An early version of the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM built by Samsung itself and complete with TouchWiz has been leaked today to the folks at SamMobile. They've quickly put together this video to demonstrate exactly what Samsung has been cooking up for the upcoming update - and that would be a whole lot of TouchWiz on top of the beautiful ICS UI we've been admiring so far:

Ever since I got the SGS II in the U.S., I don't mind TouchWiz as much (though those click sounds make me cringe every time), but it's kind of starting to look and feel old compared to Ice Cream Sandwich itself. In fact, until you jump to the settings or look at the notifications bar color, you may not even realize you're looking at ICS at all, and that's something I would rather Samsung change in the final release (although a custom launcher should fix that right up).

If you feel like doing risky things to your phone, you can flash the Android 4.0.1 KP1 build shown off above, but note that it's only compatible with non-U.S. SGS II variants and is likely to be too unstable for a daily driver.

Source: SamMobile, thanks JannE and everyone else who sent the tip!

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  • PB

    I love Touchwiz especially over Sense and Blur, but yea I hope they do a lot more to give people the true ICS UI experience not just the tweeks.

  • Ronnie

    TouchWiz just ruins ICS...looks like the same old crappy UI. I think I'll stick with AOSP.

  • Josh

    I'm guessing they will put the widgets in the app drawer in a later build. Btw the network connectivity is the biggest problem now. The CM team said they will wait for another leak before releasing a beta. http://codeworkx.de/wordpress/2011/12/12/status-update/#comment-476

  • http://www.AndroidAllies.com TripEm

    That awkward moment when ICS builds start coming out from the manufacturers but Verizon still hasn't released the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Indirect

    This looks like crap compared to ICS. It's too skinned for what google did to make android even more beautiful / easy on the eyes. This looks like gingerbread and it's upsetting as someone who likes Android as it advances and seeing that they fix the shortcomings such as that ugly green color. :|

  • David

    "I don't mind TouchWiz as much (though those click sounds make me cringe every time)"

    You realize you can turn them off right?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Yeah, but when I do hear them, I cringe.

  • Gunther

    Why can't these OEMs leave Android as is. I could understand why these crappy customizations were necessary when Android 1.5, 1.6 and even 2.0 were out. But ICS has a beautifully functional launcher and features. Why mess with something that works great to put this crap on it? F* Samsung.

    • Darius

      It wasnt out of lack of functionality that those appeared but rather to differentiate from the competence.

  • Clint Haynes


    ICS (I'm using jt1134's Alpha build on a Fascinate) is very nice to behold, this definitely ruins it. The least they could do is try to match the color scheme and minimalist elements a little.

    Better yet, how about Manufacturers make an option to use their skins or not.

  • Chimera

    Man, even galaxy S II users will get there ICS rom before Nexus S users. Cmon already :)

  • Steve

    Doesn't this "leak" help the CM team a bit? I mean they now can see what drivers fix issues with the GS2 and how to fix theirs. I would think this is great for the CM team.

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. ICS looks so goddamn ugly now. Didn't think that was possible. Also, what's Samsung's obsession with that gross, orange-blue gradient wallpaper?

    • matt

      ikr! That gradient is disgusting! And why can't they just use the stock ICS icons?? The TouchWiz ones look garish and ugly...

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

        I agree with all of that. ICS is so pretty. This. This is something else... bleh.

  • Gongonzabar Farbin

    What I love most about ICS is the beautiful dialer and contacts interface. I've been able to flash ICS on my Vibrant which replace's the Vibrant's craptastic dialer, which is different and worse than the Captivate dialer, with the beautiful ICS dialer.

    Now I see this video and they still have the same Touchwiz components, including the dialer. I cannot think for the life of me why I would ever want ICS on Galaxy S 2 if Samsung just puts their own crap on top of it. Ice Cream Sandwich is good, please don't fix what ain't broke.

    Also, I get the point that carrier skins are supposed to differentiate phones from looking the same as all the other stock phones out there but really, nobody in the US really carry that many stock Android phones. Their essentially saying they don't want to look the same when nobody looks like that anyways.

    In short, Galaxy Nexus or bust

  • matt

    It would be cool if they used the GS2's menu button as the recent apps button and keep the back button as it is - it'd be like the Galaxy Nexus' soft keys but just reversed the other way round

  • Avinash

    TouchWiz looks and feels crappy in front of the ICS' beautiful UI. Samsung must give an option for users to turn off the TouchWiz completely!

  • Stephen

    Well why doesn't someone be really different and release a stock phone... (apart from the Nexus range).... I mean it will mean nearly 0 development time compared to building skins... what do they have to lose?

  • http://www.androidauthority.com Brandon

    No thanks, I will Stick with CM9 for my D3. Blur is fine for now, but as soon as CM9 is a little farther progressed it will be my DD

  • Sam

    The only good thing about TouchWiz is the camera app

    • Avinash

      Really? better than the zero shutter lag camera app on the ICS?

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

        That's not so much an ICS thing as much as it is a Galaxy Nexus thing.

  • Nya

    I prefer the TouchWiz look over stock ICS, in fact ICS is the first time I've thought Android was ugly.

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

      I know we all have opinions, but you're wrong.

  • Eddie

    Wow, this looks terrible and nothing like ICS.
    It's just the atrocious TouchWiz with a few blue tweaks.
    How disappointing.

  • David

    Touchwiz on Ice Cream Sandwich is like Velveeta on Prime Rib...you just don't do it!

  • Motorola Triumph

    IF this is really ICS, why is the keyboard still GB? (Noticed the space bar key difference between the two).

  • E.Graul

    Vanilla Android for me! If you like these skins thats on u. But not for me. This doesn't even look any different!

  • Sriram

    Like someone said Samsung must give an option to turn Touchwiz off! And I don't know what their obsession is with those garish in-your-face colors. Bleh!