I am seeing the same BS every day.

    What the hell is wrong with all of the people here who are bitching, moaning and complaining about the apps that Google is selling for $0.10?

    Your sense of entitlement is f/n unbelievable. Google doesn't owe any of us a damned thing but yet some of you think they do, and you throw a hissy-fit when you don't get what you want, just like a child would do.

    While I didn't like all of the apps, I am grateful for the titles I did like and was able to get so cheap. Maybe the whiners here should also be grateful instead of believing that they are owed something. MAYBE THEY NEED TO GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET A REAL LIFE!

    • Brian

      I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Dark

      Very well said. I for one am glad to be able to pick up some apps and games for $0.10 regardless if I liked all of them or not. Thank you Google.

  • tekrhino

    I was hoping for an equal amount of games and apps for each day but the repeating of apps and games the following days were disappointing to say the least. I was hoping to see major power house apps like quick office pro and logmein ignition but I guess that was aiming a bit too high. I'm happy with the apps and games mostly that I got since chances are I wouldn't have bought them at regular price.

  • http://www.sylogiquemedia.com/ Matthieu

    Agree with you 100% on this.

    You asked for a refund!? For $0.10!? You should go rent A Cristmas Carol... Ebenezer.

  • Andrew L.

    Bought Camera ZOOM FX. Incredible app for an incredible price. Took a pass on everything else. Didn't mind since GTA III and Sonic CD released today. =)

  • Tom


    Two voices of reason. I thank both of you for that.

  • sriracha

    i'd like to thank Goog for this showcase of 100+ apps. without their promotion, i would not have been exposed to some of the best apps and games out there. because of this event, i am more likely to buy apps from these developers/studios i would otherwise have ignored or dismissed.

    i would also like to thank the developers that participated in this event. because of your generosity i am more likely to spread the good word about your offerings. i'm sure there was a monetary loss on these sale items, but the payoff will come in due time.

    last but not least, thank you Android Police for checking the interwebs for all of us and keeping a running list of the daily deals. by checking in here, i never once had any troubles obtaining any of the apps i purchased because i nabbed these deals earlier than the masses. thank you for giving us a place to discuss these deals, for better or worse, of which i purchased a couple apps based on these discussions. my android experience is better for it.

    thank you all. have a happy Holiday, and a merry Christmas.

  • Eludium-Q36

    When you get Camera Zoom FX be sure to go back and get all the free expansion packs available.

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    Got lots of great apps, but a bit disappointed in the repeats. Why couldn't they repeat Minecraft? Many people, myself included, missed it on the first day. Oh well. My tablet now has many other great games to entertain me on the plane.